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Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter: World x Devil May Cry Collaboration Event Opens - Dress Up as Dante with His Armor and Weapon!



The Monster Hunter: World x Devil May Cry collaboration event has begun! The event will continue until May 10th, and you can obtain Dante α, the Dante costume from the DMC series along with his weapon, Dante’s Devil Sword, based on Alastor and Force Edge.

You can participate in the event through the ‘Code: Red’ quest in the event tab. Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and Teostra will appear in that order for the quest, which will be completed after you slay Teostra, the last monster.

Each monster will appear in 5-minute intervals, although Anjanath, Odogaron, and Rathalos will appear weaker than the same monsters that appeared previously out of the quest. However, you might find it difficult to kill Teostra since it is an Elder Dragon after all; look for a party before trying the quest if you’re experienced enough yet.


▲ You will have to kill Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and Teostra in order.


▲ Teostra is the most difficult monster to kill out of these 4.


Upon completing the quest, you will obtain Red Orbs - which you can use to craft the event collab gear - along with other materials from the monsters. You will need a total of 5 Red Orbs for each part of the collab armor, Dante α, and 2 for making Dante’s Devil Sword, making it a total of 7 Red Orbs to complete crafting all collab gear.


The Dante α set pieces can be crafted separately at the workshop, not in a full armor set. Dante's Hair α, the helmet, has 1 level of Weakness Exploit and Critical Eye, and Dante's Leather Boots α has 2 levels of Weakness Exploit, making it easier to get a rather aggressive gear set.

On the other hand, there are some players who say Dante’s Devil Sword, which came out as a Charge Blade, isn’t as great as they expected compared to other Charge Blades. The weapon does have a special gimmick where it switches back and forth between Force Edge and Alastor from the DMC series.


▲ You can obtain Red Orbs as the quest reward, which you need 7 of to make all gear pieces.


▲ This is how Dante α looks like.


▲ This is how Dante's Devil Sword looks like; it is taking the form of Force Edge from the DMC series.


▲ The status and skills of Dante α.


▲ The stats for Dante’s Devil Sword; it isn’t a whole lot better than Diablos Tyrannis 2, though.


▲ The materials needed to craft Dante's Hair α and its stats.


▲ The materials needed to craft Dante's Coat α and its stats.


▲ The materials needed to craft Dante's Gloves α and its stats.


▲ The materials needed to craft Dante's Belt α and its stats.


▲ The materials needed to craft Dante's Boots α and its stats.


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