[KR Reactions] MSI Group Stage Day 5 - "Will the KR-US alliance be broken today?"

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■ Game 1. Fnatic vs Kingzone DragonX

- Pre-match & Draft -

▷ Can Kingzone qualify even if they lose both matches today? They’re playing against FNC and FW right?
└ Yes
└ If they lose both, they’ll become 5-5 and they might be tied with FNC and TL. Then there’s a possibility of being eliminated through tiebreakers.
└ They can lock a spot or be eliminated.
└ If they lose twice today, it’s gonna be pathetic. They might have to fight desperately.

▷ So Cuzz is starting.
└ Kingzone, let’s get back to your peak performance! Beat all of them at the playoffs!
└ Cuzz is playing. I have high expectations cuz Cuzz played well yesterday.

▷ Snowflower who was commentating: GorillA can’t play Rakan.
└ He’s hitting him in the bone… Is this what guest commentators are for?

▷ Sejuani support?
└ There would be no synergy… What are they thinking?
└ Support Seju instead of support Trundle? Is this some secret weapon of EU?
└ Is this the fun of EU… I think Nautilus would be a better support than Sejuani.
└ Picks & Bans is in chaos lol

- During Game -

▷ (After Fnatic gets first blood) It was Cuzz’s mistake. Camille can’t beat Trundle but he lost after being aggressive.
└ That’s an accident...
└ ??? What just happened??
└ I’m going to play support Sejuani~
└ Why in the world did he fight directly against Trundle? And the bottom..?
└ Don’t worry. “Science” will solve everything.

▷ There are many good points for a Sejuani support. 1) She’s solid 2) Good after LV6. 3) Good for reacting to ganks. 4) She can jump past walls. She’s hopeless in laning so the ADC has to do everything, but still, it looks better than Malphite support.
└ I tried it to see what it can do, but my team trolled. I’m happy that I get to see it here.

▷ (Caps’ Yasuo double kill in mid lane) EU’s best swordsman!
└ I think I just wet my pants.
└ Caps is the world’s best mid laner right?
└ Wow… GODSuo… Caps did really well on this one.
└└ Right. That was awesome.
└└ KingSuo

▷ Why did PraY’s Kai’Sa die? Couldn’t he have lived if he just ran away? It took so long for Yasuo to get in after Galio’s ult.
└ He died trying to take a kill.
└ He came forward trying to take an assist or kill.
└ He was just trying to lay a finger on...
└ He fell to the sexy temptation from the EU’s best swordsman...
└ He should have just ran away...

▷ (Yasuo dies at bottom lane) Yasuo was science...
└ Yup. Science.
└ EU’s Science is well-developed.
└ Yasuo is pretending to be majoring liberal arts when he’s a natural SCIENCE student.
└ Kingzone was hiding their power. Bdd’s ult was so bad, FNC ignored him, but they were countered severely by it.

▷ (KZ wins teamfight and takes Baron) This is KZ’s game now. They’ve won.
└ Have they returned to their senses? It looks like the original KZ.
└ Rekkles is stepping forward to much. It’s his fault this game was blown.
└└ He didn’t even have any spells.
└└ Why in the world is Jhin there? After seeing the replay, I really don’t understand why he’s there.

▷ The most tense team is TL right now, not KZ. I wonder how reddit will be if Fnatic loses twice and TL wins twice.
└ If TL wins both, will they qualify? I hope they do for their fans.
└└ They’ll need to take two wins today first.

- Post match -

▷ I only saw up to 1:3 in the kill score. What happened?
└ Cuzz was good.
└ He countered the ganks and minimized KZ losses so KZ came back ahead.
└ GorillA’s initiate was good too.
└ Cuzz was really good and Gangplank’s ult was good too.

▷ The_reason_KZ_won.gif

└ That’s perfect.
└ He who prospers with Yasuo will fall because of Yasuo.

