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[KR Reactions] MSI 2018 Group Stage: "I think Warzone became powerless because he did 1000 push ups."


Game 1 KZ vs FNC

▷The two teams’ pick/ban has quite a concept. - KZ banned Caps 4 times, FNC banned Peanut 3 times.

ㄴYup. The two teams have a clear target for sure.

ㄴThe bottom matchup will be highly difficult for FNC.

ㄴLooks like KZ is trying to go 50:50, withstand and go for teamfights. FNC wishing for a jackpot from Rekkles.

ㄴWe’ll have to see. Wait, Khan is using Vladimir right?


▷(PraY dying on level 1) Is this a self-handicap?

ㄴ Streamer Jong-in making his appearance.

ㄴ solo queue?

ㄴ so arrogant.

ㄴ KZ going back to Longzu.

ㄴ Looks like there is a Jungle performance gap.  

ㄴ It’s just a kill. Stop exaggerating.



▷(3rd kill from Caps) Wow, the crowd’s applause is so loud.

ㄴ They are the home team, so quite obvious.

ㄴ Are they really going to lose?

ㄴ EU >>>>>KR

ㄴ This is what SKT did when they performed in international events: losing early games and winning in late games.


▷Khan’s latest Vladimir game did do well against the Gangplank, but he’s not in his best shape today.

ㄴ I think they’re going to lose.

ㄴ Now they can't finish undefeated.

ㄴ This is the power of a Worlds quarter final team.

ㄴ KZ’s big picture for the EU fans.


▷Khan looks like he’s in a mental breakdown. Something’s wrong.

ㄴ He should kneel in front of Bwipo.

ㄴ Minion OP. They’re now destroying turrets.

ㄴ Look at that Corki…No way you’re going to beat him.



▷I’m sorry that I’ve said that KZ will turn the game.

ㄴ They couldn’t do anything.

ㄴ That early snowball from PraY…

ㄴ Who said that Rekkles is bad? Where did they hide?

ㄴ They lost because I saw the match. They won every game that I didn’t see.

▷It’s just a loss. I’ve played League for 2 years and learned that winning/losing doesn’t mean anything.

ㄴ I’m dumbfounded.

ㄴ Well going undefeated might be wanting too much, but if they perform like this… They can’t win this tournament.

ㄴ MSI is always like this. Underdogs have the chance of winning.

ㄴ Who’s Caps by the way? Never seen him before.

 ㄴ Since last year, he’s the so-called “Baby Faker”.

 ㄴ He’ve been performing well. I think EU has a lot of good mid laners.

Game 2 RNG vs EVS

▷Wow, Slay going for that Teleport Ezreal.

ㄴ He learned it from PraY huh?

ㄴ ‘Teleport Ezreal’ now should be used as an export product.

ㄴ Well the usual: “Woah, that looks cool. I’m going to try it out.”

ㄴ Yo guys please… Slay’s favorite champ is Ezreal.


▷There’s going to be another huge mid lane difference here, but this time Vladimir is the OP.

ㄴ The last match he was quite weak right?

ㄴ Um… I would say he was a mosquito.


▷(after Vladimir’s mistake)

ㄴ This ain’t it.

ㄴ Is Vladimir jynxed or something?

ㄴ Well, this time, Vladimir is already in his power phase; they’ll probably win.

(RNG dominating the game)

ㄴ And yes, they’re winning.



▷I’ve been thinking… Chinese teams make games boring.

ㄴ It was boring for the past few years. They know that they’ll win, but they don’t go too aggressive in order to secure the win.

ㄴ That’s the Chinese LoL style. Dota 2 was similar too.

ㄴ I’m about to fall asleep.

ㄴ They’re going to win all right, but it’s too boring.

ㄴ This might be their strategy. Probably EFS will feel drowsy and not focus.


▷But, what’s up with EVS today?

ㄴ They’ve used all their power in the Vietnam War.

ㄴ Lost power because Warzone does 1000 push-ups.

ㄴ Why did TL lose?

ㄴ EVS is drying to death.



▷They thought Ezreal was good, so they imported it. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to use this champion.

ㄴ Probably the manual was missing.

