KZ Peanut: "I used to play the FIFA series and was a fan of Chelsea when Drogba was there."

Today’s interview is with Kingzone DragonX (KZ) jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho.

KZ has almost claimed 1st place in the Spring Split. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho has been playing a major role in KZ’s outstanding performance through his macro plays and fierce attacks.

Peanut is like an untamable animal in the game, but during the interview with Inven, he was a mild character, one who doesn’t stop smiling. Let’s see what Peanut, the football fan who isn’t a Manchester United fan, has to say.


Q. With today’s victory, you’ve taken another step towards reaching 1st place in the Spring Split. How do you feel?

Now it’s really close. If we win only 3 matches… At the end of the season, we’ll see how the results turn out. I think it’d really mean a lot if we’re able to maintain 1st place. I’ll put in more effort so that we can do that.

Q. It was a very close fight against ROX Tigers during all three games. How was the atmosphere in the booth?

We said that we can win even though we were trailing. In game 2, everyone thought that we’d turned the game around. When our laners were having a hard time, I grew quickly so I said that we can win. Unfortunately, I think I lacked concentration. I’m regret that.

Q. What happened in front of Baron in game 2?

I was apologizing [for dying] and the others said they’ll be able to stop them from killing Baron, but they started a teamfight, when it was 4v5. If they tried to just stop them from killing Baron, they would have been able to, so I think my mistake looked bigger. Other than that, there were several big mistakes today.

Q. You picked Skarner in game 1 and 3. Skarner is being picked quite often recently. What do you think Skarner’s strengths are?

First, jungling is really fast, and the Crystal Spires are in front of the dragon and Baron. I think that’s the biggest reason. The Crystal Spires are very efficient when controlling objectives and it’s good when the lanes have initiative. Skarner can pass by Baron and the dragon pit very quickly. Of course his ultimate is very good for initiating teamfights.

Q. It’s White day and you gave the fans macarons and coffee.

I didn’t know that we were doing this event until I woke up. I’ve never given anyone chocolate or candy in my life, and I’ve never cared about White day, so I didn’t even know today was White day. So I thought GorillA was just doing a good thing.
Note: White day is March 14th, a day where boys who received chocolate from girls on Valentine’s day return the favor by giving candy or gifts.

Q. Recently, someone posted that Peanut is a Manchester United fan, and you responded instantly. Would you like to explain that?

Well, being a Manchester United fan isn’t a bad thing, and there’s nothing to explain. (Chelsea fan reporter: It’s bad!)(Laughs) Well, I responded instantly because of these people.

When I was streaming, I said “I’m not a Manchester United fan, but I watch a lot of football, from Champions League to Premier League, La Liga. I’m not a fan of any team, but I used to play the FIFA series and was a fan of Chelsea when Drogba was there.” After streaming, when I saw that post saying “Peanut is a Man Utd fan.” I was somewhat ticked off, so I explained instantly. It wasn’t something that I really need to explain though. (Laughs)

Q. We’ve heard that you started exercising with Khan. Is he working out well, and are you?

Khan isn’t coming to the gym much. When he does, he only runs on the treadmill. I’m getting personal training, and I’ve gone about ten times since March 1st. I started exercising to manage my health and to improve my posture.

Q. You’ve been talking to foreign fans in English during your streams. Are you studying English?

Not this year. There’s no place to study English, and I’m not getting that better even if I do. (Laughs) Actually, I got a bit better, but last year’s Worlds was at China. I studied English for Worlds and I didn’t get to use English much. It felt like I put in a lot of effort towards learning English for nothing. (Laughs) This time, if we get to the finals and win, we’ll be going to MSI, so I am eager to learn more English for that.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

KSV beat kt recently, so I think we’ll be more comfortable playing against them. In Round 1 we won, so I think we have a greater advantage. I think we’ll be able to win if we don’t make mistakes like today and play seriously.

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