[KR Reaction] MSI Finals: "The PC is overheated generating all those CS for Uzi"

Game 1

- Pre Game & Draft -

▷ Bdd’s face is as big as Uzi’s. Why did it get so swollen?
└ Maybe he ate ramen before he went to bed.
└ PraY’s face is always swollen. No one can tell if he’s tired or not.
└ Everybody looks washed out.
└ It has been only 19 hours since the last match ended.
└ Now since they’re here, I need to cheer for them. I didn’t like them in the LCK but let’s go Kingzone!

▷ They’re banning Taliyah right away.
└ Bdd’s Taliyah is insane. Too strong.
└ I knew Kai’Sa will be banned.
└ I thought it would have been Ezreal vs Kai’Sa. RNG took Ezreal as soon as Kai’Sa was banned.
└ And they’re taking Skarner right away.
└ Is that Lobster Yi any good? I think I only saw him get screwed.
└└ Lobster Yi... LOL

▷ Wow. Irelia picked in the first phase?
└ Look at that arrogant face…
└ Her head is as big as Uzi’s…
└ It seems like Kingzone’s draft is unfavorable.

▷ RNG is forcing all the damage dealing on Uzi and Kingzone has too many ADs so if RNG goes with AD defence build, it’s going to be hard for them.
└ And PraY is playing Caitlyn.
└ I think TP ADC will be hot from now on.
└ Uzi has teleport too.
└ Now they’ll appear in my solo queue…. ADC will be going away using TP and leaving his support, me…
└ Please don’t give up first blood…

- During Game -

▷ Both teams are being really careful.
└ Khan is trading damage really hard. It seems that he doesn’t care if he dies or not.
└ ???: Letme, come and kneel before me.

▷ (Peanut dies in front of Baron) So they gave up first blood…
└ There was nothing he could have done.. They’ve come in from three directions…

▷ (Bdd solo kill) Wow.. How did he see that can happen?
└ This was a kill-able situation? How in the world did he see that?
└ Bdd should have secured a slot in the Asian Game team. Sorry, Faker. There’s no spot left in mid lane.

▷ This game is up to how RNG’s bottom and Kingzone’s upper half fights.
(Kingzone gets double kill at top)
└ GorillA has TP too???
└ If it's like that, I think TP should be given to everybody as a common skill. Everybody's picking TP...
└ It was well timed. But still, RNG has initiative.
└ All in all, all RNG has to do is have Uzi scaled.

▷ Wow... Uzi has 247 CS at 20 minutes... Is this real life?
└ They have to stop that.. but they can't...

▷ (Paused because of computer issues) Why did they pause?
└ There's a problem with Uzi's computer.
└└ That should be the world's most important computer for RNG...
└└└ LOL!!
└ Why is someone shouting Warg! Warg! Warg! at the finals scene?
└└ Because this MSI finals is held at Wakanda. What you're seeing is Wakanda.

▷ It seems like RNG is gaining favor as time goes.
└ If they just kill Uzi during teamfights, it'll be easy for them but he's not that easy to kill..
└ Isn't that pause too timely?
└ Let's just play in Korea, where internet is really fast.

▷ Yeah, this is lost. They're coming in line to die.
└ No one is dying even though they're being hit by the turret...
└ They're pushing in really hard...
└ It's a matchup between the spear and shield, but the shield is too strong...
└ And Uzi scaled too well. This game is lost.
└ Everyone, this is your chance. You can go poop now!
└└ Don't say poop, it's dinner time...

- Post Match -

▷ It seems like they’ll lose 0-3...
└ Even if they penetrate through the side lanes thoroughly, it’s still hard.. but their side lanes were blocked completely.
└ Kingzone players’ brains must have been paused too.
└ In my games, all Ezreals are crippled…
└└ Four players don’t protect that Ezreal…
└ There’s no point of playing the macro game if they take half and half even with a strong laning champion.
└ It seems like that other players of RNG gain power when Uzi is around.
└└ It doesn’t hurt when with Uzi!


Game 2

- Pre Game & Draft -

▷ They should find a way to stop Uzi. What can they do during the picks & bans?
└ They need to ban Uzi.
└└ So how?
└└└ Send a mercenary to France.
└└└└ So that kind of ban…

▷ They gave him Ezreal again.
└ They have Varus and Tahm Kench.. They should be better than Game 1.
└ Janna is banned as well.
└ It’s quite visible that RNG wants to keep Uzi safe and Kingzone wants to kill Uzi.
└└ So both teams are looking at only Uzi.
└└└ LOL
└ The comp is more stable than game 1, but if they aren’t able to stop that Lobster Yi, they’ll lose.

- During Game -

▷ Huh? First blood?
└ They scored first, but it can’t be said that they’ll win through that.
└ Still, it’s a bot lane kill. It’s good enough.
└ Why isn’t Mlxg playing?
└└ They say Mlxg is good at praying, so he’s probably in the waiting room praying.
└└└ The piety meta…

▷ So it seems that they’ve won lane at bottom… but why is other places blowing up?
└ I don’t want to blame the jungle… but it seems there’s quite a difference in the jungle.
└ And RNG is even giving the wards to Uzi….
└ Irelia isn’t as strong when she can’t scale well.
└ Doi. She’s girl Yasuo.

