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AFs TusiN on Why They Didn't Ban Kai'Sa: "We slaughtered all the Kai’Sas we met in scrims.", and GorillA's Response.



“We slaughtered all the Kai’Sas we met in scrims.”

On the 15th of April (KST), Park “TusiN” Jong-ik expressed his thoughts on playing in the finals of the 2018 LCK Spring Split through his personal stream.

At the finals of the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) played against Kingzone DragonX (KZ). TusiN played Alistar and Tahm Kench to support his team, but lost to KZ 1-3 as PraY’s Kai’Sa was overwhelming through games 2-4.

TusiN revealed why they didn’t ban Kai’Sa. “We slaughtered all the Kai’Sas we met in scrims.” he said, while communicating with the fans through his personal stream. “However, we weren’t able to slaughter PraY.” When TusiN was saying this, GorillA was watching the stream and responded, “We slaughtered all of the Kai’Sas too. But we changed after being demolished by one of them.”

▲ GorillA's Reaction: "We slaughtered all of the the Kai'Sas too.
But we changed after being demolished by one of them."

TusiN also spoke of some other picks, “Our mid-jungle said that Tahm Kench is hard to play against. So we picked him. I was confident in playing against any support KZ picks.” He said that he knew Rakan would be banned, and if KZ didn’t ban Rakan, they would have taken Rakan as their first pick. “Morgana seemed easier to play against than Alistar or Braum, so we didn’t ban her. As a result, since we lost, Morgana was a good pick.”

“I suggested Caitlyn, but Kramer decided to play Jhin.” TusiN said, “We also thought of playing Vayne in Game 3, but KZ banned her.” GorillA again commented, “Since I was Morgana, I asked to ban Vayne. It’s hard to hit Vayne when she’s rolling.”

With TusiN’s Rakan undefeated (8-0 including postseason), AFs had a good season, finishing 2nd (13-5 +15) in the regular season just behind KZ. As the finals are over, the players are off on a break and will be returning shortly to prepare for the Summer Split.

▲ Source: TusiN's Afreecatv stream.


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