[2018 Asian Games] Maru and Surrender Will Represent Korea for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone

Maru and Surrender have been chosen to represent Korea in the upcoming Asian Games for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone.

▲ StarCraft 2, Maru

Korea's Jin Air Green Wing's Maru was nominated for the 2018 Asian Games that will take place in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. Having won many tournament titles recently, Maru will be fighting with Korea's pride on the line.

As a StarCraft 2 professional gamer, Maru has had a rather impressive career. Since 2013, he has consistently won multiple trophies. Having dominated many tournaments, ranging from WESG to the major league, GSL, Maru long ago reached the number 1 rank in prize earnings. As the best Terran player in Korea, Maru continues to perform extraordinarily. 

In the WESG Asia that took place in the earlier part of 2018, Maru displayed dominating performance. In the preliminaries, he went undefeated, exiting the groups in 1st place. He continued to display stellar performance in the Grand Finals as well, leading him to win the tournament and earning him a prize of approximately $185k. Since he had taken clean wins off of the other Asian players in the WESG, it's expected that Maru will perform just as well for the 2018 Asian Games. 

▲ Hearthstone, Surrender

For Hearthstone, Surrender will be representing Korea in the 2018 Asian Games. 

In order to decide Korea's Hearthstone representative, a selection match, hosting 32 players with the highest HS points in the past 2 years, took place. Surrender won with 6 wins and 0 losses. 

Surrender is undoubtedly the best Hearthstone player in Korea -- his impressive career history and rank in prize earnings prove that. Debuting in 2014 through Masters Korea (KR Masters), Surrender won in season 2 and finished 2nd in season 3 of the tournament. 

2017 was perhaps Surrender's best year of his career. He won the 2017 HCT APAC Summer Playoffs and the 2017 HCT Summer Championship. Following that, he reached the semifinals of the 2017 HCT World Championship. Although he failed to advance to the Finals of the World Championship that year, his outstanding skill and professionalism brought him a lot of applause and a ton of new fans. 

In response to a question asked in regards to the 2018 Asian Games, Surrender stated, "I'm extremely happy that I was able to come out on top during the selection match to become Korea's representative in the Asian Games. I'll have to play in the East Asia Preliminaries before I can compete in the main event. I'll do my best to beat everyone and show the world exactly how strong Korea is in the Hearthstone scene."

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