Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles: Caster, Analyst, the Living Witness of Global Esports, and Conductor of the Korean Hype Train


If soccer fans have the UEFA Champions League, then Esports fans have the League of Legends Challengers Korea (LCK). Every year since 2012, LoL fans have witnessed many spectacular matches and plays in the LCK.

Although the LCK started later than the NA or EU LCS, the LCK teams got 1st place for 5 consecutive years in the League of Legends World Championship, the world’s biggest LoL tournament held by Riot Games. Teams from the LCK could be seen in the finals of almost every Worlds since the LCK was founded; despite the late start, the Korean teams fought with the best of the best.

But who would have thought that one regional league in Asia would claim the spotlight not long after its founding? The powerful new contender appeared suddenly from a small Asian country in 2012, while the many giants from NA and the EU were in the midst of their own battles, unaware of what was to come.

The opening of the strongest league in Asia could have gone overlooked, but it wasn’t. League fans were able to witness and understand this new powerhouse league, all thanks to MonteCristo (Christopher Mykles), a professional Esports analyst with a deep passion for Korean Esports.


▲ SSG, the winner of the 2017 World Championship.


MonteCristo, a former commentator for League of Legends in NA and co-owner of ggChronicle, had been working on a variety of Esports titles, including League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Vainglory. Later, he joined the Overwatch APEX as the global caster and did a great job commentating when there weren’t any apparent guidelines for commentating in early Overwatch. Eventually, he continued his career as a professional OWL analyst, having been officially appointed by the CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, Michael Morhaime.

His passion and professionalism for Esports is undeniable- back when he was still working as a LoL commentator, he had spent over 40 hours every week checking all match videos of NA, EU, and Chinese leagues to prepare for even more professional analysis. He also likes to deliver his opinions on Esports via his social media and YouTube channel when he is not scheduled for a match. His calm vocalization and articulation, which he had obtained from acting since his childhood, is one of many charms he has as a star analyst.


▲ MonteCristo shares his thoughts through various channels including his social media and YouTube channel.


MonteCristo is an exceptional analyst and was formerly the coach for Counter Logic Gaming and owner of Renegades; just like a true veteran in Esports, he is known for his humorous showmanship and sharp analysis in many games. His witty explanations help make the game-viewing experience much richer for the fans.

Some people may think that seeing the player mechanics alone is enough for them to enjoy watching Esports games, but Esports provides a different type of fun when analysis on the players’ momentary decisions and entertaining explanations are added to it.

This is why the IGEC is worth looking forward to -- it is an opportunity to meet MonteCristo in person. He has contributed immensely to Esports with his wits and discerning viewpoints and will be sharing more of both at the IGEC.


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