[LCK Playoffs] KSV Head Coach Edgar: "Game 1 will be the most important."

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I want to win and face our next opponent"

There’s only one day left till the 2018 LCK Spring Split’s first postseason match: the wild-card match between SKT T1 (4th) and KSV (5th). The two teams barely made it into the postseason after a difficult season.

No one really worried about KSV until the middle of round 2 because of the wins they had collected before. However, after losing to ROX Tigers, they also lost to SKT T1 and Kingzone DragonX, making it impossible for them to reach the postseason on their own. After the match against Kingzone DragonX, mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-ho burst into tears.

However, as Jin Air Green Wings defeated ROX Tigers, they narrowly survived and reached the postseason. KSV head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom said, “We reached the postseason through luck. It’s also because we won a game against Kingzone DragonX in the last match of the season. The practice for the wild-card match is going well, and everybody’s in good condition.”

Head coach Edgar also spoke of the conversation with Crown after the match against Kingzone DragonX. “Crown thought that was the last match of the split and that’s why he cried.” He said that the team “talked in a meeting afterwards. Kingzone had a good roll, so I thought we might lose 2-0. Fortunately, we won game 1, and our chances for the postseason got brighter. We also thought that Jin Air could defeat ROX, and it came true.”

Lastly, head coach Edgar said “The coaching staff and the players want to defeat SKT T1, since we meet so often. We’ll do our best to win.” He also added “Usually when we play against SKT, the team that wins game 1 wins, so I think game 1 will be the most important. We’ll do our best to prepare.”

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