Returners Inven Global Finally Open! Exchange Info, Explore the DB, and Share Opinions in the Forums!



Returners Inven Global Finally Open! Check out the Forum Where You Can Exchange Info, Explore the DB, and Share Opinions on Team Management!


Inven Global has opened a community website for Returners, a mobile management RPG released and serviced by NEXON.


Returners is a popular Korean mobile game that was released in South Korea on December 8th, 2016 and was serviced for over a year and 6 months. The Korean server was followed by an Oceania server, and the global servers were opened on May 10th; the global servers include America, Asia, and Europe and allow players from 152 countries to enjoy the game.


Returners is a game where historical figures from history, legends, and fairytales form a team and go on a journey to defeat ‘Specters’ - the monsters in Returners - and save the world from the evil Nightmare King. You can enjoy 5vs5 League matches or 3vs3 Arena battles against other players, and create a wide variety of strategies and builds using heroes, gear, Tactic Cards, battle formations, and more.

You can find comprehensive tips and strategies for playing Returners on the Returners Inven Global website. Both newbies and veteran players can get helpful tips from Inven Global’s Returners website as it provides systematic information on the game, such as which heroes are strongest and what equipment you should aim for.

We also provide a DB where you can search hero stats, stages, Tactic Cards, and achievements. Players can leave reviews on certain heroes or items while sharing opinions that other players can use to their advantage.

Also, you can share your strategies and experiences by talking with other players in the Returners forum on Inven Global. If you are having difficulty succeeding in the Specter Chase or the Raids, ask for help from other players to find some new methods.

You can find more details about Returners on Returners Inven Global website.


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    level 1 Mihok

    good job

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    level 1 Pockiverse

    Great job on the site! Provides very helpful and insightful information! Keep up the good work!

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    level 1 Kar_Chrome


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    level 1 Hammy_Hammer

    Yay finally a forum !

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    level 1 Eazon

    Good thing :)
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    level 1 Arnson

    Finally a mobile game with a good database and online information system, nice!

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    level 1 Phu_Duong

    Keep them events coming!

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