[LCK Summer Day 25 Review] BBQ Defeats Jin Air and Secures Their First Win. Gen.G Sweeps Kingzone

On July 18th (KST), Gen.G Esports (GEN) swept Kingzone DragonX (KZ) and bbq Olivers (BBQ) secured their first win for the Summer split against Jin Air Green Wings (JAG).

On match 1, GEN faced the LCK spring champion, KZ.

Both teams on game 1 seemed to focus on laning and vision control. Only a total of 2 kills occurred until the 25-minute mark, where the two teams gathered near mid for a teamfight. GEN won and secured the Baron buff. They soon pushed through mid and eventually dived near the mid tier 2 turret. GEN succeeded and soon destroyed the opponent Nexus.

KZ dominated game 2. With the game one-sided, KZ went for the Baron near the 30-minute mark. However, they hesitated and GEN initiated a fight. Ruler’s Ezreal managed to freely deal damage which led to a huge victory. GEN soon pushed through KZ’s turrets and turned the the tables around. After winning another fight near the Dragon pit, they closed down the game.

The 9th and 10th place teams, JAG and BBQ faced each other on the second match.

On game 1, JAG had a clear advantage. With Teddy’s Jhin gaining some early game points, he managed to deliver concrete performance in teamfights. They eventually slew the Baron. BBQ did put up a fight, but it was hard to stop JAG’s split push.

BBQ won game 2 with Trick showing off some of his ganking abilities with his Trundle. By succeeding a series of early-game ganks, BBQ started to dominate the game. After securing the Baron buff, they soon destroyed the opponent’s top inhibitor. BBQ won their final teamfight near mid and closed down the game.

Game 3 was about Tempt’s Zoe; he solo-killed JAG’s Yasuo. His Zoe started to impact the whole game with some help from Trick, killing Yasuo again once he came back to mid. From this point on, it was a one-sided game for BBQ. The soon slew the Baron and destroyed every inhibitor on JAG’s side. BBQ destroyed the Nexus and secured their first win for the Summer split.

Series 1: Gen.G Esports vs. Kingzone DragonX < 2-0 >

Game 1: GEN (W) vs. KZ (L)
Game 2: GEN (W) vs. KZ (L)

Series 2: bbq Olivers vs. Jin Air Green Wings < 2-1 >

Game 1: BBQ (L) vs. JAG (W)
Game 2: BBQ (W) vs.JAG (L)
Game 3: BBQ (W) vs.JAG (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 8-2 (+9)
2. Gen.G Esports 8-3 (+7)
3. Afreeca Freecs 7-4 (+7)
4. Kingzone DragonX 7-4 (+5)
5. Hanwha Life Esports 6-4 (+6)
6. kt Rolster 6-4 (+5)
7. SKT T1 4-6 (-4)
8. MVP 4-7 (-7)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 2-9 (-12)
10. bbq Olivers 1-10 (-16)

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