“I thought it was a buggy!” - Optical Illusions in PUBG.

Everybody probably has experienced these situations. When you’re falling on a parachute, or running in the desert looking for a ride, something blue catches your eyes. You think it’s a blue buggy. The closer you get, you begin to realize: it’s not a buggy. It was just another pile of blue trashbags, you get run over by an enemy vehicle and your teammates start to scorch you. You can only reply: “But… but… I thought it was a blue buggy!”

That’s not all. From afar, S686 or Win94 looks like Kar98K, the dream sniper rifle of every PUBG player (well, except for M24 and AWM), and sometimes you even mistake Lv.1 backpacks for Lv.3 military vests. No matter how good your computer is, no matter how good vision you have, you fall into these ‘traps’ and all you can do is laugh and move on.


A pile of trash? A buggy?

-If you don’t have a vehicle, you'll always fall for it again.

You’ve dropped in Miramar, picked up some decent loot. Now you need to find something to ride, because the circle is far away. So you start running, on the road, where it is said that the most vehicles are deserted. A motorcycle (rumor says it kills its rider) tempts you to ride it, but you want to live; you continued to run.

From a distance, something catches your eye. Your eyes, which are good enough to spot enemies from 300+ meters distance even without a scope, are saying: “You’re saved! That’s a blue buggy!” So you run. A vehicle is essential for you to play a game in… peace.

However, as you approach the blue buggy, you become anxious. It starts to look like something else, like a mirage in the desert; it was only another pile of trash. You curse yourself, land some fists on the innocent trash pile, and start running again. You realize that you should’ve took the rider-killing-motorcycle you had seen earlier. You had perfect skills for it. Now it’s too late, the circle has come and you have another three kilometers to go.

▲ That blue thing in the desert, "I found a buggy!"
▲ That ride you need to get to the circle.
▲ Nope. Just another pile of trash.


-That black substance sticking out in the field.

When you’re out in the open, you always need to be alert for enemies. Any suspicious substances need to be checked with a scope or by getting close without being spotted, because it’s either you kill your enemy, or your enemy kills you.

In Miramar, utility poles could seem like an enemy. While you’re looking around, there’s that suspicious black thing sticking out in the field. You jump in surprise and double check with your trustworthy 8x scope. But no, it was only another utility pole.

▲ Yikes! Enemy!
▲ Whew, it was only another utility pole.


I swear it was a Kar98.

-I think it changed when I got close.

Kar98K is always right. With the ability of one-shotting Lv.2 helmets, Kar98K is one of the most loved sniper rifles in the game. However, it’s not always easy to find. If you’re lucky, you can loot it quite early, but if not, you can only find it in one of those crates that appear after killing an enemy.

Naturally, you want to find one while you’re looting early in the game. Maybe that’s why you always mistake those S686 shotguns and Win94 rifles for Kar98K.

▲ That long and beautiful substance! Could it be?
▲ Could it?
▲ I'm sure it's a Kar98K!
▲ I'm sure the devs changed it while I was approaching it.


Alright. The Devs are just messing with me.

-I won’t fall for it anymore. That’s just a Lv.1 backpack.

Lv.3 military vests and Lv.1 backpacks sometimes look the same. The color, and the way it’s on the ground. It’s easy to tell the Lv.1 and Lv.2 vests, but since the Lv.3 vests are a bit brownish tan-ish color, it can be mistaken as a Lv.1 backpack, or vice-versa.

Just looting another complex with your mate, you spot a military vest. You need to grab that before your teammate finds it, so you run and spam F. Your friend is close nearby, and takes your Lv.3 backpack.

▲ I need a better vest... and I think I found...
▲ A strong, warm, comfy military vest!
▲ The devs hate me.

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