▷ I wish Cuzz continues to play. KZ wasn’t playing like before, and Cuzz is forcing them to do so. I hope we see him for a while.
└ They’re really doing well after Cuzz started to play.
└ Thanks to Rekkles feeding at mid. Cuzz took that without missing.
└ That’s just like Cuzz’s style from before. I heard he’s quite stubborn. Even though he became a substitute, he maintained his style of play. He did well looking after the laners and became a good bait during fights. Him dying suddenly was his flaw, and we also saw that too.
└ Since Cuzz is doing well, Khan is also doing well too.
└ Peanut = Domestic jungler

▷ What’s with those guys who are biting at Peanut? Don’t you remember they took 3 wins with Peanut?
└ They were against weak teams.
└└ So RNG is a weak team?
└ If you’re killed after killing, you’re a troll, but if you’re the reason of winning and then become the reason for losing, you’re a troll.
└ Peanut’s not doing that well during this competition but I don’t understand underrating his achievements from before.
└ Were those three wins at MSI carried by Peanut? Even in the matches won, Peanut didn’t do well. I know he was really good during the Spring Split, but it’s also true that Cuzz is doing so much better right now. I like Peanut but don’t say the three wins were because of Peanut.


■ Game 2. EVOS Esports vs Royal Never Give Up

- Pre-match & Draft -

▷ Where’s Karsa? Why is it Mlxg again?
└ China is hiding their powers.
└ He might be a secret weapon. A hidden card for critical situations.
└ Only to play against FW
└ Really, did Karsa play to have revenge against FW? It seems like he’ll be playing only against FW even in the playoffs.
└└ Avengers Karsa… It’s true he’s not in good relation with the team (FW).
└└└ Didn’t he have a thing with the team owner’s daughter?
└└└ He’s probably still alright with the players. They hugged after the match yesterday.
└ Karsa was quite good yesterday, but I think they started him because he knows FW well. Of course he’ll be good anyway, but he would probably be the best player against FW.

▷ RNG’s comp is frightening. I think it’s really good.
└ Let’s go watch Uzreal!
└ Uzi has TP too.

- During game -

▷ I see what will happen later… EVS being poked by Ezreal, Zoe and Karma and tries to get together with Ornn, but RNG will get away with Mantra+E. Then, Gangplank will scale too much and become a monster.
└ If the game goes for really long, who would be advantageous? It’s good for RNG to play the game, but EVS isn’t bad for fighting. It does seem it’ll be hard to start that fight though...
└└ If jungle was Sejuani or Zac, they’ll have a good initiate champ but it’s Graves...

▷ Is that Uzi? It looks like Bang during his prime.
└ ADC difference is insane.
└ I think Ezreal is OP.

▷ Wow… Mlxg KDA is 0-0-0… Is that possible?
└ Really.
└ What the… LOL
└ What was he doing?
└ The commentators are saying the same thing.
└ If they were trailing, he would have been scorched. lol

- Post match -

▷ Zac finishes with 0-0-1 LOL

└ If it was solo queue, he would have heard some words...
└ He’s a good passenger LOL
└ Uzi’s Ezreal initiates and Zac follows LOL
└ I think I saw Zac in nearly every teamfight. How is that KDA possible? Did every champion that Zac hit survive?
└└ That’s such a wonder.

▷ The reason Zac wasn’t able to initiate.gif

└ MLXG : There’s big guys in front of me so I can’t see where to go in

▷ RNG with a good flow is like an avalanche...
└ There’s no mercy from Uzi. And Mlxg has his first assist at 29 minutes. 0/0/1. That’s hilarious.
└└ The professional passenger...
└└ It’s not that Mlxg was bad, but it’s really interesting because he was 0/0/0 near the end of the game even though his presence was quite visible.

■ Game 3. Flash Wolves vs Team Liquid

- Pre-match & Draft -

▷ TL needs the win. They have a chance if they win this game.
└ Kai’Sa of Doublelift… It’s the same Kai’Sa, but why does she seem so weak?
└└ LOL

▷ The impact of Uzi’s Kai’Sa against Kingzone was so strong… I wonder how good Doublelift will be.
└ Unless he’s in Doubgu mode, he’ll do pretty well.

- During game -

▷ (Xmithie gives up first blood) Wow, what was that Flash reaction?
└ Maple wow
└ NA-goodbye-flash
└ He roots him with flash. That’s insane reflexes...
└ Is there something with those raptors? Why are there so many deaths in this tournament trying to take those raptors in the counter jungle when the team’s not leading? It seems like somebody cursed them.

▷ Gragas is done. He’s lost initiative completely and is being counter jungled and there’s nothing he can do.
└ Moojin is playing evil...
└ 40 CS difference in 9 minutes.. That’s insane

▷ ??? : Thanks Moojin.

