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Overwatch Anniversary skins leaked ahead of schedule



Just two hours ago, this Reddit thread revealed an apparent leak of the remaining Overwatch Anniversary Skins. 

According to the post, a member of a Taiwanese Overwatch fan group on Facebook posted these screenshots without explanation as to how they were able to see them. The screenshots include new skins and a Golden Loot box. An Imgur album was linked where the following images were provided:

Blizzard has yet to release an official post or Tweet of their own regarding the leaked skins. If it follows typical release patterns, a promotional video should be dropping soon.

While it is technically possible these are fake, the quality of the images and skins makes that extremely unlikely.


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    level 1 Matt_omega


    Blizzard entertainment must be extremely pissed off right about now

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      level 1 Phoenix_Gaming


      Don't think so....Just gives more of a reason to grind in game currency for it them.

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