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League of Legends

[KR Reactions LCK Day 2] AFs vs SKT: "It’s Faker Darius! ... Wait, Faker is at bot and Bang at mid?" (KZ vs GEN, AFs vs SKT, KT vs JAG)


- Before Match -

▶ All matches are exciting today! I should order chicken!
└ Since it’s three matches, order chicken, pizza and hamburger.
└ I hope Faker plays Yasuo or Master Yi.
└ The three matches today is consisted of the 1st-5th teams of the Spring Split. There has never been and never will be such a day.

▶ Afreeca will dominate SKT T1 in all around.
└ The only people who will cheer for SKT T1 is those who gambled and placed their bets on high stake SKT.
└└ What the heck?

▶ Fly is starting. The legendary gif for Fly!
└ He had a fever at 39 degrees and he still played.



- Kingzone DragonX vs Gen.G Esports Game 1 -

▶ What? Kog’Maw? How dare you pick an AD carry?
└ Gen.G hasn’t yet come to senses.
└ What if it’s a Kog’Maw mid?
└ And Braum is here, he’s perfect for mid lane.
└└ What am I reading…?
└ Mid Lulu? That’s too normal. No fun.
└└ That’s normal???

▶ A pause as soon as the game starts.
└ It’s because they picked an ADC, the system rejected it.


▶ Cuzz is out of control!
└ Since Peanut isn’t playing, Kingzone is the bully of LCK again.
└ Kingzone is the bully of LCK and the nerd of the world…
└ So that’s why Worlds will be held in Korea.


▶ Look at the drake dealing damage so freely.
└ Dragon >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kog’Maw.
└ The Game of Thrones meta.
└ Remember, they’re Kingzone ‘Dragon’X.

▶ ???: What? Kog’Maw is trash too? S**t…
└ I think it would be fun if Mordekaiser turns Uzi’s scaled Kog’Maw in to an ally and gets a penta-kill.
└ It’s really like the Game of Thrones.

▶ The confused ADC players (Feat. Arrow)



- Kingzone DragonX vs Gen.G Esports Game 2 -


▶ Aurelion Sol… Yes, the real dragon should appear now.
└ Mordekaiser again too. Double dragons!


▶ The clash between League of Legends 1 and League of Legends 2.
└ Right. If someone who started watching League recently, might think Gen.G is the new meta.

▶ Haru is really good.
└ Game 1 was like that, too. Does the game change with the change of the jungler?
└ More pressure for Ambition…

▶ Fly laughing with Lulu! LMAO!
└ The master of Aurelion Sol, Fly: “Bdd, is this your Aurelion Sol?”


▶ The best moment of game 2.
└ I thought I was watching Power Rangers.

▶ This game proved that the ADC is still alive.
└ All the ADCs of the world likes this game.
└ This is the dignity of the Korean National Team’s ADC.


- Kingzone DragonX vs Gen.G Esports Game 3 -

▶ I wish Fly picks Aurelion Sol and wins.
└ And that really happens!
└ Now for the Aurelion Sol lecture.
└ So that was the pick he picked when he beat up Faker when he was suffering from a high fever?


▶ ???: Hey Fly… Why didn’t you play like that when you played with me? You s&@%*&!!!

▶ 10K Gold difference in 14 minutes.
└ x1.5 in 16 minutes.
└ Is Kingzone really only strong in Korea?
└ I’m beginning to see why Kingzone wasn’t able to win the MSI.


▶ ADC is not dead yet!
└ Ezreal showed hope!
└ You lost? Play ADC now.



- Afreeca Freecs vs SKT T1 Game 1 -

▶ Good. Yasuo is here.
└ And Darius!
└ Whichever one Faker plays, I’m happy.
└ Is nobody thinking of Faker Alistar?

▶ Garen: Aatrox… You too??

▶ Faker’s Yasuo is falling…
└ Is that a side effect of the Asian Games?
└ Should we say that it’s a good thing that Faker wasn’t able to go to the MSI…?

