Warcraft 3 Legend MaDFroG returns to stream the 15 year old game.

In light of huge buffs to Undead (traditionally viewed as the weakest race of the four) Fredrik "MaDFroG" took to Twitch.tv today to stream the RTS that first defined his pro-gaming career. Like many Warcraft 3 pros, MaDFroG tried his hand at Starcraft 2 until in 2011 when his competitive RTS ambitions seemed over for good.

MaDFroG had a devoted Warcraft 3 following due to his unique and creative strategies involving Undead. Feared for his precise unit control with Gargoyles and off-meta strategies, the last time MaDFroG was seen in the Warcraft 3 public was during this year's Warcraft 3 Invitational in celebration of patch 1.29. Now, with Patch 1.30 on the  PTR, MaDFroG is currently playing with the new changes to a growing audience.

The resurgence continues

While MaDFroG's decision to stream isn't an official declaration of the Swedish players return, it is yet another reminder that Warcraft 3 as a competitive RTS is on the rise. Old pros with loyal followings that have never quite gotten over their love of Warcraft 3 have proved it possible for streamers like Grubby, ToD, Sjow, and Happy to enjoy consistent support for their Warcraft 3 streams.

A player like MaDFroG armed with the new and exciting changes to Undead seems poised to make a comeback, if not as a competitor than at least as an entertaining Warcraft 3 streamer.  

The changes to patch 1.30 are massive and particularly impactful to Undead players. If you are looking for an experienced player to learn from, MaDFroG may be the experimental Undead strategist you have been looking for.

You can find MaDFroG's stream at https://www.twitch.tv/madqfrog

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