Xiang Yu and Jumong are the key to completion! Returners Champion League Raid, Centaur

The Champion League has been added to Returners Global. Players who are within the top 6 of the Crystal League and have at least 58,000 combat power can enter the Champion League. The raid boss called Centaur is planned to appear during the weekends.

Centaur is an enhanced version of the same boss that appears in the Diamond League. He mainly uses physical attacks on the closest target, but he also possesses fan-shaped and proximity AoE skills, and a ranged skill as well.

Jumong serves the role of the main DPS against Centaur, and Sun Wukong also plays a vital role by decreasing the PHY DEF of the boss. You can also use Xiang Yu to decrease the boss’ PHY DMG, use the Steel Shield Tactic Card, or a support to get better results.


Xiang Yu as a tank and Jumong for DPS - the best hero composition

The current best composition for the Centaur Champion Raid in South Korea is Xiang Yu, Jumong, Sun Wukong, and Cassandra, along with Richard the Lionheart, Panacea, Siren, and Taejo. However, these comps are based on teams with a fair number of 7-star gear; if you only have the 6-star equipment then a healer support is a must.

Xiang Yu is usually the one that takes on the role of a tank. Xiang Yu decreases Centaur’ PHY ATK with Overlord Roar and helps ally team members survive. If you only have 6-star gear, Sun Wukong’s survivability is not that great, so that’s where Xiang Yu comes in handy. Frequent use of Overlord Roar is crucial, so the best gear set is 4 pieces of the Heavenly Blade Set with the Pirate King Boots. You can also use cooldown reduction gear if it is too difficult to complete the set.

If your team’s survivability is high due to high-spec equipment, then Xiang Yu can be replaced by Richard the Lionheart. Only do this if Sun Wukong can stay alive without Xiang Yu; you can use the Light of Protection (PHY) Tactic Card to help keep her alive. Richard helps by decreasing PHY DEF through his skills, so you should equip him with cooldown reduction gear.  

Cleopatra can also be used. Cleopatra’s Ardent Words increases her ally team members’ evade rate, which allows Sun Wukong to avoid Centaur’ basic attack. You shouldn’t expect much damage from her, so her gear set should be focused on cooldown reduction and survivability.

Xiang Yu’s Overlord Roar can heavily impact Centaurus’ physical attack damage
If the team can survive without Xiang Yu, Richard the Lionheart can replace him and decrease the boss’ DEF more with Sun Wukong
Cleopatra’s evade buff can also help increase your team’s survivability


The preferred DPS and support heroes in this raid are not so different from the normal raid. The main DPS is Jumong since his basic attacks deal massive damage. The recommended gear for him is the Ultimate Arrow and Boots with the Annihilation Helmet, Armor, and Ring. Centaur deals physical damage, so the Annihilation Set is more sustainable compared to the Ultimate Set which increases MAG DEF.

The hero who can best support Jumong is generally Cassandra, but she can also be replaced by Han Seok-bong. His sole purpose is to support Jumong, so his gear set should be focused on cooldown reduction. It is okay to use gear meant for other classes if there is no recommended class gear with cooldown reduction effects.

Sun Wukong, alongside Jumong, is a hero you must have for the raid. The reason is that her Nimbus decreases PHY DEF, which further maximizes Jumong’s firepower. However, Sun Wukong is a melee fighter that usually struggles to survive, so you should consider using the Light of Protection (PHY) Tactic Card, Cleopatra for her evade buff or a healer support. She will most likely get hit by Centaur on regular basis, so PHY DEF runes would be good for her.

The four spots of the team can be filled with Xiang Yu, Sun Wukong, Jumong, and Cassandra or Han Seok-bong, and the remaining spot can be filled by various heroes. Taejo or other DPS heroes can fill the spot to provide extra damage, or you can use a healer support to sustain the team longer.

If your heroes cannot survive until the end of the battle because of a lack of strong gear, you don’t need to have Xiang Yu or a healer support on the team. If your team doesn’t survive long, then it would be better maximize damage in that short time; the heals and PHY ATK decrease are nice, but would not contribute to the total damage as much with a weaker team.

Jumong, the raid god, does his job once again with the Annihilation Set, which increases PHY DEF
Use Cassandra or Han Seok-bong to support Jumong
If the team can survive longer with healing, you can consider using Siren or Panacea
Sun Wukong’s Nimbus decreases PHY DEF and helps Jumong deal heavy damage


Splintered Steel Shield is a must-pick! The other card is up to you - Tactic Cards

As Jumong’s physical damage is the focus of the raid, one of the Tactic Cards slots should definitely have Splintered Steel Shield. A damage dealing card would probably be the best alternative to this card, but it is more efficient to strengthen Jumong. You can consider using a damage card if your team dies too quickly or is Jumong’s gear is not strong enough yet.

The remaining spot is usually filled with Steel Shield or Growing Power. The former is to be used on Sun Wukong so that the team can inflict at least one more debuff, and the latter is focused on enhancing firepower.

Think logically if you are confused on which card to choose. If Sun Wukong dies even with a shield, you should choose Growing Power. This is quite efficient especially for the Frenzy Raid as all heroes cannot survive very long, even if the team has 6-star gear sets and a healer.

A decrease in PHY DEF increases Jumong’s firepower
Use Steel Shield to increase Sun Wukong’s survivability, or Growing Power to deal more damage

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    level 2 Suleman_Malik

    Herotime on Jumong as your carry also helps a lot if you can keep Jumong alive the longest

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    level 1 Madlez_Ajadah

    I wish I read this thread sooner, i picking cupid instead jumong to leveled up.

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    level 1 metalbuddha

    Yeah we definitely need 7* gear soon. Got destroyed by centaur on guide raid.

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    Server: America

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    level 1 torppw89

    Jumong with Ultimate set is the best !

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    level 1 Toan_Nguyen

    Good writting and nice advice. Should help me in advance for the next raid.

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    Best advice

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    level 1 Renedla

    Thanks for the useful guide!

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    IGN: Renedla

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    level 1 Ubiqu

    Athena paired with Xi can absorb 3 - 5 hits in the beginning and allows the other half of the field to survive a while longer.

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    level 1 snln


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    level 1 Xia_Tian

    It works well! Thank you for the guide!

    IGN: Lash

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