MVP ADD: "I predicted that other players could be starting because Faker wasn’t playing in the scrims."

In the second match of the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 8, MVP played against SKT T1. Even before the start of the match, SKT surprised everyone with a completely new starting lineup. Pirean, Leo and Effort started in place of Faker, Bang and Wolf. Blossom started in the jungle and Thal at top.

In Game 1, the rookies delivered excellent performance as if they wanted to show why they were starting today. Although the game was quite close up to the mid game, they were able to take the game. Leo delivered outstanding performance with Vladimir and was voted as the MVP.

The picks & bans went rather ‘normal’ in Game 2. MVP picked Ezreal and SKT picked Lucian in their bottom lanes. However, MVP was well prepared to counter the macro game of the rookies. After securing the first Baron, they were able to close the game without much trouble. Yondu was voted MVP after the game.

Kalista appeared as last MVP’s last pick. The game was very close with fierce fights. However, MVP took the lead little by little and were able to take the win. ADD was given MVP after the game, making many champions airborne in teamfights.

The following is the interview of Yondu and ADD.


Q. You beat SKT T1. How do you feel?

Yondu: After losing Game 1, we were down a bit but I feel good because we were able to turn it around. I’m thankful to all the fans that always cheer for us. Last time, I wasn’t able to take part in the fan meeting, but today it feels good because I can.

ADD: I think this is the first interview after the play-ins. I’m glad to be here.

Q. It wasn’t easy for you today. SKT’s main members weren’t starting. How was it for you?

ADD: I looked up the players solo queue records and tried to find what they were good at. I predicted that other players could be starting because Faker wasn’t playing in the scrims.

Q. How was the feedback after Game 1?

Yondu: We told each other not to make mistakes. We thought that the team that makes less mistakes will win.

Q. Yondu’s Sejuani helped top lane a lot and the game went better.

Yondu: I told ADD since I can’t help him much in the early game, I would help a lot in the mid-late game.

Q. Why did you pick Sejuani today?

Yondu: My head coach told me that he has that feeling Sejuani will work well today, so I said okay.

Q. How is Sejuani in the current meta?

Yondu: Sejuani isn’t as good as the other jungle champions in the current meta since the recent meta needs the jungler to scale early and fast. Still, Sejuani is good in the late game.

Q. (To ADD) You played Aatrox and Ornn. It seemed like your team had Malphite.

ADD: I played a lot of solo queue. In solo queue, you have to fight really well, and I did quite well with Ornn during the solo queue games. Maybe that’s why I did well today.

Q. Is being high up in the ladder good?

ADD: Well, if my LP is high, I can practice less. The higher the LP, the longer it takes to find a game so the coaches understand. (Laughs)

Q. Ornn usually makes the opponents airborne with his ult, but you made many amazing moments with the head-butt.

ADD: Since SKT’s comp was all melee champions except for Ezreal, it was easier to hit. The ult was rather harder to hit today.

Q. How did the Kalista pick appear?

Yondu: Kalista is a champion that Pilot likes and he was really confident so we picked her.

Q. SKT was quite aggressive but MVP countered them well.

ADD: After the first two games, I thought that if we win teamfights, we’ll just win, so we picked champions that would be strong in teamfights.

Q. MVP was known for strong teamfights, but it seems to have changed a bit. What do you think?

Yondu: I feel sorry because we were losing that reputation recently. I wish we can continue to be called strong in teamfights.

Q. (To ADD) What kind of player do you want to be known as?

ADD: If I could be known as the best top laner or a member of the best team, that would be great. But since I’m not, I want to take one step after another, being best at teamfights to macro and so on so that we can become the best.

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

Yondu: Thank you for the neverending support. I think I wasn’t that good in recent games, but thank you for telling me that you trust me. I’ll put in even more effort so that I can repay for all the support.

Q. A last comment to your teammates?

ADD: We’re only at two wins now. If we work harder during practice and scrims, we’ll be able to have better results. Let’s just go up one rank at a time.



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    level 1 char_eerie


    Hi, not sure if I read the article wrongly, but it should be Leo voted as MVP on his Vladimir in game 1 instead of Effort on his Rakan :)

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      level 8 Viion


      Sorry for the mistake, and thanks for pointing it out!

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