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League of Legends

[KR Reactions] LCK Day 1: "I never knew that LOL ended and LOL 2 started. Apparently, the main character is Master Yi."



- Before Match -

▶ If it’s bbq Olivers match, do they hand out chicken in the arena?

▶ It’s a rather loose match for an opening match.
└ It would have been a lot more exciting if one of the top three teams from the last split played today.
└ Look forward to the match between Hanwha Life Esports and Griffin.
└ Let’s go Griffin!


▶ Which version are they playing in?
└ The crippled ADC version.

▶ Look at MVP’s record. They’re really fighters.
└ Damage taken no.1 and DPM no.2. LOL.
└ So all they did was fight?

▶ bbq Ghost lost his spot as a starting member from the first match.
└ Didn’t people say that bbq was a team that will rise up high if they changed their ADC?
└└ But the current meta is…

- MVP vs bbq Olivers Game 1 -


▶ Karthus - Nunu vs Master Yi - Taric. This is a good day.
└ LPL, are you watching? LCK is a lot more fun than your dull league!
└ Wha… It’s a mess even before the start!
└└ Like the SPOTV LCK opening video…

▶ Who said that it was no fun?????
└ Is this a game? Who in the world designed the patches in Riot?
└ I thought it was an ARAM match… Or is it an All-Star game?
└ Isn’t it Heroes of the Storm?
└ The end to the EU meta!
└ I finally found out that the reason League was getting less fun was because of the ADCs…



▶ Nobody can stop that Master Yi. This is real life!
└ Killer train!
└ Seems like ‘Yondu’ whistled.
└ Who said that the pros will take down the Yi-Taric comp?
└ Do you think SKT T1 will use this comp?
└ In that case… Faker will probably be the one playing Master Yi.


▶ The number 1 candidate to lose his job: Uzi.


▶ I never knew that LOL ended and LOL 2 started. Apparently, the main character is Master Yi.
└ This was probably the retirement match for Master Yi.
└ I want the EU meta again.


▶ Garen: Where are you going?! Don’t leave me back!
└ Garen the pushover still won’t see pro play.


- MVP vs bbq Olivers Game 2 -


▶ Since Master Yi is banned, the game is no fun.
└ I’ll just go to bed.
└ So Game 1 was just a show to thrill the fans as the opening match.

▶ All in all, Irelia is OP.
└ Deleting Irelia is more urgent than fixing Yi-Taric.


- Hanwha Life Esports vs Griffin Game 1 -

▶ Is today when the Griffin bubble pops?
└ LCK teams will execute them!
└ The experts evaluate them really high, let’s just have a look.

▶ No one will be able to predict the picks & bans anymore.
└ Wow. Tons of fun stuff are coming out. I feel so good that it’s an end to the EU meta.
└ Still, Garen won’t appear.

▶ When was the last time we saw Darius smashing heads?
└ We’re used to watching ADCs poking; now that we see the head bashing, it feels so good!
└ Garen also has a similar skil…

▶ The 3 worst things of League: Tank top, mid defender, ADC.
└ ADC… Those whiny guys wanting others to protect them. Just thinking of them makes me angry.


▶ I found out it was spring only after all the flowers fell off.
└ I miss you, pioneers.

▶ The ADC that is really uncomfortable with the current meta: Piglet.
※Translation: Is this real? Watching is no fun anymore now.



- Hanwha Life Esports vs Griffin Game 2 -


▶ Game 2 will also really be fun.
└ The dumb game protecting the whiny ADCs vs The manly macho fighting with eye contact game. I’m so happy now.
└└ Manly macho? The two supports are women?
└└└ The gender quota system.


▶ Look at Sangyoon. It’s now the prime for Electrocute Vladimir.
└ How is an ADC player so good at Vladimir?
└ It seems that he’s better at Vladimir than Faker.
└ The ADCs are good at other champions too.

▶ I’m really worried about kt. Deft is like the pureblood ADC.
└ Uzi likes this comment.

▶ Riot won’t keep up with this meta unless they’ve gone nuts.
└ They won’t let the ADCs disappear just to tear down the EU meta. They won’t give up those champions that sell them a lot of skins like Lucian. It’s a dumb move to do in terms of business or game. Just enjoy this time; you’ll never see it again.
└└ Riot was singing songs saying that they’ll bring down the ADCs.

▶ ???: Are you that Griffin who’s called the Kingzone of Challengers Korea?
└ That team is being taught a lesson.
└ Where are those guys that said Griffin will take first place in the LCK?
└ Welcome to the LCK.
└ The marij-hanwha.
※ Note: Hanwha sounds similar to ‘uana’ as in marijuana in Korean.


▶ Wait… That was an awesome Nocturne ult!
└ Who said this meta doesn’t have comebacks?
└└ The ADCs did…
└ This is turned over? This is the most fun match ever in the history of the LCK.
└ Sorry, Griffin. I was criticizing you before.


▶ Game 2 summary: The proud Hanwha with their twins blowing behind them.



- Hanwha Life Esports vs Griffin Game 3 -

▶ Lehends was crying after the game.
└ That was the fastest crying ever in the LCK.
└ And he got the MVP. Squeezing juice from the eyes must be the secret.


▶ The macho champ Darius again!
└ Mundo? And Kennen??
└ So the picks & bans are how creative they are?
└ Ezreal not knowing if he should appear or not.


▶ ???: Hey Griffin! Are you listening? You need to be good because you took our place!


▶ Hanwha is being shaken up.
└ That’s because they picked a dumb old ADC.

▶ (After interview) Griffin is really good. Are they really first-timers in the LCK?
└ They’re aiming for the world championship?
└ Kuro cried too but wasn’t able to win...
└ Today was shocking. I wonder how fun it will be with the super teams coming up tomorrow!

▶ Game 3 summary: The uncomfortable top laner glaring at the bottom duo who picked ADCs.


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