Team Liquid's Fun And Informative Moments: Olleh Talks About His Love Life.

After the match against 100 Thieves, Inven Global has compiled fun and informative moments during the press conference. All the way from Pobelter trash talking TSM to Olleh’s personal life.

Let’s see what Team Liquid has to say.

¤ Doublelift compares his current roster with the rosters he had won split titles with:

“This roster has a really great balance of players. Our team can play so many different styles. We can play to the late game, but we can also have creative pathing in order to play aggressive early. The best thing about playing on this team is that anyone can make a play at any time. All 5 of us can make crazy plays such as Baron steal engages, flank tps, or Pobelter can just go in 1v5 as Azir. I think everyone on this team has an eye to make a play. On my other teams, we didn’t have the perfect balance.”


¤ Pobelter runs us through the big Azir ult play in Game 2:

“Yeah, they were all stuck in the pit (laughs). I was like ‘Well, I guess I can try ulting them in. Let’s try it out.’. I figured most of them would probably try to flash over because it is really telegraphed. I was not sure if they didn’t have flash or if they were nervous or something, but I ended up just getting all of them. Ezreal tried to flash over the wall. That was kind of lucky. But yeah they were just grouped up, so I just went for it.”

¤ Doublelift answers the question of if Aphromoo is still the Rush to his Hour:

“You know, I think they just kept pushing Aphro and me because they couldn’t think of anything else. I don’t really think too much when playing against Aphro. Actually, I don’t think a single time during the series I thought about the word Aphromoo. I usually just think about ‘What are we doing? What does my team want to do differently?’. Aphro is popular in the community, and I’m popular also. So, I think it is natural for the community to want to see us play against each other or play with each other. But, it’s been so long. It has been 3 years so. I don’t think about it.”

¤ Olleh talks about his potential love life:

“Actually, I did get some DMs (laughs). But I mean, I don’t know if they are a real person you know? I have talked with my fans on stream and they told me ‘They can be a man’. I can even change my voice to sound like a girl ‘Oh hELLo!’ (Olleh attempting a feminine voice). I can’t trust anyone so. DM is a good way to find people, but I wasn’t able to find anyone. I’m just going to be alone. I am just going to play soloq and stay home (laughs).”

¤ Doublelift and Olleh try to come up with a better name than 100 Thieves’ bot lane name ‘The Sweet Life of Zac and Cody’:

Doublelift: Uh… All of our names suck. We should really think of something, but I got nothing.

Olleh: I’m just bad at English (laughs).


¤ Pobelter talks about his name being brought up more often and about Bjergsen/Jensen:

Pobelter: Yeah their teams lost in the quarterfinals so.

Steve: You forgot to drop the mic…





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