Pearl Abyss will focus on class balancing for the next 30 days - Developer's notes released in KR

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On April 20th, Pearl Abyss released a dev letter regarding the recent class balance changes and warfare changes. Jaehee Kim, the lead producer of Black Desert Online, started the letter by apologizing for not communicating with the player-base enough before implementing the changes. Below are the details on Pearl Abyss’ explanations on the current problems of Black Desert Online, the goal that Pearl Abyss wants to reach, and the answers for the questions that a lot of players have been asking. Since there will be a lot of changes including class balance changes for the next 30 days, all players will get 30 days long Value Pack, Character Appearance Change, Merv’s Palette, Blessings of Kamasylve, Armstrong’s Skill Guide, and Cliff’s Skill Add-on Guide as compensation gifts. Also, all channels will get combat exp 100% and skill exp 20% boost from April 21st to May 21st.

Pearl Abyss stated that the biggest problem that BDO currently has is stagnation. Pearl Abyss said that they put a lot of resources in developing new classes and new regions, but could not work on the overall gameplay much. They felt that the gameplay was becoming more repetitive, and decided to implement some major changes like the Renown Score and Conquest War Season 5.

Repetitive PvP patterns, one-combo-kills, and grab dependence were the problems that Pearl Abyss wanted to fix. As one-combo-kills became more predominant, the players who would get killed could not enjoy PvP much. Also, classes that lack grab skills were not able to counter the opponent’s block/super armor and sometimes they were unable to win.


Keeping the original mechanics and adjusting the details could not solve the problem, so Pearl Abyss implemented the bonus DR and the CC changes on April 12th and April 19th. However, some of the necessary changes for each class were not implemented because of Arena of Arsha.

Pearl Abyss admitted that the PvP changes must be improved, and assured that they will focus on PvP balance for the next 30 days. They also mentioned that they are considering about opening a global forum so they can hear the opinions from players from all regions.

Pearl Abyss also stated that they want to add more fun to the game by encouraging progression, which is the core fun of MMORPG. However, currently, it takes months or even a year just to get 1 or 2 more AP. Stagnation would ruin the game’s fun, so in order to encourage progression and make progression easier, they added the Caphras Enhancement and increased the drop rate of some accessories. The Renown Score was added for the same purpose. It will give more rewards to the players who spent a lot of time and resources on upgrading their gear, and will prevent them from getting one-combo-killed by giving them bonus DR. Pearl Abyss apologized for making the GS gap bigger and assured the bonus DR based on Renown Score will be nerfed next week, and PvP balance will be adjusted and improved more starting from next week.

Regarding Conquest War Season 5, Pearl Abyss stated that they will temporarily discontinue the rehearsal, and will bring Season 5 back with revised rules after class balance has been improved. Details will be announced after Pearl Abyss has received enough feedback from the player-base.

Lastly, Pearl Abyss promised that they will enhance the process of testing a new content and adding it to the game, and will introduce the new content to the players first so they have enough time to receive feedback from the player-base. Pearl Abyss will try to have Focus Groups to test some of the new content if necessary and will monitor the tickets, in-game chat, and the community more closely.


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    level 1 Tash

    Now the killed any High GS build other then AP... DP? Evasion? Accuracy? They are all dead now... High GS AP hero almost invincible for 5-6 19.3 players, and OneShot them... High AP = Glass Cannon - IT'S A CORE for MMO.

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    level 1 Sonjiro

    Now lets hope they keep their promises and don't f*ck things up even more.Somehow...I have hope though i believe that they will make it better.What are we without hope.

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    level 1 Tash


    Now the killed any High GS build other then AP... DP? Evasion? Accuracy? They are all dead now... High GS AP hero almost invincible for 5-6 19.3 players, and OneShot them... High AP = Glass Cannon - IT'S A CORE for MMO.

  • -1

    level 1 Silver_Wrath


    It's like they never heard of diminishing returns in their life. If only 5-10% of players feel strong enough for PvP this game will die off. The PvE content only goes so far, 95% you do so you can get ready for sieges.

    Also buff kutum back as the overall PvP offhand, nouver doesnt need DR.

