"Uzi's Unknown Power?" An ADC That Is Regarded as the Best By Other Players


Today's cartoon is about Uzi, an LPL ADC that is well-known among other professional players to be the absolute best in his role. 

During the offseason, many professional players from around the world visit Korea for practice. Some come as a team, while others come alone. A visit like this can also be an opportunity to promote one's self or team internationally, creating a win-win scenario for both the players and journalists. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Fnatic's Rekkles and Misfits' Hans Sama. And we asked the same question while interviewing the both of them: "Who, in your opinion, is the best ADC player?" In a competitive environment where confidence is key, raising one's self is definitely understandable. But both players gave the same answer -- they both pointed at Uzi. And although he's not an ADC player, Perkz weighed in the same opinion.

We couldn't capture all of the players' tone and nuance in writing, but it was clear that many ADC players rate Uzi quite highly. At the time of the interview, all of the journalists were taken aback. "Why are they all specifying Uzi?"

Despite Uzi's fame as the best, his career doesn't have the best competitive history. Before finally having claimed the winning trophy in the LPL Spring Split of this year, Uzi hadn't won a single meaningful league title outside of his All-Star and MVP awards. The Korean fans started calling him "Kong-Line", a moniker that references his inability to win despite his awe-worthy skills; something that is well-illustrated by the fact that he is a two-time finalist in the League of Legends World Championship who has yet to claim the cup. Although he's highly regarded as the best, Uzi has been frequently compared to other players, as his record doesn't seem to match up to his reputation. 

However, despite all the arguments that the fans have made, almost every professional player gave the same opinion regarding Uzi. Although he's tasted bitter defeat against Deft during his prime and had only won his regional league once, Uzi has a certain "something" that has earned him the respect of many players. What is it exactly?

Truthfully speaking, Uzi saw a lot of personal change throughout the years 2017 and 2018. Although his mechanics have always been at the highest level, he matured out of his once rough personality, becoming calm and leaving behind everything but his fiery desire to win; the holder of the best mechanics has grown throughout his years as a professional gamer. What's more, he's still relatively young, meaning he still has time and potential to become even stronger. Perhaps many players have noticed his high potential like this.

The competition where this player can be found will soon be fully operational. Uzi's fight against the team rated as best, Kingzone DragonX, will soon unfold. Can Uzi live up to his name? Can he prove all the statements regarding him true? We'll soon find out.

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