Wrecking Ball the battle mech or Hammond the escape pod Gorilla? Maybe it's both.

This tweet was posted just an hour ago from the official @PlayOverwatch Twitter account:


Like the teaser before it we speculated about, the short video shows the same quiet street with imagery reminding us of the Horizon Lunar Colony disaster and subsequent Gorilla escapes.

But this time, the video featured a big surprise:


A giant metal ball crashes through the streets at speeds fast enough to seriously injure anyone in its path. The caption "Rolling Through" now in proper context, fans were quick to make the connection that Hammond (the prime suspect for what these teasers are hinting towards) escaped via a pod that looks quite similar.

Twitter user @Gamewatchtoday illustrates the connection nicely:


Wrecking Ball?

If the escape pod theory isn't convincing enough, there are more possible hints that explain the teased visual. Consider this poster found on the Junkertown map. It features a battle-mech aptly called "Wrecking ball".

If a wrecking ball style mech did exist, it seems the "Rolling Through" depicted in the teaser might be a plausible ability for it to have. Perhaps, it is even possible that Hammond, after escaping the Lunar Colony, crash-landed in Australia and used his genius to create a battle mech out of the wreckage.

Maybe that escape-pod-mech went on to compete in Junkertown's arena and Hammond has been thriving there this whole time. If you look closely at the "Wrecking Ball" poster, above the mechs head and below the green text, a sphere rolling at high speeds is clearly visible.

Maybe alluding to an escape pod falling like a meteor or the "Rolling through" ability.

Maybe it's Kelvin 506?

Dbltap.com highlighted this interesting theory (originally posted on Reddit) and supposes that Hammond may be going by the name Kelvin 506. The theory sounds a little far-fetched, but the article brings up a telling quote from Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman hinting that a more destructive mech hero may be in the works:

"Overall the concept of a giant mech wreaking havoc and dealing a ton of damage as an offense or defense hero is a cool one, but D.Va just isn't built for that. That said, clearly, there is a strong desire for that kind of hero and it certainly would be sweet to make another mech-type hero in that space, so that's something for us to consider looking forward."

Whatever the new hero is, assuming it might be some type of "giant mech" capable of "wreaking havoc" does fall in line Blizzard's Twitter teasers so far.

I, for one, welcome our new mech piloting gorilla overlord!

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