Contenders Weekly: Season 2, Week 3 - Prior champs continue to struggle.

Runaway is off to an amazing start. Bumper has undeniably been one of the best tanks in Contenders. His style is super aggressive; but, he is able to get himself out of trouble once he causes havoc in the backline. And his Reinhardt has been formidable. The Stitch/Haksal duo is absolutely destroying everyone right now and synergies really well with Bumper. On Saturday, they beat X-6 Gaming, former Season 1 champions, with a convincing 4 – 0 score and it doesn’t seem like any team can stop Runaway. Will they finally have a chance to become champions?

Watch Runaway stomp X-6 Gaming here.

Speaking of X – 6 Gaming, they have been struggling this season. With their second loss this season, it will be extremely hard for them to make it out of the group stages because they will have to face another tough opponent, Kongdoo Panthera. At this rate, it does not seem like X – 6 will able to take them. Another team that is struggling is British Hurricanes. They lost against Young & Beautiful and barely beat Bazooka Puppies. Even though, they are performing a lot better than X – 6 but far from their dominant form like in Season 1.

This may be due to a new line up change for both teams. For X – 6 Gaming, one of their starting DPS, BQB, was dropped for boosting accounts. And British Hurricane released Kragie because he apparently wanted to be a streamer instead of a professional Overwatch gamer. Both top teams are struggling to find a place with their new line up.

You can watch British Hurricane vs. Bazooka Puppies here.

Team CC vs. Lucky Future should be a good match. Even though both teams did not have a lot of success in Season 1 (Team CC was eliminated in the semifinals and Lucky Future was eliminated in the quarterfinals), they are still incredibly fun to watch, and they have amazing individual talent.  Team CC has a solid front line with Jiqiren and Lateyoung from Miraculous Youngsters. Kyo is a bloodthirsty Zen that pops off when given the chance.

Also, don’t be fooled by Lucky Future’s 0 – 2 record. Yarg and SoWhat from Lunatic-Hai have been added to the new Lucky Future roster, and they have been playing tremendously well. Watch Yarg pop off this week.  

Toronto Esports will face-off against NRG Esports this week and they are possibly the two of the most promising teams in NA. Toronto Esports have recently added Vizility, a phenomenal DPS player from Orgless and Hungry that has reshuffled the team to opt for a full Swedish team. On the other hand, NRG Esports has looked promising with their new addition, Rascal (former OWL player) to the team. It would be amazing to see how these two teams will play against each other with their relatively new lineup.

Both Cyclops Athlete Gaming (CAG) and Hong Kong Attitude utilizes good teamwork rather than flashy individual plays. Both teams have shown formidable strength in working together with combos and dives. But, don’t let this statement fool you. There are plenty of individual stars from both teams that will make this game exciting.

Be on the lookout for Widow/Genji specialist, Dep, from CAG and their solid Zenyatta Sabagod. Ameken is possibly the best player in CAG with consistent good DPS all around. From Hong Kong Attitude, the DPS Shaiulin and Mikouw have shown a tremendous performance so far, and their off-tank, TenTen, has consistently been playing well.

If you are a fan of Runaway, you don’t want to miss this match. This match will put Runaway to the test. So far, Runaway has looked dominant in Season 2, but Blossom and WSG are relatively weaker teams in the tournament and X – 6 is in a slump. We will see how good they could be against Kongdoo Panthera, who at the moment seems like one of the best teams in Contenders so far. In Kongdoo Panthera, watch out for OWL-ready players like DDing and Decay.

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