└ Xmithie: I’ve succeeded on my diet because of you! F**K!

▷ (After Hanabi’s Cho’Gath continued to die) Let’s go Kai’Sa carrying everything. The comp is good and the chance is good enough.
└ Doubgu might be able to carry. He already has 3 kills.
└ FW rolled the jungle snowball quite nicely but the game is getting weird after Doublelift got 3/0/1. It’s pretty even now.

▷ FW made some mistakes. Focusing on clearing the lanes after disengaging may have been the safe way, but then TL will have time to breathe.
└ TL’s comp is good. Janna is kind of a support that’s better in the late game too.
└└ The later, the better for her.
└ FW may not be able to concentrate because they’ve locked a spot already. They’re less desperate.
└└ Still, wouldn’t it be better to finish in first place?

▷ (FW wins teamfight at Baron) NA was NA
└ That Baron...
└ Look at that Kog’Dog dance lol
└└ Giving shame on top of Janna’s corpse lol

▷ (TL kills Kog’Maw and wins big) NA coin rises!
└ Reddit will blow!
└ World’s best ADC Doublelift!
└ Fnatic will be so sad...
└ Will NA reach the knockout stage?

▷ Let’s go Liquid!
└ This guy might have fainted now.
└ Is it really rivals forever between NA and EU?

- Post match -

▷ So this is why NA LCS is fun… Doubgu God..
└ That was probably the best game of Doublelift’s career, his lifetime.
└ The fight of the Void between Kog’Maw vs Kai’Sa. - Who deals damage better.
└ We need Bjergsen here.
└└ Bjergsen: I realized it was spring after the flowers dropped. I miss you.

▷ That’s the FW we’ve always known. Strong against KR and weak against NA...
└ Why are they like that all of a sudden? It’ll be pretty funny if they lose against Kingzone.
└ FW lost their momentum, but TL is too different when they’re good and when they’re bad. When they’re good, their performance is like the top teams, but worse than EVS when they’re bad….
└ Betty should have evaded Ornn’s ult with his Flash… That was the main moment...
└└ That’s true.
└└ Wasn’t it on cooldown?
└└└ No, he had flash.
└└ Normally, it’s not very worth it to avoid Ornn’s ult with Flash, but this time….
└└└ That’s right but Malzahar was so close, he should have used the flash. Bad decision.
└└ He kept that flash in his pocket for later use but….

▷ ??? : Yes! That’s right Pobelter!

└ Crown: Now that you’ve won, don’t ever play Malzahar again!

▷ FW vs TL summary.jpg

└ "This is what a fossil can do!"
└└ LOL
└└ Night at the Museum
└└ Class is permanent
└└ He’s a player from Hotshot and Chaos, and from season 1, but he’s still maintaining his performance… Awesome Doublelift.

▷ The ADCs at this MSI is really all at the top class.
└ I think there’s not much difference between the ADCs...
└ Rekkles…. isn’t… that good...

■ Game 4. Fnatic vs EVOS Esports

- Pre-Game & Draft -

▷ To Fnatic, this game must bother them the most. Winning is just breaking even, but if they lose....But the top is Bwipo… we need sOAZ...
└ Still, Fnatic’s schedule is more favorable than TL. Playing against EVS and RNG is completely different.
└└ If EVS ADC is just a bit better… All the other teams’ ADCs are too good.

▷ Guest commentator IgNar: “EU players play what they want to play.”
└ He’s saying that in the EU, weird picks appear no matter what.
└ EU Expert IgNar!

※ IgNar participated as guest commentator in KR.

- During Game -

▷ (After EVS makes up for their mistake at mid) NA smiling now!
└ Caps, what in the world are you doing?
└ IgNar: Caps is having a minor mental breakdown. Just a small one.
└└ LOL
└└ IgNar is so funny

▷ Which team did EVS beat?
└ TL
└ NA
└ So they’re trying to be fair to beat EU and NA once each.
└└ I want to see TL waiting room. I really want to see their reactions.

▷ Caps is dying again and again. His mentality is gone.
└ Warzone must have done only 100 push-ups today. He’s being good after the early game.
└ If Caps isn’t doing well, CapsLock!
└└ That was so lame...

▷ EU vs NA Elimination match! Let’s go!
└ Reddit, are you ready to burn?
└ Bye bye Fnatic!

