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SKT Faker's Legend Immortalized in Chinese School Textbook



Image Source: k.sina.com.cn

Faker was featured in a textbook in China. Titled, "Writing Topics," it's a textbook that effectively teaches students to improve and learn practical writing. Faker was featured as one of the topics in the book. 

The writer in the book introduced and covered Faker in full detail: from how he was a model student in school all the way to his present-day self. The essay also pointed out that Faker's hobby is completely different from that of most other professional gamers, and that after becoming a part of esports, Faker dedicated all of his energy and time to it to step by step reach the place that he's at now.

Image Source: k.sina.com.cn

Since his emergence in esports, League of Legends' Faker has always been considered somewhat of a boy wonder. Despite his young age at the time of his debut, he was calm, mature, and most importantly, was seen as the best player in the world. What was even more impressive about Faker was how long he has upheld and protected his title as 'the best player in the world'. With time, Faker's name became known to everyone who watched or participated in esports; in his home country of Korea, even non-gamers became aware of this LoL superstar. With his huge increase in popularity, Faker was invited as a guest on multiple TV shows and appeared in different ads. 

Faker has undoubtedly become a role model for all those who aspire to be professional gamers, and is even an inspiration to some current professionals as well. With his name recorded in even textbooks, Faker has truly made a legend of himself as part of the development of esports.


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