Finals Without TSM! NA LCS Shocking Upsets of the Three Powerhouses


Today’s cartoon is about the shocking elimination of the big teams like TSM in the NA LCS.

A surprising upset occurred in the NA LCS. TSM, a long favorite of the NA LCS, lost to a new-coming(?) team, Clutch Gaming and failed to reach the finals.

TSM being knocked out is a meaningful event in the history of the NA LCS. As known, TSM has been one of the main pillars of the NA LCS since the season 1 championship, and is the one and only team that went to 10 straight finals. They are also the only team to have 6 championships in the NA LCS. Although they haven’t been that great in international competitions, they still were always the main powerhouse of the NA LCS.

However, TSM wasn’t the only victim of the series of upsets. The most popular teams of NA LCS, CLG and Cloud 9 were also eliminated from the playoffs to have none of these three favorites in the league remaining. Many fans were shocked. Basically, the strong teams have a large fan base and at the same time, they have many anti-fans. Due to the large fan base, the discussions were very active in the communities. It seems the fans are looking forward to a new flow in the NA LCS, which was becoming quite fixed over the years.

Meanwhile, the fans of Korea were shocked as well. Some were happy to see the good performance of the Korean players like LirA, who delivered outstanding performance in the match against TSM. On the other hand, some suggest that the general prowess of the NA LCS have developed to be equal to that of TSM.

After the three main predators of the league stumbling, how will the NA LCS change? Will we be able to see them again in a bigger competition? Or will the fixed nature come to an end and have a new era begin? There’s still half a year to the World Championship. Fans hope this new flow is the start of a more developed NA LCS.

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