    • 0

      level 1 Hasp


      The problem isn't that only 5 to 10 percent of players are ready for PvP in this game it's that 5 to 10 percent of the players on this game are much stronger than all the other players and they are doing the same PvP. Every MMO has players of differing power levels where the middle of the pack has no chance to compete with the top players. That's nothing new. In BDO though, there is nothing to incentivize the top players to separate from those less geared. They want the same grind spots, participate in the same Red Battlefields, do the same T1 and T2 node wars, and so on. There needs to be rewards for upper level PvP that outweigh smashing some poor new players face in at low level PvP. Right now unfortunately it's just more fun to smash that poor guys face in.

      Also, Kutum has never been the PvP offhand of choice for any class that I know of other than Valk.

    • 0

      level 1 Thunder


      Kutum was a good choice for Strikers, not the best but not the worse.

      After this patch only Nouver is useful, maybe this will change starting next week but right now, the only useful offhand for PvP is nouver and nothing more.

    • 0

      level 1 x2lazy2die

      @Silver_Wrath kutum wasn't the overall pvp offhand, it was the better boss offhand for 99% of players and now it isn't. it is still the best pve offhand and can be used in pvp which imo is how it should be
  • 0

    level 1 Kyse


    if they want to fix things then they should make the bonus stats the game says we get really give us them stats cuz im sorry the 30+ ap isnt 30+ ap at all lol and the mobs they added more dmg 2 is a joke it was far to much of a boost and i cant kill mobs i used to be able 2 i mean the mobs for a real ap boost and def boost and the player for fake boost that didnt do much of anything :/

    • 1

      level 1 Adrian_Armene


      And you, my friend, should go back to school.

  • 0

    level 1 Notloc


    this is a joke they created a shit load more gear disperaty and brainless cc mechanics for there upcoming p2w enchant system.

    Need to revert all this bullshit before there game dies. Pa hasn't balance the game in over a year and a half and ever since awakening the game has continually gotten worse and worse. awakenings is what f***ed up the game if they want it balance the game go back and rework awakenings not the cc system. These devs are incompetent.

    The game has far to much SA and CC go look at +15 pre-awaken days when the game was really good not this trash we have now. most skills were no SA or I-frame, a lot of the skills were no cc and the game was great.

    now they just release over powered classes like mystic that ruin the game and make people quit in frustration or have to reroll so they can line there pockets with peoples cash when they have to pay more for weight.

    NERF MYSTIC ALREADY. its been months since you said you wont be stubborn any more and will start to nerf and mystic has gotten 1 f***ing nerf and still brakes the game.

    Now they make retail BDO a test server even after they were told that arasha changes were stupid and shit and not to implement them as feedback.

    There's a reason people are plying private server now because PA and Kakao are shit and cant manage a game. Every time they do something they break the game and make the situation worse.

    • 1

      level 1 Xerendity


      "this is a joke they created a shit load more gear disperaty"
      Hard to understand you here but if you are talking about gear difference, I do not understand why you would think diversity is bad. Having only one choice in gear takes the fun away.
      "brainless cc mechanics"

      Which is why the devs are also concerned that PvP is filled with brainless repetition of the same combos. They are hoping to change that.
      "Need to revert all this bullshit before there game dies."

      Sounds like a sentence you would repeat in every post after a sentence, without good reason.

      "The game has far to much SA and CC"

      Which is why the devs are concerned about classes that do not have grabs, since they're at huge disadvantage.They are hoping to change that.

      "awakenings is what f***ed up the game"

      I really cannot imagine what logic made you still believe that diversity, and progression in this case, is bad for MMO. Being stuck with pre-awakening mode would be boring.
      "they can line there pockets with peoples cash when they have to pay more for weight."

      The devs have constantly talked about this and want to adjust the weight feature and weight penalties. The fairies help with this in one way.
      It already has been nerfed. You make it sound as if it hasn't been maintained since its release.

      This post is very sad, and implied less reason and more of your mad personality. Perhaps try reading this, or other dev letters, or patch notes next time. Good luck!

  • 0

    level 1 Thunder


    Well, At least they know how bad this update was.

