[WoT 1.0.2 Update] New Tanks Obj. 277, K-91 Now on Live Server - Changes to Obj. 268 4 and More

On the 12th of June, the 1.0.2 patch was updated on the Russian server. The main changes to the update was the addition of the tier X tanks, the Obj. 277 and K-91, in the soviet tree and the rebalancing of the Obj. 268 4 and Obj. 430 II. As there were issues on balancing in the test server, some stats were changed.

There were a few changes to the maps as well. Maps like Malinovka, Fjords, Erlenberg, and Mountain Pass have been said to lack balance between the two teams. The changes aren’t big; objects have been added or deleted in some points. Also, the Klondike map was re-worked in HD.

Additionally, the vehicle exterior customization has been expanded. The styles are now applicable to tier VI and VIII tanks. The Training Center has been improved to help new players learn more.

▲ Official review of RU server 1.0.2 update

◆ Obj. 277, K-91 Stat changes

Heavy tank Obj. 277 and medium tank K-91 have appeared in the Soviet tree. The stats have been changed from their original numbers: Obj. 277 was nerfed and K-91 has been buffed.

First, the reload time of the Obj. 277 has been nerfed. The premium shell was changed to HEAT and penetration became 340mm. The aiming time has become a bit longer. A few positive changes have also been made: the turret traverse speed became minutely faster and the low concealment has been increased to nearly as high as the IS-4.

On the other hand, the fire rate of the K-91 has become faster: faster than the Obj. 430 which used to be tier X. The turret traverse sector has been widened to 220 degrees and gun depression was changed to -9 degrees on vehicle sides. Not only that, the HP of the engine was increased to 860, with the power/weight ratio buffed to 19.11. Also, the HP was increased from 1,800 to 1,950.

A Combination of Perfect and Useless Tanks? - New Soviet Tier X HT Obj.277, MT K-91 Analysis

▲ The Obj. 277 was nerfed and the K-91 was buffed.

◆ Could it be the end of the era of the Obj. 268 4? - Changes to the stats of Soviet tanks

There were changes to the Obj. 430 II according to the characteristics of the K-91. Originally, there was no need to upgrade the gun because the stock weapon was better; as of the update, changes to the gun were applied and upgrading the gun would be recommended.

Comparing the original stock gun to the final gun after the update, the penetration of the standard ammo has been improved to 246mm. The reload time has been reduced by 0.1 sec and slight improvements have been made to the aiming time and accuracy as well. Furthermore, the velocity became faster and the view range was improved to 400m.

However, one of the biggest advantages for the Obj. 430 II has been lost. The hull armor was reduced from 120mm to 80mm at the front, and 80mm to 60mm in the sides. To make matters worse, the turret armor was reduced from 248mm and 185mm to 180mm and 120mm for the front and sides, respectively. The HP was also nerfed to 1,600.

▲ Now the Obj. 430 II also has to become an outfighter like the Obj. 416 and K-91.

The Obj. 268 4 has been nerfed. The basic gun stats and accuracy haven’t been changed, but the aiming time and gun dispersion, especially during movement, have been increased significantly. The engine power was decreased so the power/weight ratio became 18. The maximum speed also has been cut down to 50km/h and 18km/h backwards. Slight nerfs were added to gun traverse speed as well.

Additionally, the armor and durability was decreased. The durability went down to 2,000HP and the lower glacis armor was reduced from 236mm to 201mm. The hatch armor has also gone from 252mm to 232mm; it is now more vulnerable to the standard ammo of the same tier tanks.

▲ The red box is the weak spot of the Obj. 268 4, which has been nerfed.
▲ Now, upgrading the gun for the Obj. 430 II is recommended.

◆ More balance to the maps! – Changes to the maps and the HD rework of the map Klondike

Balance improvements were made to the maps Malinovka, Fjord, Erlenberg, and Mountain Pass, which were said to have bad balance between the teams. The starting point in Malinovka has been changed; now the LTs for both teams start further forward, fierce fights are expected to happen right at the start. Also, the bushes and landscape have been changed so that spotting can be easier. The cathedral in the west team area was changed to enable the firing of shots at the swamp area and to allow a team to hold up against the high areas from the cathedral.

In Fjord, several covers were added in the field area so that the TDs can find cover more easily. Passages have been added to the urban areas to make moving through the buildings safer. The structure of the castle in Erlenberg has been changed; more shrubbery and buildings have been added in the middle lane and a few buildings were added in the east. Small changes were made to the northern area in the Mountain Pass as well.

Also, Klondike was reworked as an HD map. There are no major changes to the map itself, so the original points and routes can be still used.

The 1.0.2 version was updated in NA and EU servers on the 13th and will be updated in the Asian server on the 19th.

▲ The changed cathedral in Malinovka.
▲ Passages added in Fjord.
▲ The changed castle structure in Erlenberg.
▲ Small changes to the northern area in Mountain Pass.


▲ The HD rework of Klondike.


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