Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event Coming Soon! Get A Free Golden Loot Box!


The Overwatch 2 Year Anniversary event will start on May 22nd and run for 4 weeks.

All limited time cosmetics that have been released last year during the events, including the newly added 8 legendary and 3 epic skins will be available. They can also be unlocked with credits, which can be randomly obtained from the 2 Year Anniversary loot boxes.

Every player will be given a golden loot box on their first login during the event, from which they have a 100% chance to get a legendary skin they don’t have. An extra golden loot box will be given when purchasing 50 Anniversary loot boxes.


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▲ The new legendary Junkrat skin from the teaser for Overwatch Anniversary 2018.


▲ The golden loot box has a 100% chance to give you a non-repeat legendary skin.


Also, a new map for Deathmatch, Petra, will be added along with the Anniversary event. Petra is a huge city ruin in Jordan, which can only be seen in the Deathmatch mode, just like Château Guillard. Players will also be able to enjoy past limited time arcade modes such as Lúcioball, Junkenstein’s Revenge, Yeti Hunter, etc.

Lastly, Overwatch Legendary Edition, a new edition released in order to celebrate the Overwatch 2 year anniversary, will be released via digital version on May 23rd. This new edition includes a total of 15 skins, such as the origin edition, legendary, and epic skins.


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