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DrPuppet's Journal: A Weekend trip to the EU LCS Finals in Copenhagen




My trip started on a Friday morning. The sun was shining in Hamburg and it was warm, which is already considered a win in this city. Despite a few delays, I was able to arrive in the city of Copenhagen. It felt like you just made a time travel ten years into the future. The combination of a lot of water passages, self-driving metro train and all the futuristic architecture around a very traditional city probably gives everyone this feeling. Not long after arriving I got in the mood of what the weekend had to offer, right after arriving I’ve seen a few people with Fnatic hoodies and beanies just as my friends sent me a photo of a local sports store selling Astralis merch (Danish CS:GO team).

I wasn't let down at the venue either. The Royal Arena is a big venue and Riot prepared it properly. Very simple and minimalistic setup of a boxing ring as a stage. The seats were packed full of fans and every play, every team was highlighted by colors and lights, it looked beautiful.

Luckily the games couldn't be better and every play made the people scream and you yourself couldn't resist to sit still and just watch a game of League of Legends. There was no way around the hype, you had to smile and scream from the top of your lungs.

Danish fans were obviously excited about all the Danish players and Rekkles, but I think the most chants went to Deficio dressed up as a Pølsen.


It was a very organized event and it was packed on the final day. Even though Fnatic was clear the fan favorite, the G2 Army didn’t let down. At the beginning of the day, there was a fan meet with a huge line of fans waiting to take some pictures with the pros. All the G2 fans were taking photos with G2’s manager dressed up as a samurai. It was a warm summer day and everybody was having a good time while counting down to the opening ceremony.

There were even a few lost Team Liquid and TSM fans there.

Riot kept it simple, but it was powerful. As both teams would welcome one representant from the staff to wave a huge flag with their logos as all the players walked in. Everybody could see and feel the tension of what this final meant, it was big and it definitely felt like we were about to witness one of the best matches ever. I usually don’t get hyped for matches, but this time it was different.

I was excited to see who would set the new era, who would lead Europe as we finish off a chapter this year. Also, I have to be fair I kind of wanted Rekkles to finally find the success he has been working towards the past two years. The fans were definitely just as hyped because when Rekkles made that first Penta-kill, they definitely showed they were there. I think we don’t need to start to say how loud the crowd was after that one. Not even silver scrapes stood a chance against it.


▲ (Photo Credit : Alexandre Weber)

My personal highlight was that I met a friend of mine at the event. We’ve first met one year ago at the EU LCS spring finals in 2017 in Hamburg because he was wearing a jersey of a Brazilian League of Legends team. It was very because I always have been very active in the Brazilian League of Legends community and so we kept in touch due to having a lot of common friends throughout our peers.

Anyways he came to visit me around new years with another common friend and I got to know how crazy this guy is about League of Legends and most of all his love for the Samsung Galaxy team. So I decided to gift him a Samsung jersey the next time we met. So we met and after my friend Choco reminded me once again why he loves the community and how much he loves this game, I presented him with his jersey and he was so happy that he came to the finals wearing a full jersey combined with grey colored pants and was enjoying his jersey.

This weekend reminded me that League of Legends is not special because it is great. It is personal because all the people involved. At one moment you are asking yourself what your favorite team is going play and the next you’re crying, chanting or just laughing with a person next to you. It’s crazy how it connects people all around the world in a very simple fashion. People don't care where you are from and what you do, all they care is which team you are rooting for and who do you main. I’ve been working a few years already as a League of Legends Coach and content creator, that you often forget why you started it in the first place.

I think this was the best event I’ve been to. When you are working with the game for so long and you focus on your work mainly, you forget to stop and appreciate the awesome atmosphere sometimes.

By the way, I main Lulu.

(Photo Credit : lolesports Flickr)

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About the Author: 
Hello guys, Alexandre Weber also known under the ID: DrPuppet. I'm a Brazilian professional Coach and content creator since 2015, mostly focused on League of Legends. I worked with many teams throughout the years in major and minor regions, but my most known work was with Kaos Latin Gamers from Chile in 2015, where we played the International Wildcard Finals against Pain Gaming. Since then I have been studying Cinema in Hamburg and creating content on youtube and twitch, besides writing for respected sites in Esports. You can find me on the social networks under @drpuppetlp and on Twitch under DrPuppet.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrPuppetlp
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