Life Skill Mastery and new Life Skill Gear added in KR

A new Life Skill stat called “Life Skill Mastery” has been added in Black Desert Online KR. If you have higher Life Skill Mastery, you will get more rewards from life skills. Life Skill Mastery is affected by life skill levels, and by newly added items called Magical Manos Craft Clothes and Magical Manos Accessories.

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Life Skill Mastery is displayed in the Life Skill tab, which is the rightmost tab in the My Profile menu. All Life Skills have Life Skill Masteries, but only Processing Mastery is available in the game at the moment.

If you have higher Life Skill Mastery, you can Process a larger amount of materials at once when you are Processing in large quantities using the Manos Processing Stone. For example, if your Life Skill Mastery is 2, you can Process 10 materials at once. If your Life Skill Mastery is 500, you can Process 35 materials at once.

As Life Skill Mastery is added, Magical Manos Processing Stones will not increase the amount of materials that can be Processed at once anymore. Instead, Magical Manos Processing Stones will increase Life Skill Mastery. Also, in order to Process multiple materials at once, you will have to equip a matching type of Magical Manos Processing Stone first.


▲ Processing Mastery and the amount of materials you can Process at once.
▲ Life Skill Mastery is displayed in the newly added Life Skill tab in the my profile menu.
▲ TRI: Magical Manos Processing Stone - Energy allows Large Quantity Chopping, and will increase Chopping Mastery by 220.


■ How to obtain Magical Manos Craft Clothes and Magical Manos Accessories

It is impossible to reach the highest Life Skill Mastery with Life Skill levels alone. The Magical Manos Processing Stones can only give 300 to 400 Life Skill Mastery.

In order to have a higher Life Skill Mastery, you will need new items called the Magical Manos Craft Clothes and Magical Manos Accessories. The Magical Manos Craft Clothes are special armor pieces for Processing. There are six types: Lake, Vitality, Energy, Sun, Wind, and Lava. Each type is designed for a different type of Processing, so you have to equip the type of clothes that match the type of Processing. For example, Magical Manos Craft Clothes - Energy will increase Chopping Mastery only. Thus, you have to equip the Manos Processing Stone and Manos Craft Clothes of the same name. However, unlike the Craft Clothes, the Magical Manos Accessories will increase all types of Processing Mastery.


▲ Magical Manos Craft Clothes - Lake will increase Shaking Mastery.
▲ Base Magical Manos Craft Necklace will increase all Processing Mastery by 15.

The Magical Manos Craft Clothes and the Magical Manos Accessories are obtainable by grinding, Manufacturing, or by purchase from a Luxury Items Vendor.

When Manufacturing the Craft Clothes, the materials are different for each type of clothing. The common materials are 15 Sunset-laden Wool, 5 Manos, and 50 Magical Shards. Lake clothes (Shaking) require 30 Ocean Sapphires, Vitality clothes (Grinding) require 30 Forest Emeralds, Energy clothes (Chopping) require 30 Moonlight Opals, Sun clothes (Drying) require 30 Gold Topaz, Wind clothes (Filtering) require 30 Star Diamonds, and Lava clothes (Heating) require 30 Blood Rubies.

For Accessories, the common materials are 15 Scorched Shards, 1 Blood Ruby, and 5 Manos. In addition to the common materials, the Earring requires 30 Pure Silver Crystals, the Ring requires 30 Pure Iron Crystals, the Necklace requires 30 Pure Platinum Crystals, and the Belt requires 30 Supreme Tough Hide.

Among the common materials, Sunset-laden Wool and Scorched Shards are newly-added materials that are obtainable via a new daily quest from Lara, the general goods vendor in Heidel. The objective is to make 100 Sweet Potato Dough and turn in the results. The objective includes the cooking process as well as the results, so make sure you don’t start cooking before accepting the quest. Sweet Potatos can be produced in Shuri Farm or can be planted in farms. When you turn in 100 Sweet Potato Dough you can choose between Sunset-laden Wool and Scorched Shards as a reward. Sunset-laden Wool and Scorched Shards can also be exchanged with 100 Shiny Golden Seals. (Cooking Seals for Sunset-laden Wool and Alchemy Seals for Scorched Shards)

Craft Clothes and Accessories can be purchased from a Luxury Items vendor in each city, but this is not recommended. One item costs about 1 billion silver, regardless of the type, which is 10 to 20 times more expensive than the max marketplace prices.


▲ Magical Manos Craft Clothes types, effects, and required materials when crafting them.
▲ Magical Manos Craft Accessory types, effects, and required materials when crafting them.
▲ You can get one Sunset-laden Wool or Scorched Shard from Lara's daily quest.
▲ Magical Manos Craft clothes/accessories are very expensive.

