Lahn Awakening Combo Guide: Different combos that start with different skills

When awakened, the Lahn can use different forms of combos based on the skill that starts the combo. If you want a quick-start combo, you can start with Flailing Blades. If you want to grab first, you can start the combo with Soul Raid. Taunting Death and Deady Dance are also good skills to start a combo.

Deadly Dance, Taunting Death, and Flailing Blades are all good skills to start a combo, but are also used in the middle of combos. Deadly Dance is one of the Lahn’s main DPS skills, and Taunting Death can deal massive damage with Down Attack and Flow: Mangler, which is a Flow skill that follows Taunting Death. Lastly, Flailing Blades can be used to quickly approach enemies that are pushed away after Air Smash.

As most of the Lahn’s animations connect very smoothly, it is hard to tell which animation is for which skill. Please refer to the commands and the video to see how long you have to hold the keys.

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■ Deadly Dance and main DPS skills combo

Skills used: Deadly Dance - Furor - Flow: Dancing with Death - Bleeding Hearts - Flow: Mangler - Tailspin - Blood Moon Twist - Flow: Vice

Deadly Dance is a good DPS skill and a good gap-closing skill at the same time. After approaching the target with Deadly Dance, you can start a combo by using other main DPS skills. Furor, Flow: Dancing with Death, Bleeding Hearts, Flow: Mangler, Tailspin, Blood Moon Twist, and Flow: Vice can be used in order.

Deadly Dance will Float enemies, and the skills used in between Deadly Dance and Flow: Vice will continuously inflict CC like Bound and Knockdown. The skills that have the Down Attack effect will deal even more damage. Among the skills, Flow: Dancing with Death, Bleeding Hearts, and Flow: Vice have Super Armor.


■ Deadly Dance and Air Smash combo

Skills used: Deadly Dance - Flailing Blades - Tailspin - Blood Moon Twist - Flow: Vice

This combo uses Air Smash, which is one of the skill effects that Deadly Dance has. Air Smash will push away enemies, and the Lahn can quickly re-approach them using Flailing Blades and then start dealing damage with Tailspin and Flow: Vice.

Flow: Vice can also inflict Down Smash, so it is easy to connect to other skills or combos after it.


■Flailing Blades and holding RMB combo

Skills used: Flailing Blades - Tailspin - Blood Moon Twist - Flow: Vice - Taunting Death - Flow: Mangler - Furor - Flow: Dancing with Death - Bleeding Hearts

You can use Flailing Blades by right clicking, and hold RMB to use Tailspin, Blood Moon Twist, and Flow: Vice in succession.

After Flow: Vice, use Taunting Death and Flow: Mangler to deal additional damage with Down Attack. Taunting Death is easy to use after Flow: Vice as you just have to press W while holding RMB.

After Flow: Mangler, hold LMB to use Furor and Flow: Dancing with Death. You can press LMB+RMB after that to use Bleeding Hearts.


■ Soul Raid grab combo

Skills used: Soul Raid - Deadly Dance - Bleeding Hearts - Flow: Mangler - Flow: Vice

Soul Raid is a mid-ranged grab skill so it is usually used at the beginning of a combo. As the skill targets only a single enemy, it is used more often in PvP. After Soul Raid, you can use the main DPS skills to deal damage. The combo used here is Deadly Dance, Bleeding Hearts, Flow: Mangler, and Flow: Vice with quick slots.

Deadly Dance is a powerful skill, but it does not have Down Attack. If you want to make good use of the Bound effect from Soul Raid, you can use other skills like Furor or Tailspin. If you are using Soul Raid in PvP, Furor is more recommended as it can inflict an attack/casting speed debuff on enemies.


■ Taunting Death combo

Skills used: Taunting Death - Flow: Mangler - Furor - Flow: Dancing with Death - Flow: Vice

Taunting Death is a skill in which the Lahn moves forward upon using the skill, similar to Deadly Dance. However, the skill deals less damage than Deadly Dance, and the Lahn moves a shorter distance compared to Deadly Dance. The skill is usually used when Deadly Dance is on cooldown. The combo is Taunting Death, Flow: Mangler, Furor, and Flow: Dancing with Death by holding LMB, and Flow: Vice with quick slots.


■ Rabam skill combo

Skills used: Soul Raid - Rabam Skill - Eye of the Phoenix - Moon Slash - Deadly Dance - Bleeding Hearts - Flow: Mangler

This is a combo that uses a Rabam skill in the middle. The Lahn will be switching to non-awakening after using a Rabam skill, so she can use non-awakening skills like Eye of the Phoenix and Moon Slash afterwards. Using Blooming Nether Flower, a powerful non-awakening skill, will also make a great combo. After the non-awakening skills, you can switch to awakening by using Deadly Dance (W+F) in Crescent Pendulum stance. Then you can end the combo with Bleeding Hearts and Flow: Mangler.

This combo can start also with Flailing Blades or Bloody Stride instead of Soul Raid, or start with the Rabam skills instead of awakening skills as the Rabam skills allow the Lahn to approach her targets like awakening skills do.

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    level 1 BDOBloo

    Hey just a heads up, some of those combos won't work correctly on players.
    The training dummies in BA actually have different cc mechanics from old arsha server and they never completely updated the mechanics that the mobs have.

    They are also treated as npc's not players.

    Example would be your first combo, you did w+f which is float, into shift lmb which has a bound into down smash, by that time they go into cc immunity, so the lmb+rmb flow will no longer able to knock down the opponent which means they will be back up before shift rmb even finishes or potentially before you're able to get the first hit of shift rmb.

    Another one would be the "Flailing Blades and holding RMB combo"
    It wouldn't work in the way you've demonstrated since tailspin can't cc a player anymore only mobs. It might however still be able to get the kd from flow mangler but I'm not sure if they'll have recovered from the intial stun before you're able to land the stiffen from taunting death.

    Might be worth mentioning that the rabam skill has to be the 2nd one (the one that procs stun and not bound) otherwise the bound will get procced and you won't proc the float from deadly dance transition.

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