100 Thieves Ryu: "I hate Banner of Command...Now, it is a hell of a lot more comfortable."

Suffering from 2 losses in the first week of the LCS, 100 Thieves was able to make a successful comeback by winning 2 games in week 2. After the game, Ryu explained that he had adjusted better to the meta with a smile of relief on his face. With very subtle confidence, Ryu went on to further explain how he has high hopes for this season.

The veteran player, Ryu, debuted in 2011 and has already spent 9 years as a professional player. Although he did have ups and downs during his career, Ryu always played his part and still has the ability to challenge the World Championship. Ryu is last Spring Split’s runner-up.

As many would have expected, Ryu’s goals for this season is to win the Summer Split and head to the World Championships.

¤ What did you do during the off-season?

I played solo q and rested. I did a bit of travel as well. With Ssumday and our coach, Stardust, we went to Busan.

¤ Following the 2 losses in week 1, the results were not that great. What was the problem?

When we were practicing, we perceived the meta in a weird way. This is why we practiced champions that were far off from the meta. On stage, we couldn’t even use the champions we had practiced with. In the end, we weren’t able to show our strengths and easily lost.

¤ Which champions did you practice with?

We primarily practiced on champions that can lane swap. We made sure that the champions we used were able to flex lanes. Despite all this, we weren’t able to implement what we practiced on stage.

¤ It seems that your team has adjusted well throughout the week 2.

Our practice has become more detailed. Compared to last week, we had a better grasp on which champions are better.

¤ How are scrims going?

Scrims have also improved. Since everyone is practicing on champions they have a lot of confidence on, the results have improved substantially.

¤ What are your thoughts on the gold funneling strat?

I think it is a lot of fun. As long as you execute it properly, it is insanely strong.

But, it is an extremely difficult strategy to execute. First, of, you cannot put side lane control. Hence, you need your laners to do well on their own. The mid-jungle also needs to think independently and do well. There is definitely a lot of mastery involved.

¤ Is your team currently unable to perform the gold funneling strat due to lack of mastery?

We can do it, but I am not sure if we necessarily need to.

¤ In regards to the gold funneling strat, there is a carry and a support. Which role do you belong to?

That’s a secret (laughs).

¤ Did you watch the game when Faker played Taric?

I was for sure certain that Faker would play Master Yi. Watching the game, I would lie if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed. If Faker played Master Yi, I know it would have been a lot better.

¤ Adjusting to this new meta, did your lane bot lane experience a lot of difficulties?

They went through a lot of hardship during the first week. Now, it seems like they have somewhat adjusted. Our bot lane has regained some of their confidence.

¤ NA still uses a majority of Marksman. Does 100 Thieves also think that playing Marksman is much better?

In my personal opinion, as long as ADC players can play bruisers and AP well, I believe it is a lot better than Marksman. In the end, mastery of the champion is the main issue.

In patch 8.12, I think the ADC champions are going to be a better off. Due to the removal of Banner, I would assume you would want to pick Marksman to easily take down towers.

¤ What are your thoughts on Banner being removed? From what I heard, it seems that a lot of pro players despised Banner of Command.

To be honest, I hated Banner of Command as well (laughs). When facing against Banner, there are so many things you need to consider. Now, it is a hell of a lot more comfortable.

¤ Within all the leagues, EU seems to be quite experimental with their picks/bans. They picked Kai’Sa jungle and Heimerdinger bot. Do you receive a lot of advice/feedback from your former team (H2K)?

I don’t really contact them. From time to time, I just say hello. Since our coach was the former coach for H2K, I would assume that the coaches would communicate with each other.

¤ Although Kai’Sa does have losing games, she puts a lot of impact on the game when she wins. Especially jungle Kai’Sa. What are your thoughts on Kai’Sa?

Kai’Sa, in itself, is a good champion. The reason why you don’t see a lot of Kai’Sa bot is due to her weak early game. When you funnel all the gold to her, it becomes rather easy to implement her. This strategy is good for her laning phase as well. Since Kai’Sa hits her power spike after 2 items, I believe it is a very viable strategy.

¤ You placed 2nd place in the last split. What are your predictions for this split?

I was initially frustrated because we had a rough time during week 1. I believe it will get better, and we could potentially aim a lot higher. I get the feeling that we could make it to Worlds. Like last split, we started to perform well as soon as we focused and put more effort in. I want to win the LCS and go to Worlds.

¤ Is there a team that you think is really good off scrims or live games?

In Spring, Team Liquid felt really strong. I am not too sure about this split. I think every team is similar.

¤ Do you think there is a team/player that has adjusted well to the meta?

Echo Fox? Although they lost Saturday’s game because they threw, I am certain Echo Fox would have won if they didn’t make mistakes. They kept throwing (laughs). I think Echo Fox is utilizing Huni’s carry potential and champion pool to the fullest. Also, I think CG is really good.

¤ I heard that Ssumday misses Korea a lot. How is he now?

He still yearns for Korea (laughs). Any chance he gets, he says "I want to go to Korea... I want to eat Korean food.".

¤ Do you help him out? Also, you have been overseas for a long time now. Don’t you miss Korea as well?

There is nothing I can do to help (laughs). For me, I don’t have any problems as long as I go to Korea once during my break. I am pretty satisfied with my life here.

¤ Do you ever want to go head to head against Faker again?

To my knowledge, Faker is having a fairly difficult time. Since we are both having a hard time, I think it will be fun to vs Faker again (laughs).

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I want to thank everyone who supports me. This time, I will try my best to win.


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