▶ SKT wasn’t ahead for a single second of the game.
└ I think it’ll be hard to make it as an official event at the Asian Games…


▶ ???: Change the national team members!!!

▶ Now it’s finally proved. There’s no point to the solo queue LP when it comes to pro play.
└ Someone had said that SKT will rise in this meta…

- Afreeca Freecs vs SKT T1 Game 2 -

▶ If SKT continues to perform like Game 1, they’ll have to worry about relegation.
└ The weren’t even close to being as good as MVP or Griffin from yesterday.

▶ Isn’t the problem the head coach for SKT? He keeps on playing the player that seems to be the problem in most people’s eyes. He’s being way to stubborn.
└ He’s really too tolerant to Blank.


▶ I think Faker should be smiling now. He’ll be playing with the ‘Godlike players’ again soon.
└ It wouldn’t be weird if Cuzz is there with them.

▶ Yes! This time, it’s Faker Darius!
└ Wait, Faker is at bot and Bang at mid?
└└ And who said this meta is no fun?!

▶ Do you think Faker will regret not going to China? He might think “I should have gone to China to earn money if I was going to be criticized here in Korea.”
└ I don’t think he’s the type to think like that.
└ He would have earned tons of money if he did, but he wouldn’t have been able to build up his career like what he has now.

▶ And…. Is it still true that Kuro can’t play against Faker?
└ Always a pushover against Faker…

▶ That was a beautiful teamfight.
└ Today’s SKT is helpless…
└ I think Worlds should be out of their schedule.
└ I think LOL is done with.
└└ This is the negative reactions of the SKT fans.

▶ The next Kingzone? The next SKT T1? NO. Just call us Griffin.

- kt Rolster vs Jin Air Green Wings Game 1-

▶ If Kakao who used to play for KT steals Score’s Baron, it’ll be the perfect finale to today.

└ But Rush is starting…

└ Kakao isn’t starting for Jin Air either.

└ Let’s just keep that moment in mind for the future…

└└ I was waiting from 2 o’clock to see that…

▶ What? They’ll show the KT performance?

└ Doesn’t he know what that means?


▶ Ashe! Deft is a pureblood ADC.
└ Don’t you think that Ashe could be a support?
└ It could be Dr. Mundo ADC.

▶ Finally, an ADC vs ADC matchup.
└ Is it the first time in this split?
└ Is it just me, or is it really not fun already?


▶ The reason the kt game is not fun: The Lord, Pawn isn’t well, so they’re playing with a very solemn behavior.


▶ Rush: I’ll make the game fun!
└ KT found their best performance with by Rush carrying.
└ Rush learned fan service from US.

▶ So the 39 minutes is the longest game in this meta…
└ If there’s two ADCs again in the next game, I’m going to sleep.


▶ Game 1 summary.
└ Is that Rush on the left who woke them up?

- kt Rolster vs Jin Air Green Wings Game 2 -

▶ Karthus - Nunu! It’s here again!!
└ The end of no fun, and again it’s LOL 2!
└ But Jin Air has picked an ADC. Let’s say it’s LOL 1.5.
└ Still, it’s really meaningful because pureblood Deft didn’t pick an ADC champion.

▶ Lulu with Nashor’s Tooth!
└ That’s interesting. She’s pretending to be an ADC.
└ kt has a good comprehension on the meta.
└ OGN should emphasize that… It’s not a very common item for Lulu.
└ I miss PowerOfEvil, the symbol of Nashor’s Tooth.

▶ The Karthus - Nunu comp will become extinct.
└ It seems a lot worse than the Master Yi-Taric comp.
└ The main point to that comp is taking all the mid lane CS and the jungle creeps but Ucal didn’t let them by hard pushing the lane.

▶ ???: Is that your Karthus, Grace?
└ That comp is on a 2 game losing streak already now.
└ I think Karthus - Nunu won’t appear anymore. The counter is already visible.

▶ Nunu just did what he had to do… I want to believe....

▶ Coach, did you see Umti? Where is he?

└Just shut up and eat.


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