From Game Trials to Free Board Games! Photos taken from the PAX East 2018


Starting from today (April 5th), PAX East 2018 will be held for four days in Boston, USA.

PAX is somewhat different from other game shows. The title does not include any words like “game convention” or “game show”, and there aren’t many exhibitions and announcements from major game companies. It is an event that is dedicated to gamers only, with tons of exciting games that the participants can actually play.

The booths from major game companies had game trials and events, and a large area was designated for gamers to play TRPG, board games, and card games with other gamers. There are also places where participants can bring their own computers and play games, and where participants can borrow a PC. Literally, it’s an event that you go to in order to play games.

It was a game show where gamers are the core of the event. Below are some photos taken from PAX East 2018.


An endless line of people waiting for the event to open.
The view from the entrance. The whole area was packed with gamers!
Blizzard Entertainment’s booth, with World of Warcraft.
SONY’s booth right across the hallway.
▲ New Mercy Statue… which is not available for sale yet.…?
▲  Arcade machines that you can play games on.
Attendees trying Far Cry 5.
▲ Square Enix’s booth with the Final Fantasy series.
You can get a I BEAT BAKKO T-shirt if you beat BAKKO.
▲  Photo zone for Soulcalibur, in Bandai Namco’s booth.
▲ Nintendo’s booth.
▲ The view from the second floor.
There were a lot of booths that sold video game-themed goods like J!nx.
▲ Also, there was a booth that sold classic games. Bravely Second (unopened) was quickly sold.
▲ These game packs bring back memory.
A booth that sells gaming pads.
In the PUBG zone, more than 100 people can play at the same time.
▲ You can also get some food inside the event venue.
▲The “Play Zone” is where you can sit down and play whatever game you want to play.
▲ There were a lot of free board games at PAX.
▲ Spot taken
You can borrow different board games for free at the Tabletop HQ.
▲ Come, find, check out, and play!
▲ Board game-themed goods.
▲ A wooden table which you can play board game on, and then store them inside.
They are playing a Fallout board game.
▲Cute League of Legends badges.

▲ Official plush dolls from Square Enix.
▲ Kupo vs Cait Sith
▲ Nier Automata 2B cosplay
▲ Halo UNSC cosplay
▲ Even Jesus came to the PAX East 2018!

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