Manos Craft Clothes and Manos Accessories can be enhanced as well. Manos Craft Clothes can be enhanced from +0 to +15 and then from PRI to PEN. Manos Accessories can be enhanced from base level to PRI/DUO/TRI/TET/PEN.

In order to enhance the Craft clothes and the Accessories, a special type of enhancement material is needed: Black Crystals and Concentrated Magical Black Crystals. They are obtainable by grinding, or by butchering Hunting monsters. They can also be purchased with Shiny Golden Seal-.

Black Crystals can be crafted via Simple Alchemy, but this will require tons of materials. You can craft the tier 1 material “Black Crystal Fragment” first, and then mix Black Crystal Fragment with Black Stone (Weapon) and Black Stone (Armor) via Simple Alchemy to make Black Crystal. Lastly, Concentrated Magical Black Crystal can be crafted by mixing 5 Black Crystals, one Sharp, and one Hard via Simple Alchemy.


▲ Black Crystals are needed to enhance Craft clothes.
▲ Black Crystal Shards require tons of materials, so it is not recommended to craft one.

The required amount of Black Crystals per enhancement is different depending on the enhancement level and the type of gear. Craft clothes need one Black Crystal in +1 to +5, two Black Crystals in +6 to +8, three Black Crystals in +9 to +11, four Black Crystals in +12 to +13, and five Black Crystals in +14 to +15. From PRI to PEN, the enhancement consumes Concentrated Magical Black Crystals. The required amount is 1 for PRI, 2 for DUO, 3 for TRI, 4 for TET, and 5 for PEN.

The Manos Accessories will not require any Black Crystals, and will use only Concentrated Black Crystals. The required amount is 10 for PRI, 11 for DUO, 13 for TRI, 16 for TET, 20 for PEN.

The enhancement using Black Crystals has a higher success rate than regular enhancement and will not be affected by failstacks and Valks’ Cry stacks. You will not get any failstacks even if the enhancement fails, and your failstacks will not be reset to 0 after a successful enhancement.


▲ Enhancement materials for Magical Manos Craft Clothes
▲ Enhancement materials for Magical Manos Craft Accessories

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Comments :12

  • 1

    level 9 OpieOP

    When enchanted how much does the processing mastery increase?

  • 0

    level 1 Fanta_Cola


    If you fail to enchant a jewel will disapear like the normal jewels ?And what about armor if i fail from tri to tet will durability decrease ?

    • 0

      level 4 Freaky


      If you fail to enchant a jewel will disapear like the normal jewels ?And what about armor if i fail from tri to tet will durability decrease ?

      Fanta_Cola- 2018-06-29 01:36:54

      would love to know the details on enhancing the new stuff. Will it lose durability on fail? will it degrade? or even get destroyed?

  • 0

    level 2 Isteria

    Will the clothes degrade upon failure similar to the current system? Any force enhance option? What about the accessories?

  • 0

    level 1 CH88


    This post miss one important thing which is hiw much the life skill influenze the mastary level? Like is im master 20 processing how much mastery points do i have?

    • 0

      level 1 NIK220V

      @CH88 Well based on the images from the post it looks like 1 life skill level is 1 mastery point. Eg master1 should be 61..
  • 0

    level 5 Thunder

    I hope they add it asap to other servers
  • 1

    level 2 IGabrant


    Few importants things to explain:
    1- What happens when enhancement fails? in armor and accesories. Any chance of losing the item? Downgrade?

    2- What is the real effect of the increased processing quantity? The time is reduced like the mechanic implemented with the manos stone? (i know it changed in this patch)
    Example: at 1020 proccesing mastery, we procces 90 items, but... the time of 90 items or it has a reduction in the time?

    thanks as always for the info!

    • 0

      level 1 CH88


      at 1020 u process 90 items with the time of 10 cuz mass processing take in consideration the time of 10 normal processes.. like for ingot its 90 secs around and for wood is 60 seconds.. having 2k processing points which will be almost impossible to do anyway its amazing boost on processing

  • 0

    level 3 Suyino

    Are these items even worth trying to get considering how expensive it is to get them?

  • 0

    level 1 The_Great_Scott

    I am still trying to figure out if MAGICAL and LUCKY SHINING Gathering Tools are now worthless? Is a partially upgraded Dosster now better all round thanks to its Mastery buff, or do the old ones still have some hidden buff that works in their favour?

  • 0

    level 2 dmiiceuk

    Here you can assemble equipments

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