Who is Hammond? Lore about the "other" Overwatch gorilla Blizzard may be teasing

An hour ago, Blizzard revealed this teaser Tweet:


In a 6 second video, a still scene street is shown with ambient city noises emphasizing it's normalcy. Most notably, however, are the various references to Horizon Lunar Colony, space monkeys, and anti-omnic sentiments.

Is this a teaser for a new map? A new hero? It's all guesswork at this point, but the most popular community theory has settled on something relating to the Horizon Lunar Colony Uprising and perhaps Hammond, the mysterious first test subject.

Hammond was the first. Winston was the last.

Of all of the Gorilla specimen at Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond and Winston are the most intriguing. While it was Simon (Specimen 9) that first showed signs of rebellion (that eventually proved lethal for the team of human scientists) after genetic testing, he is, for all we know, still at Lunar Colony content with doing whatever a team of freed hyper-intelligent Gorillas do.

Could "calm before the storm" be in reference to a Gorilla invasion down on Earth? Have Simon and his crew been hard at work planning an all-out offensive against their creators?

Hammond is perhaps the big question mark that has yet to be accounted for. He is the 2nd "missing" test subject in the Horizon Lunar Colony story.  A week before the uprising that killed the research team at the moon base, Hammond went missing and it was reported that he may have escaped through the ventilation system:

"Still hearing strange sounds coming through the ventilation system throughout the colony. When are we going to give time to give it a thorough inspection? I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm fairly attached to having a full supply of oxygen." - Flores of Lunar Colony Staff before the uprising.

As the story goes, soon after Dr. Harold Winston (Winston's caretaker of sorts) received a distress signal from airlock E-35 that requested help. In fact, it was a ploy from the group of rebel gorillas who then launched the scientists who responded (perhaps one-by-one) onto the lunar surface where they died from asphyxiation.

What might have happened

We know that Hammond was missing during this entire scenario and was last seen scurrying through the ventilation system. Was Hammond responsible for tampering with airlock E-35? If so, did he do it with lethal intent, or did Simon (the rebel leader) seize the opportunity and turn Hammond's possible escape plan into a murder plot?

The only thing for certain is that Lucheng Interstellar, the organization behind Horizon Lunar Colony, has been monitoring the colony ever since the uprising and report that Hammond is still missing. That leaves only Winston and Hammond unaccounted for, and we all know what happened to Winston.

Is it possible that Hammond snuck aboard Winston's ship?  All of this is wild speculation, of course, but speculation is all we can do when Blizzard reveals such a cryptic teaser.

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