BBang BBang BBang! Sights from the Overwatch APEX Finals

From eStadium to KINTEX. OGN moved its stage for the grand finals of Overwatch APEX.

A bigger stage meant more events to keep the crowd entertained. HAKASE K showed up to deliver a live performance of his famous McCree song, sending waves of BBang BBang BBang across the world. Renowned Korean cosplay team Spiral Cats met their fans, as did European powerhouse REUNITED via their final meet-and-greet in Korea.

EnVyUs won the tournament, took the trophy home, and confirmed Mickie would continue to play together at their next event in Las Vegas. OGN promised they would return with Overwatch APEX Season 2. So the first season of APEX finally came to an end.

Here are our photos from the highest point yet of Korean Overwatch hype.

Welcome to Ilsan KINTEX, where heroes never die.




There was a promotion outside...


...featuring famous Spiral Cats. saying hello to Reinhardt


Where does it hurt?



Dr. Ziegler seemed busy writing her prescription.



There was apparently a long line for Spiral Cats.


Tracer with her new Pulse Bomb



Cheers love!



D.Va's daddy making sure no one does her any harm.


REUNITED also came for the finals.


Hey, why won't you Bbong me...


It seemed like he really needed one.


A long, long line waiting for REUNITED's autograph.


Uh... Can I help you?


Thanks for the Bbong!


I want that Winston plush...




Stage lighting at work.


OGN's Sorim Jeong.


DoA and MonteCristo right before fusion.





I'm a free soul, HAKASE K!
Bang, bang, bang!
It was high noon somewhere in the world.
EnVyUs nailed it 4-0.
MVP of the Match award went to Taimou.
However, Mickie won the Popularity Award.
Love, Mickie!
Hey, let me touch it.
Now everyone will EnVyUs.

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