    Sadly we need to wait 1 month to see what's going to happen with the PvP.

    • 0

      level 1 Xerendity


      Good things come with patience. Also, new servers for NA region! At least PvP will actually be PvP after that.

  • 0

    level 1 IlIlllIlI

    They did a great job till now with the renow system.

    The only problem are players, they want full gear and be the best withouth deserving it.

  • 1

    level 1 Oengas_Sotreil

    Now THIS is inspiring news! I feel very optimistic about the future if this continues. Very happy ... thank you!

  • 1

    level 1 Symphoniiez


    no more extra stats buff

    no more unbalance

    you can change everything is this game

    even skill and etc.

    but dont touch the stats

    we need to play with alot of meta in this game

    do not destroy it

    • 0

      level 1 Xerendity


      Change in meta and change in stats ARE what allows balance and the meta to exist in the first place. It is also what makes the game more interesting, as - the devs had stated too - repetition in combos are boring.

  • 0

    level 1 Inisechen

    What this game really needs for PVP is literally HARD AP-Accuracy DP-Evasion caps for each class across the board. From there they could adjust stat caps and balancing on a class by class basis and continue to adjust PVP damage on each class like they always have.

    If CCs still the core problem they should rework skills and how the sytem works from there.

    If you want a semi even, even slightly competitive pvp you need to structure it.

    Now don't get me wrong the renown systems FANTASTIC for PVE and giving people a reason to continue pushing their limits. But its absolute cancer for a game like this in PVP.

    Not to mention if theyre worried about the game getting stale and at the same time not throwing out thousands of hours of peoples playtime and enchanting, they should focus on adding more sidegrades(not that I can't say they haven't at all) But the required time it takes for some people to focus on a starting build can be absurd. The state theyre handling PVE in this game is f***ing fantastic. The effort they put into PVP is a footnote in comparison to other games/MMOs even.

  • 0

    level 1 Scytian

    Good to see that devs noticed what they did wrong. Once again: MMO communities are terrible.

    - first people complained that the game was stale and unbalanced

    - then they changed few things(cc and renown), and everyone complained again (yes it was terrible change in most cases)

    - now they said that they want to rebalance everything in the game because they now that everything we have now is bad and peoples are still complaining

  • 0

    level 1 meeko

    aside from all the complaints, I think the game recognize the fundamental problems that is prohibiting its growth to become a better MMO, the new cc system isn't bad, but like they said it needs alot of rebalancing as the class wasn't designed around the new system

  • 0

    level 1 beatnikhero

    This is amazing news.
  • 0

    level 1 Aposlaw

    Guess they forgot about that one month long exp buff. Someone could call Kakao? I'm out of range ;)

  • 0

    level 1 Phartona

    Wondering why we didn't get the +100% combat and +20% skill exp buff.
  • 0

    level 1 ENTITY

    Is an in-server testing channel possible? One where the patch changes (like the GS bonuses) only work on that channel? That way they can test out new systems with actual players, get feedback from actual players, and spare the other channels from all the bugs and failures of the patch. Then after a testing phase is complete, they can implement the working functions into the general population.

  • 1

    level 1 alovesupreme

    This game doesn't deserve to go global as it clearly is not willing to devote ANY energy or time into importance of diversity and perpetuates racism despite the users' efforts to educate them.

    Three weeks i saw a username with the N word, and i sent in a 1:1 customer service message with screenshots as evidence, briefly explaining why users should not be allowed to use that word in their username or chat (they don't allow any swear words to be used in the username ID); this user's guild name is the same (n****man), but in Korean.

    I got a reply saying that they will carefully and promptly review it and take appropriate measures. It's been three weeks and nothing has happened. I understand that mistakes can be made and we can learn from it (this is still not permissible), but even after I took the time to educate them about this matter, nothing has happened.

    Please help spread the word about this so that Pearl Abyss devotes the necessary time, energy, and money into learning about the basics and importance of racism and diversity.

  • 0

    level 1 dark_angel

    for the proposed PVP balance they should have implemented more of skills and strategies rather than Gear Score, for example blade & soul MMORPG is great specially there PVP Match up...what do you think guys?
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