Rick Fox, owner of Echo Fox, sent a message for DL: "We are happy that he is here. We love him for his tough time."

With many people supporting and giving their thoughts on Doublelift’s incident, Rick Fox, owner of Echo Fox, reveals his thoughts on Doublelift in Miami.

Recently Doublelift and his family went through a tragedy regarding his entire family. Throughout all social media, all the League of Legends teams and fans have shared their support and love for Doublelift. With no substitute player registered in time for the Miami finals, it was a choice of Doublelift playing or Team Liquid not being able to play at all.

Despite all that has happened, Doublelift has agreed to continue to practice and perform in Miami. When asked to give predictions for the game with Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves, Rick instead commented on Doublelift in particular. Let's see what Rick Fox has to say.

"I find myself growing in knowledge around League of Legends, but I don’t go in-depth when it comes to accurate predictions quite yet. I think I misspoke on stage when I was looking to remind or send out a message to Doublelift. This is his family here. We are happy that he is here. We love him for his tough time. The way he played, the ability to block out a tragedy in these moments, and to play at such an epic level, we know he is going to do great. I think he is going to continue to be great this weekend. I believe it will be a little too much for 100 Thieves."

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    level 1 oriole520

    The Finals is between TL and 100T instead of Echo Fox.

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