▷ (Caps dies after EVS takes Baron) IgNar: “He’s having a complete mental breakdown. His mental has exploded.”
└ Former EU… He knows the players so well...
└ Commentator speaking of only the truth.
└ IgNar is so funny today!

▷ Fnatic is so weird. They beat FW and KZ, but lose to EVS… Is this something for FNC? or is all EU like that?
└ The commentators saying “Fnatic is being awesome!” is not a compliment, is it?
└└ They’re awesome. They roll a dice do decide how they perform.

- Post Match -

▷ So KaBuM screws teams at Worlds 2014, and EVS is screwing with teams at MSI 2018!
└ A perfect ending to show the power of Vietnam League to EU
└ The commentators saying “Fnatic is being awesome!” was so touching...

▷ FUNatic!
└ IgNar: “Caps PRETENDS to be world class.”
└ IgNar being savage. LMAO!!!
└ EU’s KT
└└ But Fnatic won a championship.

▷ So the NA EU Rivalry. So close.
└ NA: I’ll lose to EVS first! / EU: I’ll lose too!
└ I hope RNG wins so the death match between NA vs EU is held

▷ Isn’t MSI so fun? or is it just this year?
└ This year is like the most fun ever
└ They matches became really interesting starting yesterday...
└ The best.
└ The ranking is similar.. guest commentators are so fun

▷ If RNG wins, is it a rematch for NA and EU?
└ If RNG wins, they’ll play a tiebreaker against FW vs KZ Winner to decide 1st place
└ I really want to see NA vs EU again
└ RNG is playing another game no matter what. Whichever team wins becomes 7-3 and RNG becomes 7-3 if they win. If they lose, they become 6-4 and plays against the loser of FW vs KZ. But. If RNG loses, TL vs FNC will be added.
└└ RNG is playing a tiebreaker no matter what, and if they win, NAvsEU again!

■ Game 5. Flash Wolves vs Kinzone DragonX

- Pre-Game & Draft -

▷ Top 3 ban… Does that mean just pick Gangplank? Losing initiative..
└ But Bdd is Yasuo
└ Is Bdd good at Yasuo? I’ve never seen him play.
└└ I haven’t seen him either but he should be good thinking of how good he is at Zed.
└└ He played Yasuo in solo queue before MSI.

▷ Kingzone is playing their hidden card. Khan Sion and Bdd Yasuo. But it seems like gambling.
└ If Yasuo scales well in the early game, Taliyah won’t be able to move.
└└ If he scales well, he’ll beat 1v2 fights.

- During Game -

▷ Is it the 4-jungle meta? LOL They’re not coming out of the enemy jungle.
└ FW is playing the game really dirty
└ They’re Korean team killers; their performance becomes really good meeting a KR team.
└ If I was that Zac, I would have cursed through All chat.

▷ Junglers like it when his mid is Yasuo. It’s because the jungler gets the blue, but he has to remember the loss will also be his….
└ They mostly blame Yasuo rather than the jungle.
└└ That’s right. It’s better for the jungler. ROFL
└ Still, doesn’t it seem like KZ is alright? I think they’ll be able to come back even if they’re trailing like 4:6, fighting teamfights in the late game with Zac, Yasuo and Kog’Maw.
└└ If it’s solo queue, it’s already over, but since it’s Kingzone, I’m expecting better.

▷ FW macro is awesome! They gave up one mountain drake and took two 2-tier turrets!
└ Their macro is suffocating me.
└ Khan’s miss is too big. He’s making bad decisions.
└ So FW loses three straight games against weak teams… but why against KZ… T_T
└ Khan has lost his powers after the LCK finals… I thought he’d become the world’s best like Marin.
└└ Before speaking of world’s best, he needs to get to the finals at Worlds.
└└ It’s hard to say world’s best with only MSI.
└└└ Then who’s the world’s best? CuVee?

▷ It seems like Ashe’s dps isn’t that high, but once she gains a chance to deal damage freely, she’s the best ADC there is.
└ Poking with a needle to kill...
└ If they’re trying to run, she’s strangely stronger...

- Post Match -

▷ How did FW lose three times with that performance?
└ I think they played less good on purpose so that the competition draws more interest.
└ As IgNar said, the difference from picks & bans was too big and KZ wasn’t able to catch up.
└ So this spring’s results… It’s not that KZ got a lot better, SKT and KSV got worse...
└└ Yes.
└└ This is true.
└└ KSV and SKT, KT all declined in prowess this season. Afreeca got a lot better on the other hand.
└└ Kingzone dominated the LCK. The level of the world became a lot better.

