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League of Legends

Kingzone, Gen.G, kt Rolster, MVP! Photos of 2018 LCK Summer Split Profile Shooting #1



▲ All the players are in the studio.

▲ Bottom combinations that can only be seen on this kind of day

▲'Bdd' is being attacked.

▲ Old Longzhu players

▲'Peanut' is still familiar with SKT T1

▲'Gorilla' starts shooting first.



▲It emphasizes the importance of Rift Scuttler.


▲And the coach, Hyeong-mo Yeon.

▲Korea national team bottom duo, 'CoreJJ' and 'Ruler'

▲ and 'CuVee' wants a banana again.

▲ "How can all things get into your stomach?"

▲'Stay Hungry, Still Hungry'

▲Serious Peanut

▲They can not afford it.

▲Old ROX Tigers gathered in a long time.

▲Uncomfortable 'Ambition'

▲Gen.G continues shooting.


▲'Fly' in a new uniform


▲New supporter, 'Life'

▲ And the head coach, 'Edgar' is the last.

▲KT is waiting their shooting.

▲ Who is taller?

▲'Score' looks good today.

▲'Deft' starts his shooting

▲Ferocious alpaca




▲ And the coach, Jaeseung Jung.

▲'Crown' welcomes the players of Team MVP

▲'Yondo' whistles...

▲ Oh that was not whistle.

▲'ADD' preparing his pose

▲"I can do greater!"


▲'Motive', the new face

▲'MaHa' succeeded in a diet.



▲and the coach Jongwon-Lee. See you at the studio, guys!


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