ㄴ EVS won TL. RNG won EVS. KZ won RNG. FNC won KZ… FNC is the best team.

ㄴ The mid/bottom lane gap was quite huge.

ㄴ Nothing to see in this match.



Game 3 TL vs FW


▷What? Ezreal Again?

ㄴ PraY didn’t win, but he did spread this yellow haired beast to the world.

ㄴ Whether it’s a “beast” or not depends on who uses the champ.

ㄴ Agree. The last user seemed to have not read the manual.



▷Good to see DoubleLift smiling.

ㄴ He probably had a hard time, so it’s quite a relief to see him smile.

ㄴ He still performed in the LCS finals. A real pro.

ㄴ Yo I'm rooting for you.


▷Again… The science champion has done it again.

ㄴ There are some champs that could help out Yasuo.

ㄴ This game is for Pobelter, regardless of the result.

ㄴ It’s just the pick/ban and the game is already so interesting.

ㄴ Well, their champion picks makes sense; Braum and Ornn on their side.


▷Guess what. The game becomes so much fun when there’s a Yasuo in it.

ㄴ It’s been 10 minutes with no kills yet, but it’s still fun to watch.

ㄴ Everyone’s thinking about when Yasuo will die.

ㄴ He’s playing more safer than I thought. You know, most Yasuo users cannot control their aggressiveness and ends up dying.

(Yasuo dies in a teamfight)

ㄴ A ‘scientific’ ending.



▷Probably the first team to be defeated three times in this MSI… How do you guys think?

ㄴ NA hasn’t improved. They could just start from the Play-In stage.

ㄴ If FW wins against KZ, they might get the trophy.

ㄴ The game was already finished in the pick bans. Yasuo isn’t a hypothesis. He’s an actual fact now.

ㄴ Well, I guess PraY managed to send the manual together this time.

ㄴ Why did Ezreal buy 2 Tears? Seeing Yasuo’s crying is enough.


▷There are always expectations towards improvement… But Yasuo has never changed.

ㄴ FW is really good.

ㄴ This is an example of a good team.

ㄴ Their split strategies and teamfights… They seem to lack nothing.

ㄴ They might seem to look strong because the opponent is weak.

 ㄴ True I guess.


▷Seems that FW heading to the semi finals for sure.

ㄴ They’re really good. I think they were already there even when they were in the Play-In stage

ㄴ I’m not sure who deserves the praise. Everyone in the team seems to be so good.

ㄴ TL really was defeated… 3 times already.

ㄴ The highlight clip is about Yasuo, dying.



Game 4 KZ vs EVS


▷The tentacle woman!

ㄴ Illaioi pick for real?  

ㄴ Bdd supporting the team again.

ㄴ EVS using Lee Sin?

ㄴ The picks are interesting. Is it because it’s an international tournament?

ㄴ Kai’Sa finally!



▷KZ, giving up another first blood.

ㄴ But rescuing Trundle was really cool.

ㄴ Khan must be angry since he lost last game.

ㄴ Warzone probably skipped his push ups.


▷Khan really seems angry. He gained twice more CS compared to Ornn.

ㄴ Did you just see Ornn disappear? He got hit by a squid leg and died.

ㄴ Why did Taliyah leave top?

ㄴ Because she was afraid.

ㄴ Push ups doesn’t work against a squid.



▷Who do you think is winning?

ㄴ Top was completely dominated by Khan. But, KZ keeps on losing teamfights when he’s not there.

ㄴ I think EVS decided to completely ignore Khan.

ㄴ Hard to determine who’s winning.

ㄴ They’re constantly going for skirmishes, so the team can’t use of the advantage from Khan.


▷(EVS secures Baron, but 4 players die) Teamfights became so much different once Illaoi decided to team up.

ㄴ Now the game looks even.

ㄴ KZ got 2 Infernals so they have the advantage.

ㄴ I really don’t know how things will go now.

ㄴ Before the match, I thought that KZ will easily win, but of course, nothing should be 100% sure.



▷Now KZ has the advantage. Kai’Sa is in her power phase.

ㄴ And 3 Infernals. They’re going to be so much stronger.

ㄴ But EVS wasn’t that bad.

