Frostpunk - A new city survival game released by the developers of This War of Mine



Frostpunk, a new city survival game developed by 11 bit studios, the developer of ‘This War of Mine’, was released on April 24th.

In Frostpunk, the player becomes the ruler of the last city on Earth and tries to help their citizens survive. Just like This War of Mine, the decisions the player makes in the most critical moments will act as important factors in playing the game.

The decisions the player makes within the game will be established as the ‘law’. Players can then see the results of their decisions from the fear and hope statistics of their residence. In the process, the player will be forced to make difficult decisions such as choosing between keeping one’s morality even if it leads to less chance of survival and becoming a ruthless dictator for more efficiency.

Frostpunk currently has an 86 on Metacritic and is available on Steam for $29.99.


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