▷ To come to think of it, isn’t Kingzone’s sponsor China too?
└ Under capitalism, it’s just an internal match of China.
└ Thinking like that, I don’t feel obligated to cheer for Kingzone.
└ But both head coaches and coaches are Korean.

▷ Watching this MSI, I think LCK can pick foreign players now.
└ Do you think they can even come close to matching their salary?
└ Koreans should be the best in the world for them to have them play in Korea, but apparently, not anymore.

▷ Again. Kingzone is going for side lanes and RNG pushing through the middle. But the other players aren’t stopping RNG that well.
└ It might be just because of the style difference between Kingzone and RNG. RNG seems like their natural enemy.
└ If they’re going to split, they need to stop the main force but they can’t, so that’s happening.
└ Tahm Kench isn’t doing well in global macro and PraY’s TP isn’t that good either.

▷ Still, they have hope in teamfights. They should stop split pushing and concentrate on teamfights.
└ If they keep split pushing, I’ll just turn it off and go to sleep.
└ I think it’s about time for another pause.
└ Uzi needs to kill everything for RNG but it surely seems hard for him to kill that Cho’Gath.

▷ (Big teamfight win for KZ at 33 min) Wow.. They did it…
└ Varus’s ult was just art.
└ Just 5 minutes ago, I thought they will lose, but they won.
└ So the pause was the problem?
└ Uzi’s body temperature is rising.

- Post Game -

▷ Sorry for being doubtful.
└ I’m not a Kingzone fan, but it feels good because Korea won.
└ Khan’s pretty good at Cho’Gath. He was like an assasin.
└ He carried the team.
└ Khan: So who was in line to kneel next?
└ I almost suffocated watching the game. It’s too neck-and-neck.
└ The shoulder guys ended both games.

Game 3

- Pre Match & Draft -

▷ Finally, we don’t have to watch Ornn…
└ They took Sion first too. It’s a pick that RNG likes and Irelia is banned.
└ Lobster Yi is here again.
└ It seems that Uzi will be playing only Ezreal and I knew that RNG will pick Vladimir.
└ Please play Jayce, Khan.

▷ How many bans are targeted at Bdd?
└ He should be ready to suffocate now.
└ Let’s go Yasuo! Now is the time!
└└ If he picks Yasuo, he’ll just turn into a bag of blood for Vladimir.
└ This game is up to Khan. He should show them that taste of gunpowder.
└ Just open up their mouth and pour it in.

- During Game -

▷ Bdd was cut off first…
└ Why are they giving passive champions to Bdd?
└ Picking Sion and giving up Vladimir was just too much confidence…
└ Peanut isn’t doing well. His performance is bad in all three games.
└ The game isn’t going well from the start. They’re just falling behind.

▷ They haven’t lost yet, but it doesn’t seem that they’ll be able to turn it around.
└ Sion should have scaled in the early game but he’s gone stale now. What can he do?
└ All RNG has to do is give more room for the bottom.
└ Their bottom was demolished and they got their revenge at top, crying. It’s still a loss.
└ Gangplank can carry in the late game if they just take half and half… but that’s not happening.

▷ I think Kingzone will lose the finals. It’s 1-2 if they lose this one, and I think they aren’t themselves already. How in the world would they win?
└ Vladimir and Ezreal are monsters. How can they kill them? Even though they have Gangplank, he wasn’t able to scale.
└ Where is that unbeatable Kingzone from the spring split?
└ Their performance is really disappointing.
└ The commentators sound mad too.

▷ There’s nothing to say about this game. It wasn’t fun and there’s nothing they did well.
I just can’t watch any longer.
└ And I thought the picks & bans was the problem. They’re just bad.
└ All ganks were counter-ganked. Why are they giving Bdd tank champions even though they’re being criticized severly for giving him tanks?

- Post Game -


▷ OMG. Varus has less damage dealt than Janna…
└ Is this truly a damage dealt chart of the finals?
└ Can’t we ban Peanut?
└ I heard Peanut isn’t feeling well because of a cold. Can’t he rest?

▷ Karsa is good and Peanut is bad.
└ Top can’t play tank.
└ It’s a disaster for bottom.
└ Why is mid playing tank.
└ In conclusion, Kingzone will lose.

Game 4

- Pre Game & Draft -

▷ The picks & bans changed somewhat drastically.
└ It’s Khan’s hidden card, squid lady.
└ RNG is full of purple champions. From Lobster Yi to Malzahar and Kai’Sa.
└ But… Is it alright to give Uzi Kai’Sa?
└ Vel’Koz? Is that really Vel’Koz?

▷ RNG seems like they’ve picked to really win, but Kingzone seems to have picked what they want to play.
└ Did they just admit that they lost and picked to play happy-LOL?
└ They’re backs are against the wall now.
└ It’s like they picked to force a dodge but no one dodged the game….
└ Cuzz is finally here!! Vel’Cuzz…….
└ Let’s just lose early and go to bed.