▷ Info: PraY 0-4 against FW over their career.
└ They’re really KR killers
└ They weren’t good against Taiwan teams. They kept losing to TPA when they played in Najin.

▷ ??? : The top laners of the world..

└ Khan: My bad… I’ll kneel.. Stop hitting me… T_T

▷ LCK isn’t good enough for the world anymore.
└ They’re confirmed at 3rd.. What’s good enough for the world if 3rd isn’t enough?
└└ 2nd?
└ No, it’s just KZ. Not the LCK.
└ Say this stuff after the MSI is over.
└ Khan needs to carry KZ, but his recent form isn’t as good.
└ KZ is being so helpless during this group stage.

▷ Match Summary - They just suck.
└ TL, FNC, EVS all were better than this.
└ The commentators have lost what to say...
└ Now it feels like KZ can’t make a comeback if they’re trailing. They don’t just lose, they get dominated. This is the biggest problem for them.

▷ Head Coach Hirai, was KZ bad again rather than FW being good?
└ Yes. We picked champions that didn’t have initiative in all lanes and were demolished.
└ FW were good.

▷ Before, KZ fans said 2018 KZ has already surpassed 2015 SKT. ROFLMFAO.
└ KZ should be as good as Samsung Blue?
└└ Don’t underrate Samsung Blue! They’re stronger than this!
└└ Maybe KT Arrow.
└ That’s really like the biggest bulls**t ever.
└ STOP! KZ fans’ remaining HP is already 0!
└ They should say that after winning Worlds three times.
└└ They need to win MSI twice, come second once, win Worlds 3 times, and come second once.

■ Game 6. Team Liquid vs Royal Never Give Up

- During Game -

▷ They’re losing lane with Janna and Jhin… That’s like the best pick against Kog’Maw and Braum...
└ It’s purely difference in prowess.

▷ It seems like TL will lose to RNG and play the final match against Fnatic
└ Reddit will blow again!
└ I’m looking forward to that more than this match.
└ FW will have to play RNG for 1st place.

▷ KZ might have lost on purpose. They wanted to rest instead of playing an extra match.
└ Wow! This strangely makes sense.
└ So KZ is resting because they finished 3rd… But guest commentator IgNar can’t… LOL
└└ LOL!!!

- Post Match -

▷ TL is playing too easygoing with the game. Did they prepare this thinking it’s their best comp? They should have just forfeited the match.
└ So NA vs EU will be really interesting.
└└ Today’s main event!

▷ So it always ends with NA vs EU. If they lose today, they’ll be losing and be whipped until Rift Rivals
└ NA won last time so EU will probably looking for revenge
└ But it should attract a lot of attention.
└ Rivals forever… The rivals of the soul!

▷ World’s best ADC Uzi!
└ He was underrated like crazy but they’ve finished above KZ.
└ Yup. World’s best.
└ IgNar is really speaking his mind… He’s saying “Wow, that guy’s really good.”
└└ It seems like he really wants to be on the same team as him LOL

■ Tiebreaker for 1st: Flash Wovles vs Royal Never Give Up

- Pre-Game & Draft -

▷ I wish FW wins. I want to see if they pick KZ or not.
└ They probably won’t pick KZ.
└ I really wish FW wins. I want to see which team they pick. Before MSI, they were the heavy favorites, but now they’re being compared to TL or Fnatic. LOL.
└ I wish FW picks KZ. I want to see them play in a Bo5. The worst case scenario is losing to RNG at the semifinals. It’s losing to both FW and RNG, both LMS and LPL. Beating RNG at the semifinals and FW at the finals is good too. But if FW loses at the semifinals, KZ wouldn’t completely feel satisfied even if they become champions.
└└ If RNG becomes first, they’ll definitely pick the 4th team, so naturally, the semifinals will be FW vs KZ.

▷ They’re playing the tiebreaker for 1st first? Who should I cheer for?
└ The main dish is NA vs EU.
└└ Yes. The main event should be held last.

▷ Xin Zhao at the tiebreaker for 1st. How will that go.
└ The Chinese team is playing a Chinese champion.

