LCK Legend, "Madlife" Officially Announces His Retirement


Hong “Madlife” Min-gi has officially announced his retirement.

After making his debut in MiG as Support on 2012, he performed in numerous teams and  has become a symbolic figure in the LoL scene. This ‘LCK legend’ peaked in Azubu Frost and made some significant accomplishments; he managed to win the LCK title and came in a close second place in the season 2 Worlds. When he was performing for CJ Entus, he acted as a leader of the team and led the young CJ players.

Then he decided to transfer to an NA 2nd division team, Gold Coin United. As ‘Fly’ performing for Mid and ‘Locodoco’ as head coach, they managed to get to the NA LCS promotion match for 2 consecutive times, but failed to promote. After leaving the team on November 2017, he focused on live streaming and tried out some other paths such as commentating.

What would be his next step? Madlife’s future actions are indeed the center of attention.

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    level 1 llc838936449


    Is it true?When was the news?

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      level 9 Lasso


      Yes, this is the official news. Madlife informed his retirement through Inven.
      An in-depth interview of him will be posted today.

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      level 1 llc838936449


      ok thanks T T

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