Score on the 2018 Asian Games: “There are quality players on our team, so we have a good chance of winning the gold medal."

Starting from the left are Score, Kiin and Peanut. 


On May 31st, KeSPA officially announced the roster of the Korean national team that will be playing for the 2018 Asian Games. Top laner Kim “Kiin” Gi-in and the two Junglers Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, Go “Score” Dong-bin are eager to perform. The three players said “This is a once in a lifetime chance and it’s such an honor to represent Korea. We’re not really thinking about the prize. Being able to perform on the national team alone has huge meaning for us.”


The veteran Score talked about his thoughts towards getting selected in the national team. “I have experience performing in the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games. It’s an honor to be selected once again to represent my country. There are quality players on our team, so if I do my best to help out the team as a veteran, we have a good chance of winning the gold medal.”


He also added. “This time, I’d like to prove that the Korean Jungle position is strong enough compared to the other regions. Well, in this Asian Games, it’s the first time that esports has been chosen as an event. I’m going to deliver a good performance and try my best to make a path that will allow younger generations to participate in future international tournaments.”


We had the chance to talk with Peanut as well. He said, “I wanted to be in the national team so bad; it’s a once in a lifetime chance. Now that I’m representing my country, I’d like to win the gold medal.”


He also added a comment about being able to play alongside Faker once again: “I did play with him before. I’m glad to be able to perform with him again. He is such a remarkable player, so I believe that we’ll perform well if we have the right synergy.”


“The fans are so happy when KingZone DragonX wins. It’ll probably be the same this time too. If the national team manages to win a gold medal in the Asian Games, I’m sure that the esports fans will be very delighted. That’s why I’m going to take full responsibility and do my best to represent Korea.”


The Top laner for the national team, Kiin, seemed a bit surprised by the fact that he was chosen to represent Korea. “There were so many good players. That’s why I’m a bit stunned by the fact that I was selected. It’s surprising that I’m part of the national team. I still lack pro experience, so I do feel pressured. I’m so thankful for the people who believed in my performance; In return, I’m going to do my best.”


The LoL Korean national team will be led by Gen.G head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-bum. The team will head to Hong Kong to participate in the preliminary round, which will start on June 5th.

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