Lunara and Diablo reworked in latest Nexomania event!

Today, Blizzard unveiled the latest Heroes of the Storm event with news skins and two massive reworks of previously linear heroes, Lunara and Diablo.

Alongside the big changes are Mexican Luchador inspired skins for Garrosh, Diablo, Lunara, Sonya, Kharazim, and E.T.C. Starting May 22 and ending June 11, all loot chest (sans hero specific ones) will be special Nexomania loot chest, featuring at least one item from the event.

But the biggest news is the reworks!


- All Wisp talent at 4 removed

- Players have more decisions regarding where to place and how to use Wisp

- More playstyles enabled (seems like Nature's Toxin stacking is more important and rewarding)

Developer Comment: Our goals for Lunara’s rework are twofold: first, we want to add some gameplay to Wisp and consolidate its related talents into something more interesting. We also want to give Lunara more potential playstyles, which we’re doing by adding some new powerful talents into her tree. Because we added so much more power into her talents, we had to reduce her baseline power by a marginal amount to compensate. We’ve had a blast with Lunara in our internal playtests, and we’re excited to release her new and improved version into the wild!


- Shadow charge no longer grants armor, but gives movement speed (no more out of reach Overpowers!)

- Fire Stomp now has a cone shape instead of a circular one. Heals Diablo for 125% of damage and multiple flames can hit the same hero.

- Lighting Breath now  applies a stacking slow.

Developer Comment: Diablo's update aims to give the Lord of Terror more control over his kit and add fun new gameplay without compromising his core identity in the Nexus. We're putting the power in the hands of Diablo players by allowing them to target their Fire Stomps and allowing multiple fire waves to hit the same Hero to help execute the perfect combo. We're adding self-healing to Fire Stomp so that Diablo has a way to maintain his health beyond relying on a Support to heal him. Shadow Charge now grants increased Movement Speed to reduce situations where enemies are just beyond Overpower’s reach after charging in. Diablo’s level 4 Talents all allow him to collect souls in new ways, so he can still get the most out of his Trait during low takedown games. There is also a spiderweb of fun synergies and interactions between the Talents in his tree, so we're excited to see what creative combinations players will latch onto.

You can read about the full changes on the official patch notes here.

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