Pentagram Speaks Up on ‘Stealing’ Dara’s Foreigner Residence Card

On the 30th of May (KST), Pentagram (Formerly known as Rampage) spoke up about ‘stealing’ Dara’s foreigner residence card.

Pentagram of the League of Legends Japan League (LJL) was said to have stolen Jeon “Dara” Jeong-hoon and Lee “Tussle” Moon-yong’s foreigner residence cards for about a month. A foreigner residence card is an essential ID card needed for a foreigner to live in Japan. Pentagram was penalized by having to forfeit every game up to week 5 in the 2018 Spring Split and the owner and manager were banned from attending LJL games for three months.

Pentagram released a statement on the subject saying “It is true that we took Dara and Tussle’s foreigner residence cards.” Though they admitted to taking the cards, they denied having threatened the players, claiming that they “knew that the players needed to turn in their cards if the expiration dates for the cards were due. We took the cards temporarily so that they wouldn’t turn in their cards late. There were no bad intentions and there were no threats in this process.”

However, the fans reactions were very negative. Several fans replied on Pentagram’s Twitter saying, “A disgrace to Japan”, “They’re not reflecting on themselves at all”, “Lying again?” and “They need to break up the team”.

In reaction to Pentagram’s claims, Dara said “What they said is not true. The staff of my new team told me that foreigners have an obligation to carry their foreigner residence cards. The card was taken from me because they pressured me to give it up.”

▲ Pentagram's statement (Captured from Pentagram's Official Homepage)

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