Houston Outlaws believes in Coach KyKy. You should, too.

Former Dallas Fuel Coach KyKy has joined Houston Outlaws as a coach.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  This was leaked weeks ago by
Slasher and was virtually confirmed by KyKy himself when he was spotted in the dugout for a Houston Outlaws focus video, as well as noted on his personal endorsement page for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Undeserved blame with Dallas Fuel

It’s easy to blame Coach KyKy for Dallas Fuel’s past issues.  Even Slasher voiced concern about roster decisions and “weird” comps back in March.  Although just a few days after, Dallas Fuel owner “hastr0” suggested that the coaching staff did not have an much control as many believed they did.

It’s easy to miss that when KyKy offered 
transparency, he fulfilled it in an interview where he discussed Dallas Fuel’s main tank issues.

When Rascal was dismissed, it was easy to pick sides and blame KyKy for it.  Yet it was also easy to forget all the former Dallas Fuel players who did not believe KyKy was at fault, with Rascal included.

Custa and xQc are opposite ends in terms of personality, but they also believed KyKy was not the reason for Fuel’s downfall.

KyKy’s fit with Houston

The clearest argument in favor of Coach KyKy is his previous experience coaching Team USA at the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.  4/6 of the players on Team USA are now currently playing Houston Outlaws, which also happens to be the OWL team with the most American players.

He already has a rapport with the players of Houston, so there’s already a natural synergy in-place. This is something that did not exist when he was with Dallas Fuel, in which his acquisition seemed a bit more impersonal:

“EnVyUs decided to buy me as a coach, I didn’t have much of say in that. It just happened — they drew the contract up. My boss signed it and I was on my way. That’s how it all started.”

However, the biggest reason you should believe in Coach KyKy is that the Houston Outlaws do.  

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