[LPL Interview] EDG NoFe on Rift Rivals : "The LPL teams proved that they are on the same level as the LCK."

On the 17th of July (CST), the 2nd place team in the West Region, EDward Gaming (EDG) went against the last place team in the East Region, Vici Gaming (VG) in the 2018 LPL Summer Season. The LPL powerhouse EDG easily defeated VG 2:0. After the match, there was a brief interview with the team members.

Q. You constantly got hit by Morgana's Q. What do you think was the reason for that?

iBoy: When I face Morgana, I don't move a lot and usually move in a straight line because the opponent tries to anticipate my next move and cast her Q.


Q. Did you think that the opponent would dive near top lane?

Ray: Yes I did because it was Kennen.  


Q. Early on in game 2, iBoy got hit by Morgana's Q twice but Meiko saved him. Were there any calls or did you guys say anything?

Meiko: We didn't say anything. It's a relief that we didn't die.


Q. In game 2, you went to the Baron pit with your Flash and stole Baron. Didn't you think that it was a bit dangerous?

: There were some opponents that were low on HP, so I thought that we should kill them first and then go for the Baron steal.

Q. What did the team say after the Baron steal in game 2? Also, you received the MVP award twice today. How do you feel?

Haro: Well, I should've just left after stealing the Baron... About my MVP, I don't feel anything special about it.


Q. Why isn't Clearlove performing these days?

Head Coach NoFe: First of all, Haro is really in a good shape. Clearlove said that he wasn't ready for the meta yet and wants to practice more.


Q. What did you learn from Rift Rivals? How would you rate your team's current performance?

NoFe: The LPL teams proved that they are on the same level as the LCK. This is what I've learned. Our performance is becoming better and better; we're trying our best.

Q. In game 2, Kennen played a crucial role. What are your thoughts on this champion?

Ray: He can go either AP or AD based on the situation. I think he is a good champion because he fits into a lot of team compositions.

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