- During Game -

▷ (Letme survives gank and RNG takes benefit at bot) Wow, Ornn reacted really well. He broke the barrel really calmly.
└ Is this the taste of the original soy bean pasta? Actually, the Korean version of soy bean pasta tastes better though...
└ Bottom is demolished. Is this the real power of Uzi?
└ 1500 gold difference in 5 minutes. It’s like each player got 1 kill.

▷ (Ashe cuts off Ming near Baron) Ming was really startled there. He flashed in that spot.
└ Why did he intentionally get hit by that ult?
└ Maybe to protect Uzi?

▷ I think RNG’s other lanes aren’t nearly as good as their bottom duo. The top laner’s just a normal everyday tank, the jungle and mid shows unstable performance. Their upper half is too weak compared to their name value.
└ If the other lanes are as good as their bottom duo, that’s like cheating.
└ It’s important to emphasize the carry lane to a team that’s as good as they are. Especially for Uzi’s team.
└ The bot duo carries that well you know.

▷ (After the game tilts completely) ADC CS difference is more than 100!
└ Woah
└ Uzi’s winning match KDA is 27.3… KDA is always good in winning matches, but his performance is really stable.

▷ If RNG wins, they’ll probably pick NA or USA. So FW will be playing KZ at semifinals.
└ FW would probably think they’re going to play against KZ whether they get 1st or not. For RNG, even though KZ may seem weak, it will be better for them to play against TL or FNC.
└ I wish this finishes early so I can see the main match. I want to see NA vs EU in that elimination match.

- Post Match -

▷ I really think Ezreal needs to be nerfed ASAP. Even though he scaled well, it doesn’t make sense deleting a champion with Q-Auto attack after a forward Arcane Shift….
└ How can RNG be beaten? They’re so dominating.
└ Rekkles really knows LOL well.
└ Didn’t Uzi become Legendary in all the matches he played today? Awesome.
└ Where did all those guys who said Uzi isn’t good go?
└ Now KZ’s chance of becoming champions have gotten so low...

▷ So KZ will play against FW at the semifinals? RNG wouldn’t pick KZ.
└ I think RNG will become champions. I didn’t know at first, but they’re really good.
└ If RNG picks KZ, they’ll have all my respect. They’ll probably pick TL or FNC, but you never know.

▷ Is LCK the world’s best league?
└ Now, now they’re 3rd best.
└ Not anymore.
└ Not anymore. The best in the LCK is only 3rd in an international competition.

▷ Now we should be hoping KZ was hiding their strategy. They haven’t picked any hidden cards like Jayce and Cuzz played only Zac. PraY hasn’t played his signature pick Ashe yet and Bdd has a lot more champions to show.
└ They’re hiding their strategy to use for the summer?
└ Positive thinking.
└ But they players’ reflexes and judgment has gone down significantly. I hope they recover quickly.
└ Their performance is too bad to say that they’re hiding their strategy. We just hope they play well in the semifinals. They have a break and will be playing a Bo5.


■ Tiebreaker for 2nd(Elimination Match): Team Liquid vs Fnatic

- Pre Game & Draft -

▷ Finally! The guillotine match!
└ The guillotine is made in western countries!
└ There’s no event like this in the LOL scene. The clash between these two regions is always the best.
└└ The best!

▷ IgNar LOL
└ IgNar: I don’t care about cheering EU. I’m hungry.
└└ LOL
└└ He should be. He’s commentating for more than 7 hours and it’s past 1AM now.

▷ NA will finally get past the top 8!
└ This is actually more important than the finals
└ Reddit will explode!
└└ The stream chat already has...

▷ Vladimir for Impact??
└ It’s his hidden pick now that it could be the last match
└ Will he become a mosquito or vampire?!
└└ Vladimir has better lane maintenance than Gangplank. Gangplank is always low on mana. I’m not sure if he’ll be able keep his HP high enough. It’s gonna be hard for him to take CS.
└ Fnatic is picking Xayah-Rakan. Both teams have drawn their swords...
└ NA for champions!!
└└ LEGGO!!

- During Game -

▷ (Impact gets kill and survives in invade jungle fight) Impact was awesome.
└ That’s going to be bad for Fnatic...
└└ Other teams go home on planes.. Don’t these guys go home by car? LOL
└└└ ??? : We don’t need to swim to get home! EU is our home!

