Deviljho coming to Monster Hunter: World on March 22nd - Major MHW Update Preview & Demonstration


▲ The in-game demonstration of Deviljho.


※ The names of the quests and items are temporary translations and will be changed once the official English terms are out. 

The first free major update will be coming to Monster Hunter: World on March 22nd.

Monster Hunter: World streamed a special broadcast at 11:00 PM UTC, March 14th, in order to celebrate a total of 7.5 million copies sold worldwide and introduce the future contents coming to MHW and their demonstrations.

The stream featured ‘Spring Blossom Festival’, the seasonal event held in April; the demonstration of the Mega Man collaboration quest; the announcement of Devil May Cry; the Deviljho quest demonstration in which the audience could see Deviljho, a new large monster in MHW.


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▲ The special broadcast featuring new contents, including the demonstration of Deviljho quest, was held on March 14th.
▲ Ryozo Tsujimoto, the Senior Producer of Monster Hunter: World.


Spring Blossom Festival is the first seasonal event in Monster Hunter: World, which will begin from April 6th to 19th UTC.

The Gathering Hub on the 4th floor will be decorated in the spring theme while NPC will be dressed up in festival attire. Also, players will be able to accept most of the old, limited-time event quests again and 2 Lucky Vouchers will be rewarded as a daily login bonus.


▲ The Gathering Hub decorated with spring ornaments.
▲ The NPC will be dressed in spring-themed costumes as well.
▲ The very first seasonal event, Spring Blossom Festival, will be held from April 6th to 19th (UTC).


Also, Impact 702, the Greatsword design that won in the weapon design contest held prior to the release of MHW will be added in-game. This weapon can be crafted with the materials given as quest rewards for A Long Dream of Hunters, starting from April 6th.


The next was the demonstration of Ratshu Uproar, the collaboration event quest with Mega Man. This quest asks players to hunt 2 Odogarons in a row, including the smallest Odogaron, with different BGM played depending on the weapon of player’s choice during the quest.


Players can craft weapons and a full armor set for Palico Cat using the Mega Man Ticket, which they can obtain by completing the quest. The Mega Man collaboration quest will be open starting from April 13th.


▲ Impact 702, the winning design from the weapon design contest.
▲ The smallest Odogaron appears in the Ratshu Uproar, the Mega Man collaboration quest.


▲ The demonstration of Impact 702.


▲ Firework, a new consumable in MHW.
▲ Get 3 Mega Man Tickets to make Mega Man α, weapon for your Palico Cat.
▲ You can also make a full armor set for your Palico Cat with 3 Mega Man Tickets.
▲ This is how your Palico Cat would look like with all Mega Man weapon and armors equipped.


Next was followed by the news of Devil May Cry collaboration. The exact date for the opening of the collaboration quest was not revealed, although the introduction included details on the armor that is based on Dante, a protagonist in Devil May Cry, and the Charge Blade with a special gimmick. More details are to be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s Demeanor, a ticket that allows players to re-customize their character appearance, will be coming to MHW in spring. Hunter’s Demeanor is a character appearance change coupon and an in-game purchase that will let players change their character’s gender, facial appearance, voice, and other detailed settings.

Also, a free Character Edit Voucher will be given to all players on March 16th to celebrate the release of the character appearance change coupon.


▲ Devil May Cry collab was announced. More details will be released soon.
▲ A free character appearance change coupon will be given to all players on March 16th.
▲ New free hairstyle 1
▲ New free hairstyle 2
▲ A variety of new gestures are coming soon.


Lastly, the broadcast included an in-game demonstration of Deviljhothe large monster that will be added during the first free major update. During the demonstration, the Deviljho had very aggressive attacking patterns, including holding other monsters like Kulu-Ya-Ku or Great Jagras in its jaw and flinging them, or firing its deadly breathe around it during its rage fit.

Near the end of the demonstration, Bazelgeuse came interrupting the fight, which both monsters began to attack each other. The two monsters flew into their rage mode upon encounter and began creating a havoc.

Deviljho will be added to MHW through the update on March 22nd, and will make its appearance by interrupting 6★, 7★ quests after players have completed, ??? Rathian, the main story quest. Once they manage to meet certain conditions, they will be able to unlock the special assignment from the Deviljho quest.


▲ This ugly brute will interrupt you during other quests after you completed the '??? Rathian' quest.
▲ The Deviljho weapon and Vangis armor set, which can be crafted by hunting Deviljho.
▲ Vangis Armor and Great Sword. The Deviljo version of Dual Blades.

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