Team interview with EnVyUs, Overwatch APEX Season 1 champions


Congratulations on your victory. How are you feeling?

INTERNETHULK: Korea is the top eSports nation, and I've been watching OGN's StarCraft and League of Legends touranments for years. I can't believe that I've just won an OGN tournament, especially as a member of a foreign team. It feels like I'm dreaming. It's been a difficult path for us, with our visa issues and roster changes. I'm so happy we've won despite those hardships.

Mickie: I'm very happy. When INTERNETHULK suddenly asked me to join, I wondered if he just gave up the tournament. [laughs] But we clicked really fast, started doing great in scrims, then won the whole thing. It was fantastic!

HarryHook: We went through a lot of tough times as a team. Talespin left, and we had to learn to play with Mickie, which took time. It's very rare for a foreign team to win an OGN tournament. I'm extremely happy.

Taimou: I'm grinning like an idiot right now - that's how happy I am. We finished runner-up in two other LAN tournaments, and this was our third LAN finals. I'm happy that the one we finally won was OGN APEX, the best league in the world!

Chipshajen: I feel we've grown stronger as we progressed further into the tournament. I'm very happy with the result, with our performance, and believe we can keep doing well.

Cocco: Happy. We've went to two LANs in which we were pegged as the favorites but ended up in second place. This time, we were considered underdogs compared to some other top teams. This victory feels amazing.


Did you expect a 4-0?

INTERNETHULK: We expected Afreeca Freecs Blue to be weaker than Kongdoo Uncia and Rogue, and thought it could be an easy sweep. AF Blue's only playmaker is ArHaN's Genji - we would win if we contained him. We did a good job of that today. Our games against Uncia and Rogue were tougher, to be honest.


The crowd and stage today were huge. Did nerves get to you?

Taimou: Not really. I'm not the type to get nervous. BlizzCon was about as large as KINTEX, and I've been to several other large venues as well.


HarryHook, your Soldier: 76 play today was amazing. How would you rate your form?

HarryHook: I did have decent games, but I'm glad we won 4-0. My eyes are all red, I'm exhausted - if the Bo7 had went longer, it would have been tough.


Could you offer any insights on your Symmetra pick on Hollywood defense?

INTERNETHULK: Symmetra was prepared specifically for Hollywood. We used to play Lucio, but over time we realized that what Lucio brought to the table - healing, speed buffs - weren't that great on Hollywood. Symmetra is great for protecting Soldier: 76 and Ana against Genji.


Symmetra's rework was announced a while ago. Do you think she'll see more play?

INTERNETHULK: It'll be a massive buff for her. Teams that prefer speedy, high-pace strategies might not pick her up, but we probably will, as she'll fit our style of play well.


Zarya been largely replaced by D.Va since the patch. Is D.Va here to stay?

Cocco: D.Va is great in dive comps. Pairing her with Reinhardt lets him keep up Barrier Field for far longer, because a lot that is thrown at the Barrier can be eaten up by Defense Matrix. I have no idea why AF Blue didn't use her extensively today.


Did you enjoy the Overwatch World Cup? What did you think of Blizzard's decision to have national teams, instead of organizations, play at BlizzCon?

Cocco: Every team apart from Korea severely floundered. I personally would have preferred to see the best players in the world face off against each other for top level competition, so I wasn't a fan of the concept. It's the developer's right to decide, however.

Chipshajen: It was a whole lot of fun, although voting was difficult. A bunch of European countries in particular had many great players, and it was hard to choose the best. I'd prefer to see organizations being invited, though, because I want to see top level play.National teams for sure are exciting, but it's not very realistic for them to practice a lot together.

Taimou: I loved it. It was a very special experience, and meeting so many new players and teams really widened my horizons. But if I had to choose one, it'd be organizations, since the level of play really is different. Perhaps in a few years, when the scene gets much larger, it will be possible to see top level play in both formats.

HarryHook: It was great fun, as everyone else said. I enjoyed getting to play Ana for a change and thus learning how I should play against her. Exchanging strategies and learning from each other was also really great. But if I had to choose one, it'd be organizations, as that would make for a more balanced, fair tournament on the whole.

Mickie: I'm the odd one out here, but I prefer national teams. I don't speak very good English and can't communicate with non-Thai teammates as well as I'd like to. Thailand doesn't have a professional scene - many of our players had full-time day jobs.

INTERNETHULK: Organized teams offer a much higher level of play. I'm 100% for organizations. Playing on the German national team was fun, of course, but I never felt I could be the best in the world with them, whereas I feel that way on EnVyUs. I agree with Taimou, though - if the scene grows large enough, having both formats would be great.


Next up is MLG Las Vegas. How excited are you?

Mickie: Here's a surprise announcement: I'll continue playing with EnVyUs up until MLG Las Vegas! I'm not sure if we'll win that one too, but I'll be enjoying every moment I spend with my great teammates. I value happiness very highly in my life, and I'm happy when I'm with them.


Will Mickie join as a permanent member if you also perform well at Las Vegas?

INTERNETHULK: If we do well there too, I think we'll stick with Mickie and keep the roster. We just won OGN APEX - no one can kick this guy out, not right now! [laughs]


Will you return to Korea for APEX Season 2 if OGN were to reinvite you? This will be our last question, so if you have any last words, feel free to toss them in as well.

Cocco: Definitely. I'd like to say thank you to our Korean fans. They were on another level - the level of enthusiasm was just insane. Thanks to my family and teammates as well.

Chipshajen: Absolutely. Korea has been a wonderful and surprising experience for me in a lot of ways. Big thanks to my fans, family, teammates, and Team EnVyUs.

Taimou: Yes! This is the happiest moment of my life. I've spent half of my life fanboying Korean eSports, and now I've won a premier Korean eSports tournament. It feels unbelievable. It's like a dream come true. Thanks to my fans - you guys are my second family! - and hastr0.

HarryHook: Of course. Everyone loved being here, even though some had trouble adjusting to the food. The OGN experience was awesome, and we did the unimaginable: winning a premier OGN tournament as a foreign team. Big thanks to my fans, everyone who believed in me, my loving family, and INTERNETHULK for picking me up. I hope to return with EnVyUs again.

INTERNETHULK: I'd love to. Our two months in Korea were blissful. I didn't know we'd have so many fans here - thanks to everyone who always came to our matches and cheered us on, as well as those who sent us energy online. Thanks to Team EnVyUs, our sponsors, and hastr0.


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