[WoT] A Combination of Perfect and Useless Tanks? - New Soviet Tier X HT Obj.277, MT K-91 Analysis

With the 1.0.2 update in the World of Tanks Test Server, two tanks were added to the Soviet Tech Tree. Successor to the heavy tank T-10, the Obj. 277 and after the Obj. 430 II, the K-91 was added.

Both tanks have similar features to their predecessors, but with several stats upgraded. For example, the Obj. 277 has decent speed with strong firepower and armor allowing for aggressive play. The K-91 follows the rear-mounted line. It is quick with proficient accuracy.

Along with the tier X tanks being added, there will be changes made to the tree that don’t have corresponding features. The tier IX med tank Obj. 430 II had strong armor, but the armor will be nerfed to match the feature of the K-91. To compensate, its firepower will be buffed so that the tank will become a proper outfighter.

※ All stats are subject to change.

▣ Trustworthy Soviet tanks! - All-around tank Obj. 277

There’s nearly nothing to complain about with the Obj. 277’s gun. It has the same alpha damage with the IS-7 at 490. The standard ammo’s penetration is 265, so the pilot won’t need to stress over using premium ammo. Still, premium ammo is extremely good; the shell type is the highly reliable APCR with a penetration of 350 and an unbelievable 1,800m/s velocity.

The accuracy is also quite good. With 100% crew, the accuracy is 0.34 with aim time at 2.4 seconds. This is a value that Soviet heavy tanks never had which makes it a lot easier to hit targets at a long range. It even has decent accuracy while moving.

Additionally, the DPM is very good. Reload time without equipment is 11 seconds and the DPM goes beyond 2500. The only con to this tank’s weapon seems to be the depression/elevation angles at 5.5° and 15.5°, which give the tank a hard time with some terrain.

The hull armor looks like simple sloped armor, but it’s slightly rounded. The angle on the upper front plate is good but is only 140mm thick, so it could be penetrated by an opponent HT’s standard ammo. The lower plate is the traditional weak spot. However, at the right angle, the armor can ricochet shots, so the armor isn’t completely useless.

The turret is shaped like most other Soviet tanks’. The front is 290mm thick; nearly invincible, and the side is also a very thick 224mm. Although the left hatch is rather large, the right hatch is small. The HP is 2,200 which is quite low for a tier X heavy tank.

The mobility of the tank is quite good as well. The maximum speed is 55km/h and it a has power/weight ratio as good as medium tanks. The traverse speed is good as well, with a 400m view range; good enough for a heavy tank.

To sum it up, the weakness of this tank would be its low HP and comparably thin plate. It’s not to be used like the Obj. 268 IV which is nearly invincible from the front end, but can become OP according to the pilot’s prowess.

▲ Obj.277 test at Mannerheim Line (Video by wolf9)

▣ Only thing left to do is snipe! – Just another TD classified as MT

To start with the pros, the K-91 has great firepower. It’s the same 100mm gun as the T-62 and Obj. 140 but has higher penetration on standard ammo, at 276 and 320 alpha damage. The velocity is 1700m/s, but the premium ammo is the same type with a penetration of 330.

The reload time is reminiscent of the Obj. 430 of the past - somewhat fast. But compared to the Obj. 430 that had low reliability, the accuracy is 0.33 and it takes only 1.7 seconds to fully aim. The gun control is above average but not as good as the other Soviet MTs.

Up to here, it seems like the K-91 has fairly good specs. Now for the cons: the K-91 has a rear gun turret. The gun depression is 5° and the gun arc is 180° which makes it nearly impossible to jump into combat like other MTs can.

The armor isn’t as bad as the Obj. 416, but is quite weak. Although the turret armor is a curved 220mm, the hatch is too big so the weakness stands out. The hull armor isn’t good enough to utilize at X tier and the HP is low at just 1,800.

Furthermore, the mobility isn’t that good either. The maximum speed peaks at 55km/h, but the power/weight ratio is only 11, so the acceleration isn’t good. The biggest pros to rely on are its view range and camouflage factor. The camo isn’t as good as the Obj. 416, but still good enough, and the view range is 410m.

To conclude, the K-91 is lacking in many aspects compared to the Obj. 277. It’s too immobile to use like an LT, and whatever the K-91 can do, most other MTs can do just as well, so it doesn’t have any special features compared to other tanks.


▲ K-91 test at Mines (Video by wolf9)

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    level 1 DeadlyReaver

    The question I have is this. Though they're newish tanks, why in the world would you bother to compare them. They both have completely different roles. Of course the Obj. 277 is going to outshine the K91. It's a heavy and the K91 is a medium. Again, different roles. I have the 277. It's just like you said. Aggressive playing styles will love this tank. The gun rocks, the armor is outstanding and the speed is right there with a medium. It's worth the grind to get it. I'm just about to get the K91 and I look forward to seeing what it can do.

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