ㄴ KZ managed to withstand those fights without Illaoi. Now she teamed up.

ㄴ I think the result is obvious.


▷(After the game) Look at Illaoi’s damage deal. She’s like an ADC.

ㄴ Probably half of the amount was from Ornn getting beaten up.

ㄴ Why didn’t they use her against FNC?

ㄴ They probably were too arrogant.

ㄴ The Vietnamese style skirmish is so fun to watch.




Game 5 FW vs RNG


▷This game has some history to it.

ㄴ Will it be China or Taiwan?

ㄴ Zoe!

ㄴ Signing Moojin was a good one. Karsa left but I can’t feel any absence.

ㄴ If FW wins this match, they have the chance of winning the MSI trophy.

ㄴ I think they will win.



▷Look at Ezreal dance. He is having such a good time.

ㄴ Trying to enjoy the game.

ㄴ He’s quite doing well farming up on CS against Uzi.


▷RNG’s pick bans are mostly focused on only Uzi.

ㄴ Uzi will feel some pressure.

ㄴ The world loves Uzi-god.

ㄴ I think they’re going to lose this time.

ㄴ To know whether they’ll win or not, you got to wait until their late games.


▷RNG is hanging in there, but FW will probably win.

ㄴ It feels like I’m watching a game that has no conclusion; they just keep on fighting.  

ㄴ But, the gold gap is widening. FW knows how to use some good strategies.

ㄴ I think they’re better than KZ. They might win the MSI.

ㄴ Look at Maokai melting down… It’s so sad.

ㄴ Maokai: i am groot



▷They forced to destroy the Nexus.

ㄴ It was really close.

ㄴ FW got their 4th win?  

ㄴ RNG seemed really quiet throughout the game and just simply lost in a second.  

ㄴ China lost, but people probably will still praise their performance.

ㄴ Moojin was remarkable. That fake move near the Baron and his teamfight abilities are so good.

ㄴ Let us pray for KZ. I think they can’t win FW.

Game 6 FNC vs TL


▷ Finally, the main event for today.

ㄴ I was looking forward to this match, even more than Korean team's games.

ㄴ I’m not sure why but NA and EU always fights about who’s the better region.

ㄴ FNC will win.

ㄴ Why?

ㄴ They’re ‘the team’ who won KZ.


▷Yasuo again?

ㄴ Already so fun.

ㄴ If Caps performs well, what happens to Pobelter?  

ㄴ Is he still going to be ‘science’?

ㄴ Why are they using him? I’ve never seen a Yasuo perform well.


▷(on the positioning of the teams on level 1) The game is already interesting. What’s up with their positioning?

ㄴ They just went past each other.

ㄴ What have I just seen?

ㄴ Well, Olleh seems to be back.

ㄴ Yeah, they probably thought that Joey wasn’t good enough.



▷Look at Yasuo. He’s like doing a ‘diamond step’.

ㄴ Of course, he can do basically everything.

ㄴ and then lose.

ㄴ cause it’s ‘scientific’.

ㄴ He’s still better than Pobelter.


▷What? Yasuo got a kill?

ㄴ Can science be wrong?

ㄴ If the opponent is NA, can science be wrong?

ㄴ EU’s best swordsman.

ㄴ They won KZ. Already out of the ‘science zone’.

ㄴ I’m not sure why I still feel so concerned even though he is strong enough already.


▷ It’s just like my expectations. It was fun and I’m pleased.

ㄴ Kind of weird that Yasuo is performing well.

ㄴ Agree. But, I have to admit it is so fun to watch.

ㄴ What happens to TL? They’ve lost every game.

ㄴ FNC probably won the game already.




▷Perkz was right. He said in his interview that EU is better than NA.

ㄴ It was quite controversial but it wasn’t wrong.

ㄴ I can tell by just watching them trying to give the Penta kill.

ㄴ EU is better than NA.

ㄴ Reddit is going to blow.


▷ I thought that TL will win because of the Yasuo pick.

ㄴ I want to say farewell to the EU solo queue. So many Yasuos are going to appear.

ㄴ The one and only 1 tier mid laner should be Caps.

ㄴ Pobelter should be heartbroken.

EU’s best swordsman.


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