- During Game -
▷ It’s like Crown fighting against Crown in the mid lane. Malzahar and Vel’Koz. LOL
└ Crown’s already done with those champions…
└ I’m just satisfied because they gave Bdd a damage champion.
└ Khan is dying too easily…
└ Where is our Olaf?

▷ I’m not kidding. It seems like Peanut’s condition is rock bottom. He should have gone to the drake right away. Why is he hesitating?
└ He’s not hitting that dragon because they’re DragonX.
└ Illaoi is really good against Ornn, but if he dies like that, how will he win?
(Illaoi puts pressure on Ornn)
└└ And he’s winning.
└└└ Huh? Sorry…
└ The top lane is like a fish market…

▷ All in all, it’s better than game 3. They’re behind in kill score, but almost only Khan died.
└ Vel’Koz and Illaoi both have potential. It should be alright in the late game.
└ Squid duo.
└ The head is tasty.
└ That taste that only Oriental people know…

▷ Yup. Here’s that pause. The start of Kingzone’s all unfortunate things.
└ The Kingzone players are all biting their nails after a pause.
└ They’re just nervous.
└ What is wrong with those French computers?
└└ Maybe it’s because Peanut is installing PUBG.
└ 0/3/0 : S**t. My computer’s weird.
└└ Haha! Khan!

▷ Two Banner of Commands to split push side lanes and poking RNG to suppress them. I thought it was a random pick, but it seems quite alright.
└ They just need to be careful of that CC. Skarner and Malzahar.
└ Khan keeps on dying…

▷ (Kingzone Baron burst, wins teamfight) What?? They killed Baron in that situation?
└ Wow.. That was like the Kingzone I knew.
└ I saw the Kingzone from the LCK spring split for 30 seconds.
└ The scene suddenly became quiet. But why is EU cheering for RNG? Both teams are foreign teams for them.
└ The Korean team is the world-wide villain.
└ That’s sad…

▷ Every match, I’m thinking ‘Kingzone will lose’ but now it seems that they’ll take it to game 5…
└ In this situation, there’s nothing Malzahar can do.
└ It’s alright if they lose in game 5, so I just wish they can make it to game 5. I think I’ll lose pride if they lose here.
└ Does Uzi make his CS? 450 at 34 minutes?
└ He’s overclocked. Maybe that’s why his face is so red.
└└ Somebody put some thermal grease on Uzi’s forehead and stick a cooler to it.

▷ It’s really shocking to see so many pauses at the finals.
└ The PC is overheated generating all those CS for Uzi.
└ EU PC quality.
└ Are they using Chronobreak?
└ Dormammu! I’m here to make a deal!
└ Their time stone was stolen. So they didn’t use the chronobreak.

▷ OMG. Uzi is really good. I’ve never seen something like that.
└ I have never seen in my League of Legends life such an awesome ADC…
└ It’s a bummer that he died by being hit by that tentacle at the end. It’s a relief for Kingzone though.

▷ Whaaaaatttt?? They lose like this???
└ They came back that hard and at the end….
└ Malzahar didn’t do anything all game but one big thing at the end…
└ Rekkles: See?? See??? What did I say??

- Post Game -

▷ Seeing RNG cry makes me lose my words. You did a good job RNG.
└ Their prowess was at another level. I saw SKT of when they were really good in Uzi today.
└ I miss SKT…
└ Yeah, they can lose.. but I didn’t want them to lose like this.

▷ Head coach Son Dae-young became a great coach now. It seems like they wanted to hide Karsa and their Skarner up to now.
└ If they hid Karsa, it’s like they played up to the semi finals with a handicap.
└ Cuzz appeared less than Pause LOL
└ I’m so sorry for Cuzz. He wasn’t even able to play, but they lost.
└ I don’t know if they didn’t have a sub. They should have tried the sub if they had one.

▷ So how long has it been since an LCK team lost in a Bo3 or Bo5?
└ I’m shocked that some people said that Kingzone is the strongest ever team in the LCK.
└ In my opinion, Kingzone was just too easygoing. Khan kept on dying but still pushing forward and PraY went out without waiting for his QSS cooldown.
└ They wouldn’t even have been able to make it to the semifinals if it wasn’t for Ezreal. Still, Bdd was really good.

▷ Are you all nuts? A second place at an international competition is good enough. Why are you saying LCK is doomed or LCK sucks?
└ It’s because we all had such high expectations. And when have we ever lost?
└ Frankly, nobody says Korean soccer is doomed because they lost in an international competition. They always lose.
└ Everyone thought that they’ll obviously win. If it was archery or taekwondo, it would have been the same.
└ It’s over now. Let’s just let it go. I wonder how it will be at Worlds.


▷ ??? : What?? There's a Korean ADC that was defeated by Uzi? in a Bo5?
└ Piglet... Imp... Bang...... Deft...
└ Wow... All those Korean ADCs that played in international competitions all beat Uzi at least once.
└ That Alpaca's face! LOL!
└└ Deft had me burst! LOL!

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