Express your feelings for Crio by giving him a Triple Float Fishing Rod! NPC Dating and Gifting added

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On April 19th, a new system where you can date an NPC was added in Black Desert Online. You can give gifts to certain NPCs to build up Amity, confess your love for him/her, and can get a special title if you get into a romantic relationship with him/her. The title is “Boyfriend/Girlfriend of (NPC Name)”, and unfortunately will not last forever.

The NPCs you can date are Crio, Eileen, Valks, Bahar, Brego Williar, Leona, Richter, Grace Lauren, Elina Leight, Isobelle Encarotia, Dominic Erne, Santo Manzi, Annolisa Rosie, Luwensley, and Ornella.

Any item that can be registered at the Marketplace can be gifted to the NPCs. If the items can be “stacked”, you can gift multiple quantities of that item at once. The more expensive the items are, the more Amity you will get. However, if an item is too expensive, the NPCs will not accept it and say that it is too much.

Each NPC has items that they find interesting, and giving them the items they like will increase the Amity more efficiently. Gifting an item will consume 5 Energy per gift.

The Amity you get by giving the NPCs gifts is not separate from the Amity you build by having a conversation with them, meaning that you can also gift the NPCs to get Knowledge or to get certain quests.


▲ The "Gift" button is next to the "Conversation" button. Click on the button to give him a gift.
▲ Items that Crio likes. It seems like Crio's favorite food is pet feed.
▲ Unfortunately, Crio does not like Exotic Herbal Wine that much.
▲ But he will give you a big smile if you give him a Triple Float Fishing Rod!

If you have more than 1,000 Amity with a certain NPC, you can confess your love to him/her. After you express your romantic feelings to him/her, the NPC will tell you to give them some time to think about it.

The NPC will either send you a letter of acceptance or a letter of decline after each regular maintenance. If the NPC accepted your love, you will get the title “Boyfriend/Girlfriend of (NPC Name)” but your Amity with him/her will decrease by 10%. If the NPC declined your love, you will get nothing and your Amity with him/her will decrease by 5%.


▲ He will not give you a yes or no immediately.

Anyone can confess to the NPCs, but one NPC can only have one boyfriend/girlfriend. The winner of his/her heart will be determined by the value “your amity divided by the total amity of the players who confessed their love to that NPC” and a bit of RNG based on that value.

You can date an NPC for a week, but other players can confess their love to the NPC you are dating. If the NPC leaves you for another person, you will get a farewell letter from him/her.

New titles related to the romantic relationship feature have been added as well. If you confess your love to 5 NPCs simultaneously, you will get the title “Player”. If you confess your love to 10 NPCs simultaneously, you will get the title “Casanova”.


▲ If you can't date the NPC that you like, go for the title Casanova instead.


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    level 1 OpieOP

    Casanova, here I come baby. Shoutouts to my KKona homies.

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    level 1 Tiri

    Why? What reason for that?

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    level 1 Xerendity

    Is this some late April Fool's joke

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    level 1 Sonjiro

    Bdo best Dating Sim 2018?!?!?!?!

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    level 1 Aerogater

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    level 1 alovesupreme


    This game doesn't deserve to go global as it clearly is not willing to devote ANY energy or time into importance of diversity and perpetuates racism despite the users' efforts to educate them.

    Three weeks i saw a username with the N word, and i sent in a 1:1 customer service message with screenshots as evidence, briefly explaining why users should not be allowed to use that word in their username or chat (they don't allow any swear words to be used in the username ID); this user's guild name is the same (n****man), but in Korean.

    I got a reply saying that they will carefully and promptly review it and take appropriate measures. It's been three weeks and nothing has happened. I understand that mistakes can be made and we can learn from it (this is still not permissible), but even after I took the time to educate them about this matter, nothing has happened.

    Please help spread the word about this so that Pearl Abyss devotes the necessary time, energy, and money into learning about the basics and importance of racism and diversity.

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      level 1 Wenos

      @alovesupreme Play Sims or something else man, if you're so triggered by a single word then you've got a harsh future awaiting you kiddo. This is 2018, remember that...
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