▷ (Fighting fiercely at top) They say such hot matches will end up rather boring, but this one is really exciting!!
└ It’s insanely fun LOL
└ Roaming and ganking is a matter of life and death for them!
└ I really want to see NA vs EU finals. Please tell me this is the finals!

▷ Impact is now really an NA player. His performance is like NA maybe because he has gone there so long ago.
└ He’s one of the NA ‘fun’ play now.
└ Impact isn’t import player starting next year. He must have become like a native now.

▷ (Fnatic continues to take benefit) Fnatic.. Continuing to deliver fun to fans since Worlds.
└ What a fight… What the hell are they doing both...
└ This is a match that’s worth waiting for.
└ This game is insane!
└ Did reddit explode yet? It won’t be odd if it already did.
└ RNG should be smiling. They’ll be playing against one of those teams.

▷ (After teamfight near the Dragon) Vladimir is trying to use Hemoplague and Gragas uses his ult. LOL. It’s like Janna and Amumu trying to put their ults together.
└ Still. NA is catching up in this.
└ Yeeaah… This is LOL. Asians should reflect on themselves
└ This is really an awesome match. Just as expected.
└ I wanna go to the bathroom but I can’t stop watching!

▷ (Fnatic takes lead again) Kog’Maw was cut off too easily. Doublelift died too easy.
└ The game was blown because of the mid difference but the support is blamed, just like solo queue.

▷ Gragas seems like an AP dealer with those items. He should have gone with tank items.
└ He’s doing nothing after going with damage items. They have Ardent Censer Kog’Maw and Vladimir. Why is he going with damage items?

▷ (TL wins teamfight near inhibitor) What just happened??

└ This is possible???
└ OMG… This doesn’t make sense.
└ This game is out of this world
└ World’s No.1 ADC Doublelift!

▷ We don’t know yet because Kog’Maw went Ardent Censer for his 4th core item. If only he can deal damage for 5 seconds...
└ Will Kog’Maw carry the team at the end?!
└ I think I saw the same match somewhere else...

- Post Match -

▷ EU Wins!
└ Doublelift played alone...T_T
└ The Korean duo played by themselves
└ Olleh is that bad… Is he especially bad with Tahm Kench?
└└ He’s just bad.
└└ It’s mainly because of Pobelter.

▷ So the two Koreans throw the match that was nearly won.
└ Three actually including Pobelter.
└ ??? : 3 Koreans can't win

▷ Why do I feel so sorry for Doublelift...T_T
└ Will the KR-US alliance be broken today?
└ What about those NA fans that have gone there.. I think they won’t be able to sleep for three days.
└ Doublelift will be hating Korea now. Olleh was bad, Impact was bad.. and Pobelter is of Korean descent.
└└ LOL

▷ ??? : Let’s change the support, please!

└ Doublelift : I think he (Madlife) will be better!
└└ Wow.. how many decades ago is this?
└└ To come to think of it, Doublelift liked Madlife a lot

▷ Impact is only good at tanks, he can’t play carry champions. I don’t know about Olleh.. He only improvises. The first flash snowballed to nearly half a core deficit for Kog’Maw against Xayah… From the 4th core, Kog’Maw got really strong so it would have been a pretty good fight…
└ Impact was good enough. They ganked top so many times. If only the mid was just average, they would have won.
└ The team with many Koreans wins is just an old saying now.

▷ But isn’t Olleh the best support in the NA?
└ I.Don’t.Think.So.
└ Doublelift is playing with his teeth clenched so hard. He’s probably so mad at Tahm Kench’s weird plays. You can see how hard Doublelift tried by just watching how Kog’Maw moves.
└└ The game was nearly turned over, but he threw that away.
└└ To sum it up, it’s just the mid difference. But the support was bad too.
└└└ This is true. Taliyah was roaming all over but Pobelter was trailing in CS even though he was stuck at mid lane.
└└└ Taliyah getting a lot more CS while roaming when Pobelter was staying put.

▷ ??? : That’s it Doublelift!

└ Bjergsen: That’s exactly reaping what you’ve sown!
└└ LOL
└└ Bjergsen has every right to say that. Doublelift blew the win so many times. But this time, Doublelift was good, and the team blew it. LOL
└└ I saw that coming, but still it’s so funny.
└└ Why does Bjergsen seem so much happier in this picture? LOL

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