[LCK Playoffs] SKT kkOma: "Each and every single game is extremely important... I want to win and face our next opponent"

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The wildcard match for the 2018 LCK Spring Split Playoffs is just around the corner. The two teams that barely made the cut, KSV and SKT T1, will be facing each other. 

For SKT, this season was probably by far the toughest one that they've played in. In the earlier phases of the season, SKT was shaky in terms of picks and bans, laning phase, macro management, and even team fights; things that they were very famous for in the past. With this quite sudden drop in performance, SKT faced its very first 5-game losing streak. However, as the split went on, SKT experimented and slowly changed their starting roster, eventually finding a stable setup. 

By finishing the regular season with 3 consecutive wins, SKT made the playoffs by the slimmest margin. In regards to the situation, head coach kkOma commented, "The players are continuing to improve. Their conditions have been getting better." But at the same time, he sharply mentioned, "However, we're still lacking. I believe that we'll need to improve even further."

For the 4th-placed SKT, the LCK trophy is far away. When asked about SKT's journey up the playoff ladder, kkOma stated, "Each and every single game is extremely important. I want our team to win the wildcard match and meet our next opponent."

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