ROX Key: "Snowflower(Super Massive eSports) recommended me to play Lulu. She counters tanks in the current meta"

On the 21st of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 42nd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, ROX Tigers defeated KSV with a score of 2-1 and increased their chances for playoffs. During the series, Key played an important role for the team with Alistar and Thresh. 

The following is an interview with ROX's support player, Key.

You won a very important match.

Had we lost to KSV, our chances of making playoffs would've ended up becoming slim to none. I'm very happy that we won.

The match was playing on patch 8.5. What's changed?

Swain received a big buff, so we practiced him a lot. We also studied ways to counter him. I think that's the biggest change that this patch brought. 

Were you expecting to win the match when you guys took Swain?

To be honest, it was the first time for Lindarang to play against a Gnar in lane with Swain. So I was a little concerned... After the match, Lindarang told the team that he thinks Swain has the advantage in lane. 

The Baron attempt you guys made in game 1 was very impressive. Can you explain how the team came down to that decision?

We were heading to Baron to take vision, but we saw the enemy jungler in the botlane. SeongHwan immediately took notice and called for Baron. It was a good call.

Are you disappointed that you didn't receive the MVP title today?

In game 1, I did make great engages, but after the match, I noticed how Lava has 100% K/P. Then, I felt that he deserved the title. 

Your Thresh plays were also very impressive in game 3. 

I did well in game 3, but I didn't even come close to Sangyoon's Jinx. He was way ahead of anyone in the game, so he deserved it. 

What kind of feedback did you guys receive after losing game 2?

During practice, we found that Lulu is a great pick against Braum. So we tried her... but since we had a Kog'Maw as the ADC, our team became very AP-heavy. I think the game could've gone better had we picked a more  AD champion, like Tristana.

What made you pick Lulu?

Snowflower recommended the champion to me. In the current meta, she can counter tanks -- and give a lot more safety to the ADC. I think Lulu will continue to see play.

Your next opponent is Jin Air Green Wings. What kind of a match are you expecting from them?

JAG has been performing really well recently. In addition, JAG is in danger of possibly having to play in the promotions match, so they'll be determined to win. We'll have to focus.

It feels like you favor Thresh. Why?

Thresh has the lane advantage against most other champions. And recently, I think he became a good champion to first-pick. You risk of getting counter picked if you first-pick a tank. Also, Skarner-Thresh combination is very strong, so it can constantly threaten the enemy team.

Any last words?

We'll definitely win our next match. We'll do our best to perform well during the playoffs.

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