PUBG New 4x4 Map Experience: Only 10 Minutes Needed to the Chicken Dinner.

On the 3rd of April (KST), the new map of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was opened in the test server. The new map is playable if you own PUBG on Steam and receive a code. This new 4x4 map is new content for users that are sick and tired of Erangel and Miramar. Since it’s a small map, speedy fights are expected and it’s in a rainforest, which is different from the fields of Erangel and the deserts of Miramar.

Of course, the map is a lot smaller than the original maps so many were worried that the game would be too intense. However, after experiencing the map, I can say there’s nothing to worry about; I was able to enjoy the map with a light mind.

☞ Get your own PUBG code to play the new map.

▲ We tried the 4x4 map to see how fun it is.

The 4x4 map is 1/4 the size of the original Erangel and Miramar’s 8x8. Up to 100 people can play a game and even though the map is quite small, the houses are dense and it’s easier to farm in the early game. The black lines on the map are 500 meters so it should feel a lot closer than the other maps.

The dense housing makes it easier to farm, and the weapon spawn rate is higher so you can fight almost right away. All weapons and vehicles from both Erangel and Miramar spawn as well. However, the fuel in all the vehicles is around 1/3.

▲ No need to worry about going to large cities. The whole map has good loot.
▲ Just simply get off the plane.
▲ Beware of players nearby and drop.
▲ The design is an island near the equator. There are many worn out houses.
▲ The insides of the buildings are empty, most likely because it’s just a test.

The circle shrinks very quickly. The first circle comes at 1:57, the next is 2:00, 1:30 0:59, 0:30, 0:30, 0:30 so the tempo of the game is really fast. The red zone also rains in the third circle so everyone has to be wary.

There are many hills and weeds, so it’s really hard to spot people who are laying down. The thick grass of the rainforests is rendered even from 100m away so if you are hiding well, it’s almost impossible to get attacked.

▲ The first circle covers nearly the whole map.
▲ Although the first circle starts to shrink at nearly 2 minutes, the speed is the same.
▲ Jungles are always dangerous. There’s a constant fear that someone is near.
▲ Looking at the complex eases my mind.

Since there are many hills with thick grass and trees, it could be advantageous for campers. However, since the circle closes up very quickly, it makes the players get closer a lot faster, so it’s not really that good for campers. In the test server, only TPP is playable, but when FPP becomes available, camping won’t be very viable in FPP mode.

Also, the weather can be sunny, cloudy, and rainy so the battles will be more realistic and tense. Already, the new map is being preferred over Erangel and Miramar. If duos and squads are added, the game tempo will most likely be even faster.

There’s no need to worry about where to drop, and where is safe. You just need to get off the plane and drop. In the new map, instinct is more important than thinking. The quick pace of the game doesn’t give enough time to the players to think.

The speediness of the game makes the game only last 10 minutes till someone gets chicken dinner. If it is released in the main servers and if it becomes an official map in competitions, it may bring new energy into the rather dull competitions.

▲ In good position, but no enemies are around.
▲ Red zone drops even in the third circle.
▲ All vehicles from previous maps are spawned, but the fuel is only 1/3 full.
▲ I’m the vegetation and the vegetation is me.
▲ Failed to get the chicken dinner...

■ New map screenshots


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